e-Book Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3 download

e-Book Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3 download

by Ben Frain

ISBN: 1849693188
ISBN13: 978-1849693189
Language: English
Publisher: Packt Publishing (April 10, 2012)
Pages: 324
Category: Web Development and Design
Subategory: Technologies

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Rating: 4.1
Votes: 894
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It’s an absolute cracker and as he’s the 10th Dan grand-master of ‘Responsive-jutsu’ – that should be your first purchase. However, if you can stomach another, I’ll explain a little about my offering.

Although it is an easy read the author covers all subjects in detail which also makes it an excellent reference. js" Until I read this book my impression was that "modernizr" simply adds a number of HTML5 tags that are missing from older browsers.

book published, with PDF and ePub Responsive layout with the min-width and max-width properties. Calculus Practice Problems For Dummies. 5 MB·128,714 Downloads.

This book will lead you, step by step and with illustrative screenshots, through a real example. If so, this book provides everything you need to take your web pages to the next level - before all your competitors do! Подробне. крыть.

Web pages built to be responsive provide the best possible version of their content to match the viewing devices .

The book provides a practical understanding of these new technologies and techniques that are set to be the future of front-end web development.

I would expect more deep dive for best practices and examples of responsive web design. Jun 01, 2012 Erik Rühling rated it liked it.

Understand what responsive design is, and why it's vital for modern web development. HTML5 markup is cleaner, faster, and more semantically rich than anything that has come before - learn how to use it and its latest features. If so, this book provides everything you need to take your web pages to the next level before all your competitors do! About this book.

"Learn responsive design using HTML5 and CSS3 to adapt websites to any browser or screen size."
Honestly, I feel duped by all the 5 star reviews. This book is worth about $10 if you are say, a freelance web developer interested in a feet-wet dip into responsive design. For $35 I expect a reference book and this book falls far short of that. To explain more: In the first 4 chapters, ff you cut out the random opinions by the Author, the repetitive 101 level CSS2 stuff and the screen shots, then you are quite literally left with a couple of examples on media queries. Maybe 3 pages of actual information. It does get a little better after that but there is still a ton of filler.

This book is a gentle, first person written intro into some aspects of responsive design. Most of the story-time sections are plain common sense to any developer, regardless of their level of knowledge in responsive design. For a book on HTML5 there is a major lack of understanding of JavaScript from the author. When he is not recommending against it, he recommends its use in antiquated or inefficient ways, such as using in line event handlers.

Another detraction from the book for me was an unforgivable error that the Author makes:

He encourages the use of % over pixel. He is totally right that for fluid layout that technique works. However he devotes a half page to defending it and even argues that you should not round a 9 digit number (like 43.9919951%) to a more reasonable 4 or 5 digits. That statement shows a total lack of comprehension of basic math, browser interpretation and even screen resolution.

To a screen there is no such thing as 1/2 a pixel. On a device with a 2400 pixel wide screen, the difference between 43.991 and 43.999 is not even 1 pixel. So 5 digits is more than enough. But the author insists that you type the extra 4 digits for utterly no point whatsoever.

Worse, all IE browsers truncate your CSS % to only the first 2 decimal places anyway (Firefox does 3, webkit 15). So in a book devoted to giving a similar cross browser experience, he spends half a page telling you to do something that ensures you WON'T get the same results and you will be wasting your time typing on top of it.

Any Author that writes a book on the subject should know what a screen and a browser can do.

A quick summary of some other shortcomings of the book are below:

- Only support for sites running on Apache. If you use Nginx or Node you won't like this book
- In several pages on the <video> tag he never mentions there are only a few video types supported
- In several pages on offline caching he never mentions that it is not supported by IE9 or below
- He openly admits a fear of RegEx and recommends you be scared too.

I could go on, but I won't.

I am not saying it is useless. There are some good tips and information in there, but if you are hoping for a concise book on HTML5 and CSS3 and how to use it for responsive design you will be disappointed. There is a ton of waffle that replaces the mountain of stuff that is missing and should have been included. Like perhaps a mention of the Twitter Bootsrap which is appropriate in any book on responsive design.

I have not finished working through yet and may lift my review rating. The reason I have given it a 3 is that it goes straight to flexbox and does not seem to cover grids except in passing. I was looking for a book that would teach me the prevalent way of doing responsive web design and that is grids, I wanted to understand them instead of just using a framework. This book uses flexbox not grids, and flexbox is still bleeding edge with many features vendor dependent and even the markup has vendor imprints like -moz- or -webkit-. Sorry but that is not what I signed up for.

I have been doing web sites for over a decade. I had a good knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I wanted to improve my skills for creating web sites that would scale well across devices and screen sizes. This book showed me by example the principals needed to accomplish my goals. The book goes step-by-step to teach each principle. I came to understand the concepts from this book so that I can apply them to any web design..

I have really enjoyed this book. I have been reading it over the past few weeks every night to unwind after work. I tend to prefer technical books over fiction, so this is my type of beach read. It's great for anyone brushing up on their skills or for those who might be wandering into the world of web design. It is written so concepts can be easily understood and practiced. I have read a few Packt books in the past and they all seem to be very good. This one will become a permanent reference on my desk.

Provides a ton of usable, executable advice using good examples and in a very readable style. I enjoyed this so much that I also bought Mr. Frain's Sass and Compass for Designers.

Awesome stuff. Really recommended for anyone ready to dive into HTML5/CSS3. The big plus (for me at least) was constant linking to W3 site, so I would not assume that something is just "because".

The only downside is too much of external links and thus constant need for Internet connection so readying on a lengthy flight (airliner did not offer internet) was a bit tedious :)

Explains RWD that's easy to understand. This book will make your coding better. I would not recommend this book for beginners.

Good clear concise guide to building responsive web site with up to date info on using latest HTML5 and CSS# techniques. I recommend it to anyone wanting to learn more about responsive web design

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