e-Book A Gathering of Saints download

e-Book A Gathering of Saints download

by Christopher Hyde

ISBN: 0671875817
ISBN13: 978-0671875817
Language: English
Publisher: Pocket (November 1, 1997)
Category: Mystery
Subategory: Thriller

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Rating: 4.6
Votes: 537
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Christopher Hyde’s most popular book is A Gathering of Saints.

Christopher Hyde’s most popular book is A Gathering of Saints. Jericho Falls by. Christopher Hyde. The Second Assassin by.

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Intriguing exploration of anti-Semitism in Britain's intelligence service. The pacing of a serial-killer thriller combined with the complexity of the best espionage.

If you can find a copy, you might also enjoy A Gathering Of Saints, by Christopher Hyde

Because of the details, he takes readers through every moment of the taunting tense-wracked plot with a camera's precision. If you can find a copy, you might also enjoy A Gathering Of Saints, by Christopher Hyde. This book, published in 1996, like The Second Assassin, is a work of fiction based on historical fact during WWII.

A Gathering of Saints. 0 5 Author: Paul Christopher. A military conspiracy. A devastating secret London, 1940: the Blitz has begun, and Hitler’s Luftwaffe rains down terror. Against this apocalyptic backdrop, DI Morris Black pursues a lone psychopath who stalks and kills his victims with methodical precision. Praise for Paul Christopher 'Draws tension with the skill of a surgeon’ New York Times bestselling author Michael Connelly ‘Hyde’s storytelling is pure genius' Daily Press ‘A superior piece of work’ Houston Chronicle.

Praise for Paul Christopher. Hyde’s storytelling is pure genius' Daily Press. A superior piece of work’ Houston Chronicle. Books related to A Gathering of Saints. Draws tension with the skill of a surgeon’ New York Times bestselling author Michael Connelly. Price: 2,99 €. You are in the Greece store. 2,99 €. The Body on the Shore.

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While Hitler's Luftwaffe rains terror upon London, Scotland Yard pursues a lone psychopath who kills with methodical precision and is privy to the Allies' most closely guarded secrets. Reprint.
"A Gathering of Saints" is a very good murder/spy/conspiracy story set in London in the early days of WWII. Author Christopher Hyde builds his hard-charging plot around fictional Detective Inspector Morris Black of Scotland Yard, but pulls in a wide range of actual political and social figures from the period as major characters in this story. He also uses actual events from the period to advance the plot.

The tale begins along inventive, but conventional, lines as a series of murder victims begins to appear in the aftermath of German air raids, suggesting a link to the bombings that had started in earnest in the months that followed the Dunkirk evacuations. Protagonist Black doggedly pursues the serial killer, but the crimes become increasingly macabre and baffling.

My only problem with what I think is a classic page-turner of a mystery is its eventual veering off into story that relies on horror and insanity a great deal as it reaches its conclusion. Author Hyde built terrific tension into this book until the final pages when the reader's anticipation of a really creative ending is somewhat let down. The final showdown between copper and arch criminal is not as cerebral as the rest of the story. It is in fact much more a Hollywood ending which would probably look sensational on film but somehow doesn't quite fit the book. An epilogue that follows the showdown is also disappointing--puzzling even.

Still, this is an excellent read and will probably be (and has been) considered by other readers to have fewer faults than I have found with it. I will look for other books by Christopher Hyde to try.

Maybe it was the setting, maybe it was the disturbing plot, well not as disturbing of a plot as Second Assassin was. But anyway a serial killer, kills and leaves the his victoms lifeless bodies in areas selected for German bombing raids in London, during the Battle of Britain. So how does the killer know? Guess you'll have to read to find out. Also plays on why Germany quit bombing London. Good book, Hyde as usual, does a stupendous effort with the research, and development of the characters. Scotland Yard MI6, and a well placed German agent help to make this book one hell of a read.

If you liked this one try Black Cross, by Greg Iles, and Archangel, by Robert Harris.

Well written mystery. The plot centers around Detective Morris Black as he searches for a serial killer who's acts seem to coincide with German air raids. There's a bit of romance between Black and an American girl as well as an interesting character, Dr. Tennant, who was in fact a German spy. The English had cracked the German codes so in fact they were pretty much aware of where the bombings would be and when. How did the serial killer, Queer Jack, gain this information. It's also interesting to see how much Nazi sentiment existed in England at the time.

I came across an old, beat-up copy of this novel while casually glancing on a shelf of free books in waiting room somewhere; the synopsis sounded interesting so I figured what the heck. Wow, what a gem! A Gathering of Saints is one of the best written books I have ever read. This book is a murder mystery, spy thriller, and history book all rolled into one. At times I had to remind myself that I was reading a fictional novel. The details were incredibly vivid (almost to a fault), the characters were well-developed, the plot was fascinating and engaging, and the pacing was spot on.

As I indicated above, this book has a good deal of actual history behind it. Due to that I feel compelled to provide a short excerpt from the novel's Author's Note section: "Although A Gathering of Saints is a work of fiction, it is based entirely on historical fact. With almost no exceptions, the characters in the book are real people, and virtually all the events took place as they have been described..." This may not sound very believable, and for a fictional novel not a big deal, but the amount of research put into this makes a huge difference that is noticeable very early on in the story.

A few minor points that I personally didn't care for, but didn't affect my overall opinion of the book much: With all the realism this book offers I had trouble buying into the MOD and SIS giving a Yard inspector highly classified information, namely about the Enigma(Ultra), even for a serial murder case with perceived connections to its decrypted transmissions. Also, there was a scene in the book where an American spy blurts out the name and title of the main character; detective inspector Morris Black, in a public place, which is simply not something she would do. Hyde writes a fantastic race against the clock between the hero, Morris, and a Nazi spy to find the main villain, but the path the spy takes seemed a lot more logical to me, and easier to boot; still nicely done though. Lastly, there were far too many characters to keep track of. A dramatis personae page would've been very helpful.

If you're a fan of murder mysteries, tales of espionage, political thrillers, WWII-era stories, English locales, well-defined characters, or all of the above than I would highly recommend adding this book and/or author to your collection. Due to the research and attention to detail alone, I will now be looking into some of Christopher Hyde's other works, many of which seem equally as interesting. This may very well be my new favorite book.

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