e-Book Fairyland download

e-Book Fairyland download

by Paul J. Mcauley

ISBN: 0380794292
ISBN13: 978-0380794294
Language: English
Publisher: Eos; Reprint edition (August 1, 1997)
Category: Science Fiction
Subategory: Science Fiction

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Rating: 4.4
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First published in Great Britain in 2006 by. Gollancz.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Presents a work of high-tech science fiction set in the near future about a renegade chemist and a child genius who create a new race of beings that turns deadly.

Paul J Mcauley iding passengers waiting to board the 1600 hours Trans-Europe Express. Alex Sharkey is the only person in the room who pays the ghosts any attention; to pass the time, he has been trying to derive the algorithm which controls their seemingly random promenade

The book is divided into three quite dist In Fairyland, Paul McAuley seem to wear his William Gibson/cyberpunk influences firmly on his sleeve

It is the 150th title to join Gollancz’s SF Masterworks collection. It was also the firs The man runs in a desperate zig-zag scramble, waving his arms as if trying to swat something. The book is divided into three quite dist In Fairyland, Paul McAuley seem to wear his William Gibson/cyberpunk influences firmly on his sleeve. The Web features prominently, with cowboys jacking into decks, but it's the bioengineering that takes centre stage here.

Calling herself Milena, she is the hypnotic and powerfully adept product of a biotechnology project that bred artificially accelerated supergeniuses, and needs Alex's unique expertise to transform the dolls into fairies, a brand new species capable of reproduction and free thought. Yet it is not altruism that drives Milena; her ultimate goal is far more complex, and potentially devastating to all of humanity. Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Результаты поиска по книге. Отзывы - Написать отзыв.

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The author of Eternal Light, Red Dust, and Pasquale's Angel, PAUL J. McAULEY has taken science fiction in dazzling new directions. Winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award! In the next century, an underground chemist meets and becomes obsessed with Milena, a child genius who is the ultimate product of gene-splicing technology.

Paul J. McAuley (born 23 April 1955) is a British botanist and science fiction author. A biologist by training, McAuley writes mostly hard science fiction. His novels dealing with themes such as biotechnology, alternative history/alternative reality, and space travel.

An underground chemist becomes obsessed with Milena, a child genius who is the product of gene-splicing technology and who is fighting for the freedom of an autonomous race that may threaten humankind. Reprint.
I really enjoyed McAuley's Jackaroo novels. They were creative and interesting. I expected something similar from "Fairyland." Sadly, I was disappointed.

"Fairyland" is the tale of a man across three separate periods of time. In some ways, this book is three novellas featuring his tale, put together into one book. On the plus side, there is a lot of creatively here in some respects - the fairies, the dolls, the feys. McAuley doesn't feel the need to explain everything in excruciating detail, allowing the reader to discover things through context.

On the minus side, this book tries way too hard to emulate William Gibson, right down to the "computer deck" and mirrorshades. Many of the characters are just unlikeable. And, the fragmentation of this book into three separate parts makes it hard to develop a narrative flow that carries you through. Frankly, I forgot I was in the middle of reading this book a couple of times and forgot to pick it up for a week or so at a time.

It's OK, but not McAuley's best. This is best checked out of the library if you are interested.

I liked the Quite War and Gardens of the Sun a lot, so I expected this to be the fun romp that those were. It was not. This book is more like three novellas smashed together. They have the same theme, but connections take a while to develop. Characters come and go, and come back again, or not. They are developed with a sentence, and why they are involved with the story is mostly conjecture except for a few threads sown here and there. The author is undoubtedly a genius, and probably feels that the gaps are easy and fun for the reader to fill in, but this reader had a hard time finding the motivation to do so. The ending was a complete let-down, I think the author just got tired, or bored.

I've worked in Biotech for 3/4's of my working life, which has been a reasonably long one. This book impressed me so much when I read it that I recommended it to the head scientist at my company. Biotech, nano tech, neurological manipulation, stagnant economies, class warfare, it's got everything. Paul MacAuley is one of the best science fiction writers around, and this is one of his best.

I have recommended it to so many people since I first read the paperback some years ago, but was never able to get another copy to give the gift. There are so many amazing ideas in the book - so delicately described in that the imagination is left free to make one's own visualisations yet with some really strong guidelines to give a push in the intended direction. It makes me both excited and afraid of the not-to-distant future. The only thing I am disappointed about (apart from no follow up), is the lack of transformation into a film. This one is gagging to be made. Shame on you Hollywood. Praise to you Paul McAuley. Not I've found you on Kindle, I've got 3 books in my reading queue :)

minor 90s cyberpunk classic - well written, engaging - in its best moments comparable to Snowcrash

Very good book. Paul McAuley is a newly-discovered writer. His plots are complex. His characters well-developed. His ideas fantastic but remain on the edge of plausibility which is an exceptional trait.

Thoroughly enjoyable all the way through. A blend of cyberpunk, gothpunk and suspense. Is the future nanotech? Bioengineering? Chemical synthesis? How about all three. Brilliantly conceived and well written

This follows roads I haven't seen before! But an excellent job done and a good story! I will be reading more from this author!

ISBN: 0044403933
ISBN13: 978-0044403937
language: English
Subcategory: Fantasy
e-Book Fairyland download

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