e-Book Star Wars: The Truce at Bakura download

e-Book Star Wars: The Truce at Bakura download

by Anthony Heald,Kathy Tyers

ISBN: 0001050818
ISBN13: 978-0001050815
Language: English
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers; Abridged Ed edition (November 27, 1995)
Category: Science Fiction
Subategory: Science Fiction

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Filled with characteristic Star Wars technology and cosmic battle. he detail and plot development far exceed . Not one word has been omitted. Star wars: the truce at bakura.

Filled with characteristic Star Wars technology and cosmic battle. he detail and plot development far exceed what are possible in a two-hour movie. Zahn has been faithful to the regular characters, capturing the nuances of their personalities to the point that reading the books is like watching the movies again and again. Sit back with this book and savor the fun and excitement. It moves at the pace of a Star Destroyer in hyperspace. A Bantam Spectra Book.

Star Wars: The Truce at Bakura is a 1994 novel by Kathy Tyers. The novel's events take place immediately after the Battle of Endor depicted in Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi. Narration for the audio version was performed by Anthony Heald. I can't think of Star Wars without remembering the opening fanfare from the original soundtrack. I can't imagine an Imperial Star Destroyer's long, triangular silhouette without hearing ominous triplet rhythms.

It is a distress signal from the far-off Imperial outpost of Bakura which is under attack by an alien invasion force, the Ssi-ruuk

It is a distress signal from the far-off Imperial outpost of Bakura which is under attack by an alien invasion force, the Ssi-ruuk. Leia sees a rescue mission as an opportunity to achieve a diplomatic victory for the Rebel Alliance, even if it means fighting alongside former Imperials. But Luke receives a vision from Obi-Wan Kenobi revealing that the stakes are even higher: the invasion at Bakura threatens everything the Rebels have won at such great cost.

The Truce at Bakura is a 1993 Star Wars spin-off novel by Kathy Tyers. It takes place immediately after the events depicted in the film Return of the Jedi (1983) and before those of the young-reader series Jedi Prince (1992–1993). The book was later adapted as an audiobook, which is read by Anthony Heald. Galoob released models of ships and characters from the novel as part of its Micro Machines line.

Star Wars: The Truce at Bakura. Fortunately a deal is struck: In exchange for a new home, the refugees will work to restore the planet to health, under the watchful eye of Leia Organa Solo.

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Written by Kathy Tyers, Audiobook narrated by Anthony Heald. Narrated by: Anthony Heald. Star Wars: The Courtship of Princess Leia. Length: 3 hrs. Abridged.

Star Wars The Truce at Bakura Audio Cassette Book On Tape 1993. Star Wars: The Truce at Bakura (1994 - Hardcover) by Kathy Tyers. STAR WARS cassettes:Dark Force Rising+Last Command+TRUCE BAKURA+We don't do we. 1,233. 1997 Star Wars The Adventure Continues The Truce at Bakura Paperback Book. Star Wars The Truce At Bakura Kathy Tyers Paperback Book.

"The Truce at Bakura" is first and foremost a story about Luke. Set right after the destruction of the second Death Star, he was seriously injured from the Force lightning. He had seen his father die. He had just recently learned the truth about Leia. That is a lot for a young Jedi to deal with, and yet the war is not over.

Luke struggles with his newly defined relationship with Leia. He had done so much because he loved her, and now he can never have her. It was an empty sadness that reached through the pages. Somehow, I understood.

Luke meets Gaeriel, who piques his interest, and Dev, a potential apprentice. With both, there were some truly touching moments. Luke gets injured, he's lonely, he's vulnerable. I like this version of him best because he comes across as someone the rest of humanity can identify with . . . he's human.

Leia is understandably upset with her father. He tortured her and her friends, destroyed her planet, nearly killed Luke. She finds it hard to come to terms. However, Leia has a little more hope than Luke. She is now free to have a relationship with Han, who is more of a supporting character in this book. It is tastefully done, with a bit of the Star Wars humor we expect when we see Han.

Some things could have been better. The plot involves the entechment of humans, killing them and putting their souls into battle droids. I found that a little farfetched. Also, Dev was so in love with his master that it was a little revolting; but in the end, I felt for him as Luke did.

I would have to say Kathy Tyers did a wonderful job with this Star Wars novel. I was completely submerged into the characters. I left feeling like I know them on a deeper level. Their emotional struggles were so realistically portrayed. I hope she continues to write more Star Wars books. I look forward to reading all of them.

fire dancer
The Truce at Bakura is a crucial novel of the EU that is referenced countless times by other books. It's essentially an invasion of the galaxy by the Ssi'ruuk, a species that I imagine looking like Wrex from Mass Effect. It's well-written and an enjoyable story of the early EU. You definitely want to read it.

I liked this story. I liked the way the author described Luke's internal struggles. I also enjoyed the verbal battles between the empire's governor and Leia. I recommend all Star Wars fans to read this book.

Other reviewers discuss the story points. My main complaint is about the Kindle edition (downloaded February 2012). Typos galore! At first I started tagging them, but eventually gave up. I'm surprised that there are so many considering how long ago the book was first published. Surely they'd have cleaned up the text files over time by now.

I was also surprised at how much extra stuff was loaded into the back end of the novel. Things I liked included the timelines, so one who hadn't been following the extended universe closely knew where the various books relate to the events in A New Hope. That was awesome, because there are dozens of books available. Also included are excerpts from several other novels, which is a handy marketing device akin to downloading sample chapters.

First of all, let me start by saying that, although I have seen every Star Wars movie (in the theaters, no less) and consider myself a moderate fan, I am new to the Star Wars novels. I began reading because I've always been curious about "movies 7-9" (a.k.a. the movies Lucas isn't going to make -- please reconsider, George.) and "Truce at Bakura" seemed like a good place to start, being that it takes place a scant few hours after "Return of the Jedi" closes.
That being said, "Bakura" ended a bit too neatly for my taste. The summary of the plot is basically that the victorious Rebels intercept an antiquated probe from the edge of the galaxy. The probe contains an urgent plea for help from the Emperor against a relentless enemy hopelessly outnumbering the fighting forces of the planet Bakura. Leia makes a quick decision to help the beleagured populace, hoping to win the world for the New Republic. Upon arrival, while Leia conducts truce negotiations with the stranded Imperial Forces there, Luke is discovered by a young Force-sensitive boy enslaved to the attacking enemy, who immediately crave possession of Luke's Jedi abilities for their own evil ends...
Those are the good points, the bad point is that nothing further is left open for some very interesting and well-drawn new characters to do in further books. The ending is too neatly accomplished. Because of this, I only give an otherwise superbly written novel a moderate 3 stars. The upshot: Unless you, like me, absolutely must know what happens to Our Intrepid Band of Rebels right after RotJ, skip this one and go on to other books.

So, the 2nd Death Star is destroyed and the emperor is dead. Now all of a sudden the empire across the galaxy lays down their arms and the rebels take over. Ha. No. This book takes place a few hours after the events of Return of the Jedi. Luke is recovering from his fight with Palpatine. Leia is struggling to accept the fact that Darth Vader is her father. Most of the Imperial Army doesn't even know that the emperor is dead.

Without restating other reviews, it was nice to see the actual aftermath of the rebellion and the attempts to establish a new Republic while simultaneously dealing with a Galaxy that was not entirely ready for the fall of the emperor.

Awesome read. Has you on the edge of your seat, a real page-turner. Danger and impending doom always one step away. The cover artwork is so lame, really doesn't reflect the story. Loved seeing Luke's Jedi skills grow in power and confidence! Great plot, good character developments following ROTJ.

I first watched Star Wars during an assembly in 4th grade. It was episode V and when I watched the AT-ATs walk out the mist, I became a fan for life. And then decades later, I read Heir to the empire and my love became obsession. There have been some that could've benefited from better editors, but Truce at Bakura is exactly what I've come to expect from writers continuing the greatest story ever. Long Live Lucas.

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