e-Book How to Improve Your Relationships, Dramatically: Methods That Really Work! download

e-Book How to Improve Your Relationships, Dramatically: Methods That Really Work! download

by Frank F. Loomis III

ISBN: 0967208904
ISBN13: 978-0967208909
Language: English
Publisher: Glenn Pub (April 10, 2000)
Pages: 160
Category: Relationships
Subategory: Self-Help

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21st Century Book Could Top Dale Carnegie's Classic:

Wow! It has taken 64 years and a millennium. Finally, there's a book that could do a better job teaching interpersonal skills job than 1936's, How to Win Friends and Influence People.

And because this book is a 21st century product, it's more in tune with today's world. Also, it uses a simpler, more direct approach than Carnegie did.

What it does is teach us to make people feel good about themselves. In a nutshell, that's the book's incredibly simple concept.

It boils down to this: Whether we deal people MakeFeelGoods or MakeFeelBads affects our relationships positively or negatively. Thus, we must learn to ingrain practices that deal the MakeFeelGoods and purge those that deal the MakeFeelBads.

To help us do that, the author focuses on our routine, daily contacts with people. Using real-world skits, he explains dos and don'ts of relationships - those with our spouses, romantic partners, parents, brothers, sisters, friends, customers, business associates, and co-workers.

And it's refreshing that the writing is not technical or boring. Rather, it's riveting and conversational. We think the author is talking to us.

That makes the book an easy, quick read. It flows well. Moreover, it's organized for ready comprehension and retention of points. And for emphasis, certain text is in color. Also, the many captions are in color. This is handy later to find a point that we had considered particularly important. As to other features, the interior has top-of-the-line-60 pound-vellum-bright-white paper and even some full-color illustrations.

Thus, this is a quality production. It's well written and makes a lot of sense. It could help just about anyone get along better with others.

And according to a survey taken by Public Agenda, a nonprofit research group, most persons consider that skill as one of those more important for success than a college diploma. Yes, learning how to get along better with others, is something that most of us rank near or at the top of our want-to-accomplish lists. This book can show us how.

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This book is excellent in a very matter of fact way. There is a minimum of psycho babble and instead is filled with common sense. Many people often over-react when something doesn't go their way. These are the people who need to read this book. In very simple language it explains how to think of others rather than just yourself. It also emphasizes taking a diplomatic tact without placing the blame on the other person. Still another important point is the idea of complimenting people instead of emphasizing only negative points. So many people withhold compliments from others fearing that the other person will become an egomaniac. This is so childish.
Its really a shame that this book does not get enough press. This world would be a better place if everyone followed the principles outlined here. Its also concise and easy to read so many many audiences would appreciate it. I say pick it up today.

This is the best "relationship" book I've ever read. The lessons cover the issues that you should have learned from your parents.... but probably didn't.
If you follow only half the suggestions in this book, people will be responding to you more positively right away. Follow all the suggestions, and folks will think you are a charming and friendly person.
Dale Carnegie wrote "How to Win Friends and Influence People" back in the 20s or 30s. It was an excellent book. But times have changed. People have changed. Our society and culture have changed. "How to Improve Your Relationships, Dramatically: Methods that Really Work" is the book that gives you the lessons, examples, and full explanations of of the methods to help you become a person that can enter into a relationship and understand the dynamics that could cause it to go wrong.
Read the book. Take it's lessons to heart. I'm glad I did. I know you'll be glad you did, too.

There is a certain quality to this book that is very self-revealing. One cannot help but realize the enormity of the situations encountered each day the can easily end in a "make feel bad" outcome and how few will automatically end in a "make feel good."
While all of this may sound intuitive and perhaps inevitable in this age of snap analysis, flippant humor and above all, the mad rush to instant everything it is altogether another thing to be guided through this by the author.
I came to two conclusions:
a) I want to do take this book to heart and work on my style. While I might be getting the point across in most discourse, I may be making things worse rather than better sometimes by the way I say things.
b) The author is clearly a wise man with a keen insight and understanding into human psychology as well as manners. In some ways this is a throwback to a more genteel age, but in fact the book is extremely relevant for today.
Reading this book can only help you!

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