e-Book Times without Number download

e-Book Times without Number download

by John Brunner

ISBN: 0705700429
ISBN13: 978-0705700429
Language: English
Publisher: TBS The Book Service Ltd; New edition edition (May 16, 1975)
Pages: 233
Category: Science Fiction
Subategory: Science Fiction

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The webs of everywhere. Times without number. A Del Rey Book Published by Ballantine Books.

The webs of everywhere. Ballantine books o new york.

Times Without Number is a time travel/alternate history novel by John Brunner

Times Without Number is a time travel/alternate history novel by John Brunner.

Author Brunner gives time travel an interesting twist in these three related and connected stories. The Spanish Armada defeated the English fleet in 1588 resulting in the conquest England. Now fast forward 400 years we have North America as a Spanish possession being exploited for natural resources and Catholic Dons ruling England.

Times Without Number book. Times Without Number (1969) 156 pages by John Brunner. Traveling backward in time, Don Miguel had to undo the errors. When it came time to register for classes in my sophomore year of college I looked through the catalog and saw a science fiction course.

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Times Without Number is a time travel story set in an alternate-history Earth. Yes, the implications are pretty obvious. John Brunner (1934-1995) was a prolific British SF writer. He was a winner of the Hugo Award (for Stand on Zanzibar), the British Science Fiction Award and the Prix Apollo. Библиографические данные. Times Without Number Gateway Essentials.

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John Brunner: The Sheep Look Up, The Shockwave Rider, The Traveller in Black. J. Frank Coneybear, Laurence M. Janifer, John Brunner, Robert Conquest, Frederick W. Kantor, H. Beam Piper, Mack Reynolds. The Atlantic Abomination. The Great Steamboat Race. The Best of British SF 1.

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This novel is a reworking of what were originally three linked short stories. It follows the central character, Miguel Navarro, a noble of the Spanish Empire, based in 1988 London, and climaxes in early pre-Columbian California. The fast-paced plot is carried along by the details of the individual tales and avoids the most common hang-up of time travel stories - the paradox of changing the past. Here the instability of times past - in a world of time travel - becomes central to the final resolution.

The novel recognises that corruption exists in any society including this aristocratic one, but this world, which has deveoped time travel, is endowed with a more primitive technology set than our own. The available technologies are essentially pre-Industrial Revolution vintage. The formal explanation that the "Society of Time" established to protect the integrity of the timeline cannot be sustained. Given observed lower level abuses of time travel, it is not plausible that a military/aristocratic society would not import weapons and other technologies from other worlds. It doesn't matter.
Brunner's novel is about movement, action and colour. This is what draws in the reader; I read it in three days.

Good stuff. Won't say any more than that.

A grouping of three chronological self-contained yet connected short stories, set in an alternate universe where the Spanish Armada won the battle of 1588 and conquered England. There is no United States, instead Red Bear is the ambassador from the huge Sioux nation at the Imperial court. Moorish slaves are expensive and increasing rare in the Catholic-Church dominated empire, where women still don't have the right to vote. But the book has panache!

Don Miguel Navarro, Licentiate in Ordinary of the Society of Time, and faithful subject of His Most Catholic Majesty Phillip IX, is the hero. He has grit, wit, and "it", a memorable character who makes the book. Of particular note are his insightful observations, like while looking at a toy rocket (paraphrased) -- "Time-travel is a well explained offshoot of the physical sciences. The Aztecs reserved wheels only for the toys of their children, and I wonder what possible miracles the toys of our children might lead to in some strange future." He's answered to the effect that 'walking on the moon would indeed be a miracle of God.'

Unlikely most SF stories written in 1960's, I still find this a relevant and interesting offering in speculative science fiction. Recommended.

A classic novel from Brunner, dating from the 60s. This is an interesting tale that starts in 'modern' Spain, where the Reconquista and the Siglo de Oro never ended with Spain's bankruptcy and fall from world domination. Science has taken a completely different path, and technology revolves around time travel. The protagonist is a member of the time police. He is sent to the Americas to investigate disturbing suspicions that renegade time machines are being built and used to attack the Monarchy.

For as old as the novel is, it doesn't feel very dated. The fact that elements of history and alternate reality are thrown into the mix certainly helps. But, the story moves along quickly, the investigation is interesting, and the world that Brunner created is well-imagined. I think this novel stands up very well to many of the more well-known 'classics' from the time period.

Set in an alternate reality, where the Spanish Empire and the Catholic Church run most of the world, this story follows a member of the time police. A great adventure.

The concept of time travel, one of the most conventional of science fiction themes, has been used and abused by numerous authors over many years. Truthfully I find these stories very challenging to take seriously. This book is no exception but the author's formidable knowledge of history, geography and religion does keeps the action moving along quite agreeably so you don't mull over the inherent absurdity of time travel and all it's related conundrums.

Author Brunner gives time travel an interesting twist in these three related and connected stories. The Spanish Armada defeated the English fleet in 1588 resulting in the conquest England. Now fast forward 400 years we have North America as a Spanish possession being exploited for natural resources and Catholic Dons ruling England. Somewhat incomprehensible with the discovery of time-travel is that no technology has evolved from what existed in the 16th Century. Travel is by horse drawn coaches and telecommunications are non-existent.

Brunner's attention-grabbing `alternate history" concept, participation by priests and Popes in the administration of the Society of Time and a sub-plot involving American Indian tribes did kept my interest on a superficial level.

Just to keep the record straight you should know the evolution of this title because it gives an insight into how authors can "fix-up" their stories for future sales. On the copywrite page to this book we are informed that shorter and substantially different versions of the three sections of this novel were published as three separate stories in British SF magazines. Then the three sections, with numerous minor alterations were published in 1962 by Ace as part of a "double novel" under the current title Time Without Number. The 1969 version, the edition reviewed, had been completely revised and considerable expanded. The page count the 1962 Ace edition was 139 and the 1969 Ace edition 156. This is not uncommon for Brunner. Many of his earlier books are expanded from magazine stories and from prior editions.

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