e-Book Reflections, Sketches, and Provocations: Essays and Commentary, 1981-1987 download

e-Book Reflections, Sketches, and Provocations: Essays and Commentary, 1981-1987 download

by Bob Avakian

ISBN: 0898511011
ISBN13: 978-0898511017
Language: English
Publisher: RCP Publications (January 1990)
Pages: 242
Category: Politics and Government
Subategory: Sociology

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Reflections, Sketches, and Provocations book. What do you say about a leader of a revolutionary. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Democracy: Can't We Do Better Than That?, 1986. Bullets: From the Writings, Speeches, and Interviews of Bob Avakian, 1985. A Horrible End, or an End to the Horror?, 1984

Democracy: Can't We Do Better Than That?, 1986. A Horrible End, or an End to the Horror?, 1984. For a Harvest of Dragons, 1983.

Democracy: Can't We Do Better Than That?

Democracy: Can't We Do Better Than That? 1986 ISBN 16650-29-4. Bullets: From the Writings, Speeches, and Interviews of Bob Avakian 1985 ISBN 0-89851-072-4. A Horrible End, or an End to the Horror? 1984 ISBN 0-89851-070-8. For a Harvest of Dragons 1983 ISBN 0-89851-065-1. Mao Tsetung's Immortal Contributions 1979 ISBN 0-89851-046-5. The Loss in China and the Revolutionary Legacy of Mao Tsetung 1978 ISBN 0-89851-017-1. Amerikalı siyasetçi ile ilgili bu madde bir taslaktır. Madde içeriğini geliştirerek Vikipedi'ye katkıda bulunabilirsiniz.

The work of Bob Avakian and the Revolutionary Communist Party has been developing over the course of many decades. In some instances there may be differences in perspective and analysis between earlier and more recent works. In such cases, what is put forward in more recent works should generally be taken as more representative of current views. Film and Audio by Bob Avakian. The Coming Civil War and Repolarization for Revolution in the Present Era. Revolution, March-September 2005.

from Rcp Pubns (July 1, 1990).

1990, RCP Publications.

Provocations is a book series published by the University of Nebraska Press and is. .

A book is a strange vessel of expectation. A published book imagines a reader, for a published book without a reader is a book that loses someone’s money. And a book about translation seems to have.

Robert Bruce "Bob" Avakian (born March 7, 1943) is an American activist and politician that has been the leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA (RCP) since 1979. Serving as the party's Chairman, Avakian developed the organization's official ideology, a theoretical framework rooted in Maoism, called "the New Synthesis" or the "New Communism. Coming out of the New Left, Avakian has written several leftist books over four decades, including an autobiography.

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What do you say about a leader of a revolutionary party who can analyze the style of play and attitude of one of the teams in an NCAA basketball championship game in order to draw lessons about revolution? And what do you say about a self-described communist and Marxist-Leninist-Maoist who can address some fundamental questions to Carl Sagan and Stephen Jay Gould concerning the character of intellectual inquiry and debate in socialist society, while at teh same time he can decry the ossification of Marxism into a state religion? Well, you can say his name is Bob Avakian and that he is one of the most original and provocative thinkers of our time.

Reflections, Sketches and Profocations is a collection of articles and messages written over a period of seven years, a kind of political compass of the 1980s. Consistently fresh and vibrant in his perceptions, Avakian can look at a movie like Fort Apache, The Bronx and launch into a discussion of liberalism; or take the opening lines of a speech by Ronald Reagan and tear apart its historica, even its geological, assumptions; or contrast two very different kinds of "festivals" occurring simultaneously in Miami: the Orange Bowl hoopla and a rebellion in the Black community.

Yet as broad-ranging as these writings are, certain basic themes run through them: the obscene hypocrisy of the imperialists, the limits of reformism, the shifts in the world since the 1960s and the strategic weakness of imperialism, the need to oppose war with revolution, and the nature and necessity of revolutionary preparation. And if Avakian is passionately concerned with the revolutionary seizure of power, he is no less absorbed with the difficulties of exercising that power and of advancing to communist society where there would be no class distinctions and no state - no power exercised by one part of society over another.

From a piece that extends no more than a paragraph to an expansive essay, Avakian has that rare ability to not only offer up insights but to force his reader to argue with him. For those unacquainted with the work of Bob Avakian, this collection will serve as a splendid introduction. For those who have encountered him before, here brought under once cover of some of his most engaging writings.

the same pathetic crap that every revolutionary has spouted since Lenin and Marx. It is hate and bigotry clothed in the wolf's clothing. People like this point fingers at the faults of everyone else, every other system and live in the heart of the beast while spewing cancerous rhetoric against it. Show me one successful, happy, productive communist state and I'll show you a con job. I bought it to read the thoughts of an enemy of the State and an enemy of the real common man. The man who goes to work, earns a decent living, raises his children to be honest, respectful of rightful authority and be an active part of the process, not the destroyers of peace and purveyors of anarchism for the sake of chaos alone. Revolution is exciting, rapturous and young people are easily caught up in the romance of the cause. That is until they find themselves living under the rule of a new dictator, a cadre of thugs, and henchmen. If you like Avakian's writings I suggest you move to Cuba or Venezuela or any of the other idyllic communist utopias around the world. Wake up! Why do you think so many people are risking death and imprisonment to come to this country? I forgot to add that Mr. Avakian is actively trying to recruit the Black population for his revolution. I would suggest that communist history has been very unkind to minority races of all types. It is no less class and color conscious than the Fascists and white supremacists are. He will use them and lose them like all good communists do to suit his agenda.

To me this is sort of a history book, a history of very deep questions going on during the 80s, that people active in that time might remember, and that people active now should know. For instance, I knew very little of the Overtown Rebellion that took place in Miami, that is a very big deal but you won't learn about it from most sources. Also an essay on what was then the emerging rap music scene is really interesting. A lot about what was then an impending WW3 also colors this book, along with the contradictions giving rise to this potential war like globalization (which at that point was still emerging), and Russia and other wars goin on. The short and sharp essays make it easy to get into this stuff and retain it, so I think its a valuable book.

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