e-Book Patriots in Arms download

e-Book Patriots in Arms download

by Ben Weaver

ISBN: 0060006269
ISBN13: 978-0060006266
Language: English
Publisher: Harper Voyager; First Printing edition (August 26, 2003)
Category: Science Fiction
Subategory: Science Fiction

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The final book in the series. Scott finds, and loses, and finds again his love and future wife.

The final book in the series. The betrayer in the centre of it all is revealed, along with motive Читать весь отзыв.

Report an error in the book. Scott St. Andrew has managed to escaped the hellish mining colony that was his homeworld, joining the Corps and fighting to save the Seventeen Worlds.

Scott St. Aided by an alien technology that makes him the best of the best-and simultaneously destroys him-Scott has dedicated his life to saving the free worlds.

For all those who have ever been Brothers, Rebels, and PatriotsтАж. PART 1. Heavy Losses. 1. The news reports all that morning had focused on theтАж.

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Patriots in Arms - Ben Weaver.

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Major Scott St. Andrew has served on both sides of the war between the mighty Terran Alliance and the colonial forces of the Seventeen Worlds - abandoning the tyrannical former to fight for the latter's noble cause

Major Scott St. Andrew has served on both sides of the war between the mighty Terran Alliance and the colonial forces of the Seventeen Worlds - abandoning the tyrannical former to fight for the latter's noble cause. and where possible salvation awaits.

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Scott St. Andrew has managed to escaped the hellish mining colony that was his homeworld, joining the Corps and fighting to save the Seventeen Worlds. Aided by an alien technology that makes him the best of the best—and simultaneously destroys him—Scott has dedicated his life to saving the free worlds. Now one of the enigmatic Wardens—a covert group that may hold the key to the saving the government—Major St. Andrew is sent back to the harsh moon where he trained, and to the alien caves that could save his life. But enemy forces and countermeasures make the mission unbelievably difficult, and divided loyalties hold the officer at a knife's edge. Scott has faced many tough decisions, but when a traitor's betrayal puts him into a POW camp, he faces the hardest choice of his life—save the woman he loves, or the world he's sworn to protect?

Rollers from Abdun
Patriot in Arms is the third novel in the In Arms series, following Rebels In Arms. In the previous volume, some elements of the Seventeen System Guard Corps disguised as alliances forces attack Aire-Wu and then the alliances take advantage of the confusion to really invade the planet. After the alliances capture the reconditioning facility, Ms. Brooks blows the demo charges to deny it to the enemy. Again Scott St. Andrew has been frustrated in his attempt to be reconditioned. After escaping to Rexi-Calhoun, he is given command of a battalion in defense of Columbia Colony and he finds that his brother Jarrett has been assigned as one of his company commanders under an assumed name.
In this novel, Columbia Colony is attacked by massive alliances forces who have used the proper codes to penetrate the space defense. Ordering an evacuation of the position, Scott tries to hold back the tide of alliances troop, but is overwhelmed by the attack. He barely manages to escape with the assistance of Halitov and Elise Rainey, a reporter who had remained behind to cover the fighting retreat, only to find herself in a rout.
Obviously there is a traitor among the Colonial Wardens. Worst yet, the techs discover that some conditioned troops can withhold information from a cerebo scan. The traitor could be any conditioned trooper with the pertinent knowledge.
Scott and Halitov are reassigned as "combat consultants" to Colonel Beauregard until such time as they can be reconditioned. However, the war interrupts those plans and they are shipped off to Exeter, where they are captured by the alliances, but their ATC is hijacked by a conditioned former cadet and diverted to Illica. There they are promptly attacked by alliances forces.
This volume is the conclusion of the current story arc. It ends a tale of the fast-moving, topsy-turvy life of a professional soldier who puts loyalty above personal desires. After many mistakes, unfortunate events and changes in allegiance, he still remains loyal to the people of the seventeen systems. However, he loses much of his naivety and gains more than a touch of cynicism along the way.
This novel is told as flashbacks by the Colonel Alliance Security Chief more than two decades after the recollected events. Once again war looms over the Colonial Alliance and Scott St. Andrew wants to keep such horror from happening again. As he prepares to fight for reconciliation, Scott remembers his past experiences as a warrior.
Be aware that this story has a strong explicit component of destiny within the plot. Meetings and happenings occur with seeming randomness, but they move Scott further along toward his destined role. While the frustration of his attempts to be reconditioned become a sort of running joke, such denial is vital to the conclusion of the story.
Recommended for Weaver fans and for anyone else who enjoys tales of war, warriors, and political intrigue.

Major Scott St. Andrew has now served on both sides of the war. He and Halitov (his number one partner) have been genetically enhanced by a strange alien technology that has given them great abilities, but is slowly killing them.

St. Andrew is one of the few to escape an Alliance surprise attack on the colonists' capital world. Fleeing the bloodbath, he returns to the harsh moon of Exeter where the entire mess began. There, he hopes salvation awaits. However, as in every war, there are traitors. The acts of one traitor will leave St. Andrew with no place to run, no one to trust, and with an inevitable choice: to save the woman he loves...or the worlds he is sworn to protect.

***** This is the last book in this spectacular trilogy. All strings are wrapped up, though not always neatly. Throughout the entire trilogy, author Ben Weaver has shown how war can take people on the brink of adulthood and twist them, inside and out, every possible way. As the reader, I could easily sympathize with the main character, Scott, as he made difficult choices and then had to live with the outcome. The main plot was flawless, the sub-plots breathtaking, and the action was non-stop. The author seemed to actually breath life into the two main heros, each with their own distinct personalities. I cannot recommend this trilogy high enough. Astounding! *****

Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews.

Scott St Andrew has been promoted to Major and with his company has been sent to guard a scientific outpost of Columbia colony. What neither Scott or Halitov expected was to walk into a massacre caused by a traitor in the ranks of the Wardens.
This story is told in flashback and is the story of two traitors in Scott's life, one in the past, the other in the present. It proves, if nothing else, that Scott has learnt from the horrors of his past.
These books are still entertaining, and it is interesting to see the emotional growth of Scott has he finally makes some permanent connections to other people. We also see some of Scott's future and realise at last why it was so important for him to survive the war. There's also a possible solution to his ageing and faulty conditioning problem.
However, having said all that, this does not conclude the colonial war story. We don't see the end of the war or how Scott slipped into politics at its end. This book could be read as the end of the story, but there's still plenty of scope and loose ends for another instalment of the story of Scott St Andrew. I understand the author had plans to write 3 more books in this series to complete it, whether the publishers will ever give us those books is a different story. Let's hope we do see them!

The structure of this novel is unique, because it is really two novel in one with the same main character of Scott St. Andrews. Double time.

In the first flashback-like story he is a Major, who's uncovered a traitor and is finally fighting a battle with clearly defined good and bad men. On the side, he searches for the answer to his Racian conditioning, slowly killing him by unpredictable aging.

In the second story, he is a Colonel negotiating the secession of Mars and Jupiter between three human Presidents. This contains political infighting, betrayal, and 'old' faces.

The novel is structured unpredictably, and the reader is often cliffhangered between the two stories as they simultaneously develop. This, unlike book two, worked for me. The existence of the Colonel lets you know the Major St. Andrews survived, but it says nothing about his companions. Suspense is maintained.

Overall a strong conclusion to an average military science fiction saga.

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