e-Book Prey (Aliens Vs. Predator, Book 1) download

e-Book Prey (Aliens Vs. Predator, Book 1) download

by Stephani Perry,Randy Stradley,Chris Warner,Steve Perry

ISBN: 0553565559
ISBN13: 978-0553565553
Language: English
Publisher: Spectra (April 1, 1994)
Category: Science Fiction
Subategory: Science Fiction

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Rating: 4.8
Votes: 586
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Aliens vs. Predator book. Randy Stradley (Goodreads Author)

Aliens vs. Randy Stradley (Goodreads Author). Aliens vs. Predator: Prey (1994) by Steve Perry Aliens vs. Predator: Hunter's Planet (1994) by Dave Bischoff Aliens vs. Predator: War (1999) by . Perry Alien vs. Predator: The Movie Novelization (2004) by Marc Cerasini. Other books depict the background to the film's work with Amalgamated Dynamics Incorporated (ADI), the special effects company that worked on the Alien films.

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Are you sure you want to remove Prey (Aliens Vs. Predator, Book 1) from your list? Prey (Aliens Vs. Predator, Book 1). by Steve Perry, Randy Stradley, Chris Warner. Published April 1, 1994 by Spectra.

And like Prey, Steve Perry's knack for fleshing out characters for an overall more expansive effect is in full play. However, unlike its predecessor, this version isn't just a little bit better than the comic, it's SUBSTANTIALLY superior. Perry has transformed a flat, frequently confusing comic into a multi-faceted set piece that does well to expand the AvP universe far more effectively than the films.

com User, October 4, 2005. Before the AvP movie, there was the Alien/Predator crossover found in comics by Dark Horse and then brought to paperback form by Steve Perry. All the books in this series takes place in the future while humans are settling on new planets. Here we have Machiko Noguchi conducting her business on a hot wasteland world for the Coporation.

Steve Perry (born August 31, 1947) is an American television writer and science fiction author. Perry is a native of the Deep South. His residences have included Louisiana, California, Washington and Oregon. Prior to working full-time as a freelance writer, he worked as a swimming instructor, lifeguard, assembler of toys, clerk in a hotel gift shop and car rental agency, aluminum salesman, martial art instructor, private detective, and nurse.

Perry, Steve; Perry, Stephani; Stradley, Randy; Warner, Chris. Destination, rates & speeds. 6. Prey (Aliens Vs. Published by Spectra 1994-04-01 (1994). ISBN 10: 0553565559 ISBN 13: 9780553565553. Perry, Steve; Perry, Stephani; Stradley, Randy; Warner, Chris. Published by Spectra.

Steve Perry - Aliens vs Predator - 1 - Prey (Perry Steven).

Steve Perry - Aliens vs Predator - 1 - Prey (Perry Steven)

Machiko Noguchi accepted the assignment of supervising the ranching colony on Ryushi as a challenge. Little did she know that not onl would she have run the colony, she'd have to defend it with her life!First the carcass of a spiderlike alien is discovered. Then a rancher's family is massacred. Finally a creature unlike any ever seen before is brought to the colony medical center, near death. It soon becomes clear thtat not one but two strains of alien life have landed near the settlement of Prosperity Wells. One kind -- beetle black with shells hard as steel -- have been spawned as the prey in a deadly hunt. The other kind -- upright like humans but infinitely stronger and just as smart -- are the Predators. Between them are the human colonists, unarmed and vulnerable. With the entire colony at risk, Machiko Noguchi must choose between death and survival -- and may find her greatest ally in a Predator ready to kill her...
This book is an absolute MUST read for Predators fans. I really could not put it down and am currently doing a second read - I just got it on February 4th - so yeah it is that good. The best thing about it is that it went into more details on the Predator culture and through a fascinating predator called Dachande. I absolutely loved him. He is incredibly honor bound as all of his kind should be, but his wisdom is what makes him that much especial. I also loved Machiko, she reminds me a lot of Ripley and yes, dare I say she has a bit of Alex from Aliens vs. Predators, well, we all know that is the other way around. Alex was based on Machiko, incredibly strong and more importantly, smart. I also thought Miriam was a great character, even though she did not have a lot of time in the story she was a very interesting character and...minor spoiler alert...she was pivotal in the development of the relationship between Machiko/Da'dtou-di and Broken Tusk/Dachande. We also have a taste of the Yautja's language which is certainly a big plus. I really wish this book was made into a movie; the sci-fi universe deserves something that good.

This is the book I wish the AvP movies had taken. I missed this book so much and I couldn't remember the name. Ended up with the stupid graphic novel by blackhorse or something instead before I realized that it wasn't this series. Shame, as the comics might have been readable on a pc or something, but not the Kindle (too small). However, this first book is fun, short, and a good read. I wish the other two books in the series were any good, but this one, this one I hold as a special reminder that AvP can, in fact, be good.

i bought this book thinking that it was a graphic novel,and i felt disappointed after realising that it's not. so i decided afterwards to finish reading it fast.but to my surprise ,i ended up liking it.
i wanted to give it a five star,but the fact that it's an adaptatoin from a graphic story by randy stradley and chris warner,and that it's written by two people, a father and daughter team,steve perry and stephani perry,changed my mind.
the story.human colonization of outer space,a planet called ryushi,a wrong choice, for we discover later that the predators use it as a training ground.the human with their cattle and ranches,the predators with their aliens fox hunting.the ranchers don't like their female japanese boss.a young predator warrior doesn't like his captin.discoveries of both sides , the aliens break loose and the plot thickens.
what i really liked about the book is it's depiction of the predators army life ,their language and the human encounter ,especially on pages 164 and 165.this form of greeting,placing the right hand on the left sholder of a friend and shaking it slightly,is used by sudanese men in sudan africa.i don't know if the writers know that or not.
an enjoyable pulp.

I absolutely LOVE this book! I think they did a real good job it. What i especially liked about this one is that the author would not only give you insight on what the humans were thinking, the predators also. This book answered alot of my questions that I had about the Yautja(predators) and also other interesting facts. I agree with some reviewers that the Aliens were not in this book much...thats actually how it is in all 3 books. I've read the other books Predators books as well -- Predator: Cold War, Big Game, and Concrete Jungle. I've also read pretty much all the comic books that Dark Horse has published. Dont get me wrong, i enjoyed these books(concrete jungle & cold war), but they never gave me what I wanted..which was more about the Predator. I was totally relieved and excited that the authors went into it! And for a bonus, i've also read AvP: Hunters Planet and AvP: War. Basically for those books, I only found the end of them interesting. This was because pretty much all the action was saved for the end. What I didn't I found troublesome about this Trilogy was that there was a HUGE plot hole in the story. If you read all 3, you'll know what I mean.
Bottom line -- if you'd like to know more about the Predator, this is the probably the best source!

Zeks Horde
I bought this book for my husband who is an avid reader and sci-fi fan (and of course an Arnold Schwarzeneggar fan). I only bought this one to start in case he didnt like it. But he sat down and read it in about 2 hours give or take 30 minutes. So I will be buying him the rest of the series.

This is classic Perry sci-fi that takes the reader on a ride through one of the best spin-off's in this Alien/Predator world. Do yourself a favor and order all 3 of the books in this storyline featuring Machiko Noguchi.

Happy with my order

Admittedly I'm posting this review off memories. At the time of writing this review, it has been years since I have read the book. Having said that, I remember it very fondly. Some of my complaints are not the author's doing. The author was essentially novelising a comic book so he had certain parameters to stay within.

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