e-Book The Italians download

e-Book The Italians download

by Luigi Barzini

ISBN: 0241123143
ISBN13: 978-0241123140
Language: English
Publisher: Hamish Hamilton Ltd; New Ed edition (1987)
Pages: 352
Category: Social Sciences
Subategory: Sociology

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Luigi Barzini Jr. (21 December 1908, Milan – 30 March 1984, Rome) was an Italian journalist, writer and politician most famous for his 1964 book The Italians.

Luigi Barzini Jr. (21 December 1908, Milan – 30 March 1984, Rome) was an Italian journalist, writer and politician most famous for his 1964 book The Italians, delving deeply into the Italian national character and introducing many Anglo-Saxon readers to Italian life and culture. Barzini junior was born in Milan, Lombardy, the son of Luigi Barzini S. a famous journalist.

Luigi barzini's italy. The New York Times Archives. View on timesmachine. There are century-old parks, Palladian villas that mirror themselves in lazy canals.

Barzini is startlingly frank as he examines the two Italies : the one that created and nurtured such luminaries as Dante Alighieri, St. Thomas of Aquino, and Leonardo da Vinci; the other, feeble and prone to catastrophe, backward in political action if not in thought, invaded, ravaged, sacked, and humiliated in every century Читать весь отзыв. Пользовательский отзыв - skulli99 - LibraryThing.

The 'fatal charm of Italy' has held Lord Byron – and millions of tourists ever since – in its spell. Yet, beneath 'the brilliant and vivacious surface', what are the realities of Italian life? Few writers have ever painted a portrait of their compatriots as crisp, frank and fearless as Luigi Barzini's Читать весь отзыв.

by. Barzini, Luigi Giorgio, 1908-1984. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

In his groundbreaking and best-selling book, The Italians (published in 1964), Luigi Barzini wrote about the ever-growing flocks of travelers turning up in his homeland after World War II, even imagining a time when the number of tourists might equal or exceed the country’s population. That moment seems to have arrived, with more than 62 million visitors streaming into Italy in 2018, according to the UNWTO.

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Luigi Barzini’s most popular book is Bread and Wine. The Italians: A Full-Length Portrait Featuring Their Manners and Morals by. Luigi Barzini, Joan Emerson

Luigi Barzini’s most popular book is Bread and Wine. Luigi Barzini, Joan Emerson.

In this consummate portrait of the Italian people, bestselling author, publisher, journalist, and politician Luigi Barzini delves deeply into the Italian national character, discovering both its great qualities and its imperfections.

Ever since the Goths swept down over the Alps, Italy has been prone to invasion by armies, by poets and painters in search of inspiration, by archaeologists seeking to resurrect the classical past, and by millions of tourists bewitched by a somewhat vague picture at the back of their minds by an amalgam of sun, fun and Chianti. Luigi Barzini's book touches on nearly every aspect of Italian life; it examines Italy's many faces, landscapes, cities and peoples, it studies the Italians' habits, vices, virtues, hopes, failures and achievements, past, present and future. Doctor Barzini shows us Italy through the eyes of foreigners and through the eyes of Italians. Most important of all, he shows us Italy from his own highly original point of view.
Im not sure how I feel about this book. I bought it as a gift for my sig other. We are both Italian and I read an excerpt on Delancy Place. I thought it would be an interesting view of the history of Italy and Italian people. But this guy is very ambivalent about being Italian. It was almost a bit insulting.
Its hard to describe but its like he is describing animals in a zoo, or some weird species that he is trying to describe to other people. Im not too thrilled.

Dancing Lion
It's all true.... even if the book "The Italians" by Luigi Barzini was written 53 years ago. Even now there is still a behaviour such as that described in the book. It is quite true that some things have been improved, and a number of ways of thinking have changed, but in principle, way of living and thinking are more or less the same. Thank you.

Extremely detailed, well researched & written account of Italy's political, religious & cultural history, This book gives in depth character analysis of a complicated, colorful people & the diversity between a country governed by two cultures; that of those who live in Northern Italy & those who live in in the sunny, Southern region of the country, A fascinating, thought provoking, insightful read about Italy, written by a knowledgeable one of it's own.

I heard of this book 40 years ago when a TV version won an Emmy award. I was inspired to read it after my most recent trip to Italy. Growing up as an Italian-American, I wondered why my people acted the way they do, and this book provides valuable insight. Barzini graduated from Columbia U., and it shows in his command of the English language. This book is a classic, but like most classics, it's old, so while much of it is timeless, other parts are out of date, both culturally and politically. However, if one wants to gain a grounding in the Italian culture, this book is a very good place to start.

Bought this on recommendation to prepare to take students to Italy for an educational trip. Excellent book; still applicable many years after it was written.

I am currently reading this book and love it. The writer covers vast periods of history with a concise manner and, yet, provides details. I would recommend this book to those who are interested in the Italian culture.

An in depth history of the Italian country and its people from North to South. This book examines every facet of Italian character. Enjoyed it so much!!. In addition the books are in excellent condition.

I have lent this book to so many people in the past ten years and the last one did not return it, so I purchased this one for myself to keep.
It has always been a favorite and portrays the Italian people in a most beautiful manner. I have read several of Mr. Barzini's literary efforts and find him to be a fascinating story teller.

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