e-Book Israel and the Arabs (Pelican Books) download

e-Book Israel and the Arabs (Pelican Books) download

by Maxime Rodinson

ISBN: 0140224459
ISBN13: 978-0140224450
Language: English
Publisher: Penguin; Revised edition (1982)
Pages: 368
Category: Politics and Government
Subategory: Sociology

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Rating: 4.1
Votes: 632
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Israel And the Arabs (Pelican). Published January 25th 1973 by Penguin. Israel and the Arabs. Published January 1st 2000 by Random House.

Israel and the Arabs (Penguin Specials). Published 1968 by Penguin. Author(s): Maxime Rodinson. Israel And the Arabs (Pelican). Paperback, 304 pages. ISBN: 0140211284 (ISBN13: 9780140211283).

Politics & Social Sciences Books. ISBN13: 9780140224450. Israel and the Arabs (Pelican Books).

com's Maxime Rodinson Author Page. Israel and the Arabs (Pelican Books) Jan 1, 1982.

Israel and the Arabs (Pelican Books). Learn More at LibraryThing. Maxime Rodinson at LibraryThing. ISBN 9780140224450 (978-0-14-022445-0) Softcover, Penguin, 1982. Find signed collectible books: 'Israel and the Arabs (Pelican Books)'.

Israel and the Arabs. Mohammed Maxime Rodinson. This book is neither a textbook of the economic history of the Muslim world nor a popular outline of what might have been such a textbook. T ranslated from the French by B rian Pearce. 1 On particular points which seem to me of fundamental importance, I have indeed summarized what his­ torical studies have now established, to the best of my knowledge.

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Israel And the Arabs (Pelican Books) by Rodinson, Maxime Paperback Book Th.

Israel And the Arabs (Pelican Books) by Rodinson, Maxime Paperback Book The. S$ . 8. List price Previous PriceS$ . 2. Israel: A Colonial-Settler State? by Maxime Rodinson. by Rodinson, Maxime Paperback. List price Previous PriceS$ 1. 3.

Maxime Rodinson, Gilbert Achcar. Penguin Books Ltd. Maxime Rodinson, M. Perl.

The author of the one star review clearly has her own agenda. It is a crime to give this book only one star. I found "Publish it not" to be an excellent and objective account of the events leading up to the domination of Arab countries by Israel. I come from a half Jewish and half Christian family and many of my best friends are Jewish. I even belong to the JCC. The massacres perpetrated in the name of my friends and family at towns such as Qibya and the attacks of aggression on Arabs by Israeli leaders are morally reprehensible and I am disappointed as an American that we have been so easily manipulated.

This is a very biased book. Yes, there are some facts in it. You see some trees here and there. But whole forests are left out elsewhere. Rodinson says very little about the Peel Plan and the British White Paper, and what he does say is very misleading. There are few details about the Jewish fight for independence from Britain. He basically denies the history of Jews in the Levant from AD 135 until late in the nineteenth century.

When we get to the Six-Day War, Rodinson makes excuse after excuse for Arab violence. The best is the following example of illogic:

"In the absence of any specific international convention, was any state obliged to grant passage, through its coastal waters extending less than two miles from its shores, to strategic material intended for another state with which it is legally at war?"

This is unbelievable. The closure of the Straits of Tiran was a clear act of war on Egypt's part. Now, Rodinson makes the preposterous argument that Israel had no right to attack Egypt because it was already at war with it! That is just a taste of the bias we see throughout this book.

Rodinson has a reason to pretend that Jews had no connection to the Levant for more than 1700 years. He wants to say that Jews were an alien people settling on someone else's land. Okay. Would he say that about the Russians in Russia? After all, much of central Russia was depopulated by the Mongols. Clearly, such reasoning would make it Mongol land in perpetuity, even though very few Mongols ever lived there.

This is pure racism on Rodinson's part. It seems that to him, Arabs are Real Humans who can live anywhere. Why shouldn't they? Meanwhile, Jews (and maybe Pagans?) are subhumans who can't live anywhere near Real Humans. After all, the Real Humans might not like that! If subhumans get kicked out of a land, they can't return. If they do return, and buy land at high prices, it is Right to steal it from them. If that is what you think human civilization needs, fine. You still ought to buy some other book that tells the whole story, though. I find Rodinson's attitude outrageous. Still, the biggest problem with the book is that it messes up the history.

Rodinson does not care that when the population of the region was high, the Jews were the majority. Nor does he care that the Jewish presence in the Levant never vanished, that most Jews considered Jerusalem their capital, and that significant decisions about Judaism were made in Jerusalem for most of the time period between 135 AD and the nineteenth century. This does not matter much, but Rodinson implies that it does matter, and then pretends it isn't true.

Rodinson says that he has been accused of not giving the ancient Jewish ties to Israel enough credit. That's another misleading statement. Rodinson's real problem is not realizing that no matter who the Jews were, they had a desire to buy Levantine land, they bought Levantine land, they developed Levantine land, and they made good use of Levantine land. If we are to have human rights, those Jews needed to be able to keep their lives, liberty, and property. That is what Rodinson fails to say. Instead, he mumbles something about Jews having rights (to life, liberty, and property?) and Arabs having rights (to rob, ban, evict, slander, and murder Jews?). And that these rights are in conflict. But the truth is that the rights of Arabs to life, liberty, and property are not in conflict with the rights of Jews to life, liberty, and property. Rodinson is attempting to mislead us into agreeing that human rights are bad.

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