e-Book Drumbeat 2000 For Dummies? download

e-Book Drumbeat 2000 For Dummies? download

by Gayle Kidder,Stuart Harris

ISBN: 0764506242
ISBN13: 978-0764506246
Language: English
Publisher: For Dummies; 1 edition (September 17, 1999)
Pages: 384
Category: Networking and Cloud Computing
Subategory: Technologies

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Fb2 size: 1709 kb
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Rating: 4.5
Votes: 656
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The ONLY book EVER on Drumbeat 2000. Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 19 years ago. As Macromedia have now announced how Drumbeat is going to evolve I understand the Teach Yourself book has been withdrawn

The ONLY book EVER on Drumbeat 2000. As Macromedia have now announced how Drumbeat is going to evolve I understand the Teach Yourself book has been withdrawn. Having done the 'Getting Started' tutorial in Drumbeat and having read parts of the manual I was still unclear how the various Drumbeat concepts fit together - the s/interactions.

Drumbeat 2000 For Dummies book. Gayle Kidder, Stuart Harris.

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However, Harris' book was written with the intention of using five simple commands to make the most of an otherwise complicated client, for those who have . Kidder, Gayle; Stuart Harris (1999). Drumbeat 2000 For Dummies. p. 432. ISBN 978-0-7645-0624-6.

However, Harris' book was written with the intention of using five simple commands to make the most of an otherwise complicated client, for those who have no background in computer or internet programming. The Hamnet Players introduced Harris' idea of Internet-based theatre on 12 December 1993 in their performance of the 80-line script adaption, "Hamnet"; on 6 February 1994, featuring the Royal Shakespeare Company's Ian Taylor as the principal character. Harris, Stuart (2001).

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Drumbeat 2000 for Dummies. Are you sure you want to remove Drumbeat 2000 for Dummies from your list? Drumbeat 2000 for Dummies. by Gayle Kidder, Stuart Harris. Published September 1999 by For Dummies.

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This book is also a handy reference for drumming. You can find a variety of drums from around the world that you may not have ever seen or heard of before now.

Trial version of Drumbeat 2000 on CD-ROM!

Your shortcut to database-driven ventures on the Web!

Power your site with Active Server Pages or Java Server Pages no coding required! If you're excited by the prospect of an interactive, database-driven Web site, but dread all the complex coding involved, relax! With this handy guide and the point-and-click, no-code scripting of Drumbeat 2000, you'll soon be creating easy-to-maintain, fully interactive ASP-or JSP-powered Web pages that port your existing databases to the Internet. all this on the bonus CD-ROM Trial version of Drumbeat 2000 DrumNote — Various mini Drumbeat sites with demonstrations of components Web Remote Control Version 1.0 from Interland, Inc. Evaluation version of Paint Shop Pro 5.X For details and system requirements, see the CD-ROM appendix Plus leading Internet software

Discover how to: Connect any database to your Web site Build Active Server Pages or JavaServer Pages like a pro Create interactive pages with custom scripting — automatically Use style sheets for pixel-perfect designs

Get smart! www.dummies.com

I don't know if the book is perfect. I can't tell. I am one of the great unwashed that cannot write a pearl script. This book and this software (a complete trial version is included) consigns those possessing that knowledge to the great trash heaps of history; along with those possessing such other minutae as "Basic for the Commodore 64", who played 3rd base for the NY Mets in '61, how to calculate an integral, how to do square roots by hand, and well you get my drift.
This is the herald of a new age, and you better climb on if you know what's good for you. So what if you can write all this crap by hand (HTML code, ASP code)? Who is going to pay you to do it, if I can do it in one 20th the time? Oh you probably still think Fortran is the way to write statistics programs.
Now this book.... This book is the ONLY reference work for this masterpiece of a language. And a LANGUAGE it is. You can actually develop web based applications in it.
The authors should be academically praised as this book represents true scholarship in bringing this great program/language to light. The references are consise, the examples are illuminating, it is a thorough treatment, and did I mention that it is the only reference out there?
BTW, it does NOT read like one of the Dummies books. It must have been a labor of love. The CD is chocked with stuff even us uptodate folks might not have. How about; IE 5.0, Netscape 4.5, Acrobat 4.0, Paint shop pro 5.03, all kinds of other site examples, and documentation from the drumbeat site. Sure it's all out there if you've got the time and patience, but here it is on CD.
OK... Platitudes aside. Why should you buy this book?
1. It's shipping. 2. It allows you to do things that only nerds versed in MULITPLE arcane strategies can do. (Database, web design, cgi, active server pages, visual basic scripts.) 3. It cost $20 bucks. You'll feel guilty and probably have to write a review too! 4. Saves you the 4 hour download of the trial version. (What you WEREN'T going to download the trial version? Haven't you been listening?) 5. You know a good thing when you see one. 6. You understand that the first 4 reviewers are morons. 7. You ain't.
Now go do it!

Drumbeat 2000 is a great idea, but not a very mature product at the moment. Hopefully, Macromedia's acquisition will do good things - the support is already improved.
Domain knowledge of databases (Access & SQL or other ODBC-compliant), queries, etc., AND Active Server Pages (for Intermediate/Advanced Users) is required to effectively use DB2K. There are not many books/references available. This is what the Dummies book benefits from.
By the very fact that it is the first and only book (as of now) on a very powerful and complex tool, it deserves to be on every DB2K users bookshelf/desktop. It beats the manuals. There are a lot of visuals which really help in navigating through DB2K's extensive set of menus and dialog boxes.
Dummies books tend to oversimplify things, and this book is no different. However, The authors do try very hard to make DB as easy as possible for the newbie and cover a lot more ground than the documentation. The Dummies writing style and typography is just about tolerable, since we have nothing else to turn to.
Overall, a GOOD BOOK for BEGINNERS/INTERMEDIATE users. Advanced users should stay away. The CD does not contain any new Contracts/Interactions.
Why the 4 *? It's the first DB book. Goes further than the documentation.
Awaiting more Drumbeat books - well written, in-depth, well-designed books with lots of "How-To"s and case-studies from start to finish, step-by-step, which give complete details of constructing complex real-world web sites with Drumbeat & SQL Server.

For the only book out there in the market for this software, it could be alot worse. Have I learned from it, the answer is yes. Although half way through the book as I write this, I do have some bones to pick. 1)WHY USE EXAMPLES IN THE BOOK THAT DOESN'T COME WITH THE ENCLOSED CD? 2)THE CD IS FAULTY, IT DOES NOT LOAD THE EXAMPLES THAT YOU DO SUPPLY. 3)ASIDE FROM THE TRADEMARK OF THE BOOK, DUMMY-SPEAK...PERHAPS DUMMY WRITE..their use of English, coupled with poor communication can sometimes promote obfuscation. An example or a metaphor of the above.
Instead of saying: TURN OFF THE TELEVISION.
They would say at times: The glare on the television, not like your Grandma's - your father's side, is turned off by the button from the top.
A little exaggeration, but read it and you'll know what I mean.
All in all, you will learn something from this book. Just wished it was just a notch higher in grade. But for what it has to offer, it will do.
God Bless!

I like the dummies books -- they help you get your foot in the door quickly, usually in an afternoon. I didn't find the book as bad as many other people here have, but many of the problems mentioned here (ie., especially those with the cd) are real and significant.
Before anyone buys this book, I'd strongly suggest they download the demo copy of Drumbeat if at all possible, and look at the docs that come with it. It's a big download (60MB), so that might not be possible for everyone. But the demo product comes with a quick start guide and a full manual, and both of them are very well done. I think they're much better than the Dummies book, they're official, and they're free. In any event, I've gotten more use from them than I have from this book.
If you compare the value of your time to the cost of these books, you'll find that you don't need much value from a book to make it worthwhile. So my feeling is that if you want to master Drumbeat, you might as well buy this book, even if it is flawed, since it's the only one out there, and another perspective on the subject is helpful. But I don't think it's the best way to learn the product from scratch.

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