e-Book The Truth about Winning! download

e-Book The Truth about Winning! download

by Tom Veneziano

ISBN: 0971620393
ISBN13: 978-0971620391
Language: English
Publisher: Tom Veneziano (February 2002)
Pages: 83
Category: Racket Sports
Subategory: Sport

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Rating: 4.4
Votes: 555
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The Truth About Winning! book.

The Truth About Winning! book. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The Truth About Winning! by. Tom Veneziano.

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Veneziano, Tom. "The Truth About Winning. Found out about this book when I was surfing the web and came across Coach Veneziano's web site, ww. enniswarrior

Veneziano, Tom. Tom Veneziano Enterprises, 2006, 2001. enniswarrior. com Bought myself a copy, and he’s come up with a way of thinking that will help you, regardless of your skill level. Later on, I got his audio CD entitled "The Refocus Technique - Controlling Your Emotions in Tennis," which was also very strong.

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* This book comes with a tennis instructional website and FREE email tennis tips.

In The Truth about Winning! tennis players will learn in a step-by-step fashion the thinking the pros have mastered to win. Step-by-step from basic mental toughness to advanced mental toughness. Each chapter builds upon the one before to reveal a winning mental strategy. All skill levels can learn from this unique book from beginner to professional. No need to change your strokes just your thinking. You will notice instant on court results!

This book seems simple at first blush...and at second blush...you realize it IS simple. Yet it is a collection of the most focus and powerful thinking I've seen assembled on the subject. This book is enlightening, liberating, and a fantastic compass on how to steer your game in the right direction.

I've seen immediate results. I recommend reading this short book slowly so that you can absorb the ideas one at a time into actual play. I'm writing this review on my way to purchasing more of Mr. Veneziano's work...the ultimate endorsement.

Terrific book for my son . Very easy and clearly explained. A big thank you to the author.

I want to highly recommand this book,
to every normal player (like me) that want to improve his game.
Without any doubt.
The reason is that I am following the indications,
the explanations, and the system that Tom Veneziano explain so well in his book.
And right now I am a brand-new tennis player.
I am more relaxed and happy on court.
Now, I really use my mind on court.
My muscles are much more relaxed on court.
I look at my tennis, and at the game of the ATP players,
in a different way. I understand a lot more, than in the past.
You could imagine how, those differences, have had a wonderful effect on my tennis.
The main reason is that, Tom Veneziano,
give to the reader, a system, something you could begin to understand and put in practice the next time on court.
On this book, there is no word about tennis stroke's tecnique.
It's all about the mental game, and the mental side of tennis.
He dont teach you, how to use your arms and legs, he teach you how to use your mind.
Something much more delicate, to use on court.
We all know how tennis is difficult, and full of worries,
after this book, tennis will became less difficult,
and a lot of worries will desappear.
In my opinion it's very important to read it a lot of time.
Because it's full of indications, rights for us,
very normal, but eagers to improve, tennis players.

This is more an article than a book. Although it gives some useful advice on how to tackle the task of playing competetive tennis, I do not think is worth buying it.

Bo Jackson knew football and baseball. Tom Veneziano knows tennis. If you want to take your tennis game to the next level ... read this book!

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