e-Book How to Prepare for the LAST/ATS-W/NYSTCE (Barron's How to Prepare for the Last/Ats-W) download

e-Book How to Prepare for the LAST/ATS-W/NYSTCE (Barron's How to Prepare for the Last/Ats-W) download

by Dr. Robert D. Postman

ISBN: 0764123068
ISBN13: 978-0764123061
Language: English
Publisher: Barron's Educational Series; 2 edition (March 1, 2004)
Pages: 464
Category: Professional
Subategory: Test and Exam

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Rating: 4.9
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This revised and updated manual provides complete preparation for the Liberal Arts and Sciences Test (LAST), and the Assessment of Teaching Skills-Written (ATS-W). It also introduces prospective test takers to the Content Specialty Test (CST). The LAST and the ATS-W are required New York State Teacher Certification Examinations. This book presents an overview of the tests and test-taking strategies with chapters on Reading, Writing, Math, Reading in the Subject Areas, Visual and Performing Arts, and Teaching Skills. Four practice tests with fully explained answers include two model LASTs, an elementary ATS-W, and a secondary ATS-W. The book also includes helpful information about teacher certification and finding a teaching position.
I have never been so appalled by a test prep book in my life- there were typos on every page, and incorrect answer keys. For example, it would print that (A) was the correct answer for question 42, and then go on to explain why (C) is the correct answer. The book also focuses on reviewing elementary math, of which there was ONE question in the test itself, and does not provide helpful strategies for reading comprehension, which was the majority of the test. You had to be much smarter than the book for the practice tests to be at all helpful; and in the end the real LAST was formatted so differently from the practice tests provided in this book that I would have been better off reading Aristotle to prepare for reading comprehension, instead of this book. In most test books I can glean that while the "matter" is not the same as the actual test, the "method" is, so that helps prepare one. This book lacked BOTH. I would recommend very enthusiastically to NOT GET THIS BOOK.

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In preparing for the LAST and the ATS-W, I bought this book and the Kaplan book. There is a marked difference. The Kaplan book really just lays out the objectives of the tests and offers practice tests with explained answers. The Barron's book gives actual information. There is a section in the book for every section on each test with actual information. This way, you could make flashcards and actually learn the things you don't know. If you were certified alternate route (like me) and didn't get a lot of formal, college-level information about child development and education, this is a much more useful tool. The Kaplan book will help you figure out your weak points, but does not offer a useful way to learn the things that you don't already know.

If I don't pass the tests, I'll eat my words, but this book makes me feel like I'm actually studying for THESE tests, not just preparing to take a test.

This helped me prepare for my LAST and ATS-W which I passed on my first attempt. Well worth the price! Also consider Kaplan's book. It's dark blue and a great book too.

Very helpful for this test and also provides useful test tips for taking any test.

How to Prepare for the LAST/ATS-W/NYSTCE (Barron's How to Prepare for the Last/Ats-W)
The book came to me in great condition but was not useful for the test

I bought this and the Kaplan versions to prepare for the ATS-W, because I already passed the LAST. My friend suggested the Barron's version to me, but maybe she had a different version because this did not help me at all. The questions were based on definitions, while the actual test was mostly common sense. The part which I found the most alarming, is that this book did not provide an example of an essay, and just told you to consult your professor/teacher, and ask him to rate your essay. Maybe the LAST preparation is worth the buy, but not the ATS-W, because I studied, and I doubt I passed the test.

I cannot believe that a reputable brand such as Barron's would publish a book with so many logical inconsistencies, grammar issues and incorrect answer keys. It's really unfathomable that this book is so laughably put together. The joke is on me as I spent money on it. As one reviewer said, it would be more valuable to read Aristotle than to rely on this book. The sheer number of errors and idiotic statements is absurd. I would request my money back, not from Barnes and Nobles, which is where I bought it, but from Barrons, if I only thought I would be refunded. Do not buy. One caveat: I do not have a particular book to suggest in this book's stead. The Barron's book is the only one I purchased. Also, I'm pretty sure that this is the only review I have ever posted. That should speak volumes about my dissatisfaction with this study aid.

I only bought this book because I wanted some extra practice tests in addition to the one that came with the Kaplan book. As it turns out this was the better of the two books. This book contains everything one needs to pass the LAST. I cannot say whether or not it is right for the ATS-W as I have not gotten that far yet. Everything you need to know is explained in great detail with plenty of practice questions and their explanations.

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