e-Book Diaspora download

e-Book Diaspora download

by Greg Egan

ISBN: 1857984390
ISBN13: 978-1857984392
Language: English
Publisher: Orion Books Ltd; First Edition edition (1997)
Pages: 320
Category: Science Fiction
Subategory: Science Fiction

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Rating: 4.1
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Diaspora is a hard science fiction novel by the Australian writer Greg Egan which first appeared in print in 1997.

Diaspora is a hard science fiction novel by the Australian writer Greg Egan which first appeared in print in 1997. The story appears as a chapter of the novel. An appended glossary explains many of the specialist terms in the novel.

Möbius Strip: "Diaspora" by Greg Egan. Let’s try an experiment

By the end of the 30th century humanity has the capability to travel the. Möbius Strip: "Diaspora" by Greg Egan. Let’s try an experiment. Make a rectangle of paper with y width and y times . 4 length with a little excess enough to connect the ends.

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This diaspora eventually reaches a planet subtly transformed to encode a message from an older group of travellers: a greater danger than Lac . has been shortlisted for the Arthur C. Clarke Award.

This diaspora eventually reaches a planet subtly transformed to encode a message from an older group of travellers: a greater danger than Lac G-1 is imminent, and the only escape route leads beyond the visible universe. excerpt ( Orphanogenesis ) in Interzone September 1997.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. In a new world of digital beings, an Orphan is born, and humans have chosen to be forever digitized, have selected renewable robotic bodies.

Diaspora is a science fiction novel by the Australian author Greg Egan. About a thousand years in our future an entity is born. Not of man and woman, but as an orphan of Konishi Polis.

In 2975, the orphan Yatima is grown from a randomly mutated digital mind seed in the conceptory of Konishi polis.

DIASPORA by Greg Egan (C) 1998 ISBN: 0-06-105798-3. They'd brought no end of questions to ask, but the flow of information couldn't all be one-way. When the Transmuters demanded to know "Why have you followed us? Why have you come so far?", where should ve begin?

In the 30th century, few humans remain on Earth

Once again, Egan has struck a chord across many disciplines--the non-fiction studies of AI, multidimensional geometry, mathematics, astrophysics, and others are woven into a novel of pure, hard, sf.
Have you ever read a sf book and thought, "That was a great concept... but the author could have gone farther"? You can NOT do that with Egan's work. He explores and pushes back the outer boundaries of the comprehensible with his stories. Diaspora, particularly, spans as far as one can go--at least, as far as its own concept of the future can be pushed.
The book develops from extremely small beginnings--the "womb" of one of Earth's virtual-reality cities called "polises"--where Yatima (the artificial-intelligence protagonist) is born. From there, Yatima grows in a quest for understanding of the world around ver (neuter for "his" or "her"). From ver polis, to the realms of the other lifeforms inhabiting Earth, to the questions of "Who is out there? Who came before us? Why are we HERE?" Yatima struggles and discovers, traveling faster and faster through space (and time). The urgency of the pitch accelerates as ve nears ver goal. Without spoiling the ending, I'll say this: have you ever hiked a "strenuous" trail to reach a peak, and then stood by yourself at the very top and listened to the wind whistle around you? It's amazing how deeply you can look into yourself when you know you're at the pinnacle of experience.
For those who hate Egan's copious (and admittedly rigorous) studies within the text: maybe adapting your style of reading would help. I'm not telling you to do anything difficult or that would detract from the story; just learn to skim over the heavy details the first time you read the story. I guarantee you'll come back again for them ... for in Diaspora, as in Quarantine and others, Egan uses high-technology magic to restate our own questions: "Who is out there? Who came before us? Why are we HERE?"

What an incredible book. I was intimidated at first and a little turned off by some of the reviews, but I am so glad I read this book as it is possibly my favorite sci-fi book ever. Yes, it is challenging and some of it I didn't understand, but its written in a way that you don't have to understand all of it to understand the story. It is probably necessary to have some basic knowledge of modern cosmological theories and AI speculation, and yes you will have to pay attention and think about some things, but that's part of the great pleasure of reading this book.

Diaspora is written in a mostly straightforward manner, but it almost feels avant garde just because the concepts are so mind-blowing and Greg Egan goes so far with them. This is a story of scientific discovery, of pushing the boundaries all the way, of surviving the ultimate catastrophe. Yes, the characters are not the focus of the story, and yet I felt more connected to them than characters in many other books. I wouldn't trade a single sentence in this book for more "character development". Greg Egan pushes the limits of the imagination so far that I was left speechless in awe and wonder at the worlds being described... which gave me a taste of what the characters might be experiencing, and thus I connected to them strongly.

His descriptions of universes with more dimensions than ours got me closer to being able to imagine those higher dimensions than anything else I've read. The way he imagines life on other planets stimulates my imagination beyond the traditional earth-bound imaginings of other books I've read. The AI and virtual reality settings blew so far past my usual thinking that just about anything else seems tame. This is what sci-fi should be, to my tastes - pushing the limits of imagination so far it overwhelms my connection to this reality and I end up fully absorbed in the world being created by the writer.

The biggest drawback to this book, for me, is that it has forever shifted my standards for appreciating sci-fi. Fortunately Greg Egan has written several other books, and I'm already looking forward to reading Diaspora again. This book is written for a particular kind of reader, and if you think you might be such a reader, read this book immediately!!!

There's this one scene in this book where a small society of AI and humans who migrated their consciousness into computer programs are traveling in an intergalactic space ship/super computer and they find this one star system with a planet that has life on it. It's the first time these sentient programs have discovered life outside their own species/ancestors. This life is giant tiles of algae floating on the ocean of the planet, which they deem carpets.

The AI spend decades trying to figure out if the carpets are at all sentient, until one of the AI's realizes that the carpets are actually growing and moving in patterns that is computer code... Upon further investigation the the carpets are just one slice of a sixteen-dimensional sentient species...

This is just one amazing part of this crazy book. If you're at all into futurism, physics, AI, math and or programming, you need to read this.

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