e-Book Handbags and Homicide download

e-Book Handbags and Homicide download

by Dorothy Howell

ISBN: 0755347315
ISBN13: 978-0755347315
Language: English
Publisher: Little Black Dress (2008)
Category: Mystery
Subategory: Thriller

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Rating: 4.2
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Books by Dorothy Howell. Handbags and homicide. That’s because Richard did the employee work schedules and cut everybody’s shift fifteen minutes short just to screw us out of a break.

Books by Dorothy Howell. Published by Kensington Publishing Corporation. To David, Stacy, Judy, and Seth.

Fashionistas take note: Dorothy Howell's delightful Handbags and Homicide dangles shopping to die for and a murder in store in a breezy debut mystery as sure to please as a Notorious handbag. I call this type of book "light and fluffy". Thankfully, I was in the right mood and it had some funny moments. I'll probably try one more in the series just for fun but it will be awhile.

Handbags and Homicide is the first book in a series about a fashion conscious retail sleuth. Thankfully, I was in the right mood (earlier in 2014) and it had some funny moments.

Handbags and Homicide book. My advice to you: keep reading. I think Handbags and Homicide by Dorothy Howell is equal parts Confessions of a Shopaholic and Janet Evanovich/Stephanie Plum novels. I noticed a few similarities in the dynamics between Haley/Ty/Jack and. It’s not an exact replica, Hayley and Jack’s flirtation is very similar to the flirtation between Stephanie and Ranger.

-Carolyn Hart, author of Death Walked In. Cosy Mysteries Women Sleuths Thriller & Crime. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

Handbags and Homicide - Dorothy Howell.

Handbags and Homicide – E-book escrito por Dorothy Howell. HANDBAGS AND HOMICIDE, set in . s Garment District, is the first book in an exciting new series featuring the hilarious and irresisitible Haley Randolph. Leia esse livro usando o app Google Play Livros em dispositivos Android, iOS ou PCs. Você pode fazer download para leitura off-line, destacar passagens, usar marcadores de página ou criar notas ao ler Handbags and Homicide. When Haley says she’d ‘kill for’ the latest fashions, she doesn’t actually mean it. Of course, she’d quite happily stamp on feet, pull hair and elbow rivals out of the way to get to a new designer bag.

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-Carolyn Hart, author of Death Walked In "Dorothy Howell is one funny lady.

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Handbags and Homicide is the first book in a series about a fashion conscious retail sleuth. Haley Randolph, a vapid twenty something, is let go from her accounting job at a boutique LA law firm pending an investigation into her credit, leaving her trading her Chanel suit Gucci purse for business casual working nights and weekends at Holt Department Store, known for its family deals and tracking clothing. It seems like a downgrade for Haley. One night when she's forced to work in the Intimates section, she decides to hide from a customer while waiting in the stockroom. she doesn't expect on finding a dead body, until she stumbles over the body of the stores assistant manager, Richard. Haley is then questioned by the police, as well as the stores owner, Ty Cameron. The way she acts is a bad example for all retail employees, but it works well with her. I like this with her character, maybe it will give her some time to grow. The rest of the mystery is actually good for doing a murder in a department store. It limits the suspect with the people at the store, or having to do with the store.

This is a story about a “me generation” rich girl, Haley, who has to deal with murder, and, of course, real life. She has a job, a really good one, but doesn’t realize that knowledge and hard work is needed to keep the job. She is certain that just dressing for success will get her a job on the floor above with the managers. Before too long finds herself maxing out all her credit cards so that she has to take a dreaded second job, one that actually requires work, in order to pay for the clothes and accessories needed, in her mind, to keep the first job. Haley is forever hopeful that just by dressing stylish she will eventually be moved into a higher paying position in her first job. The two jobs collide when she has to deal with murder (second job) and her “me generation” approach to life (first job).
This is a very cute story. You will laugh at the pancake and flapjack episode. Of course she has her side-kick, i.e., well-grounded girlfriend to make sure she keeps somewhat level headed, but the girlfriend can’t be around 24/7. And that’s when the fun begins. Haley’s fantasies forever rage.
Will you like this book? Yes, a resounding yes. I will buy the next in the series, just for a good laugh. And, if the author’s next book is as funny as this one, I will continue reading in this series.

I call this type of book "light and fluffy". Thankfully, I was in the right mood (earlier in 2014) and it had some funny moments.

I understand from the author's website that she "got the idea for the Haley Randolph mystery series set in the world of retail when her daughter, a college student, took a part-time job in a department store. After hearing the stories about problems with management, customers, and co-workers, Dorothy (Howell) was reminded of how brutal a retail job can be. So brutal, in fact, that she decided, 'This would make a great book!'
After getting the inside story from her daughter, and a tour of the store's stock room, the character of Haley Randolph was born. The 'handbag' aspect of the mystery series comes from the author's passion for designer purses."

The author's website also states, "She's (character Haley Randolph) edgy, sassy, and like many of us, she just can't seem to catch a break." I don't think the author's definition of edgy and sassy and my definition of edgy and sassy are the same. I'll probably try one more in the series just for fun but it will be awhile.

Sadaron above the Gods
I am enjoying this series. There's not a lot of depth with the characters, but definitely a lot of humor in the story. Haley is a perfect sleuth. As ditzy as she may seem because of her love of purses and not wanting to pay attention at times, she is able to settle down and solve the crime. She also is connected with her resources to assist her in getting what she need. I loved how Haley got wrapped up with the cat and kittens escapade.

The murder in this story was unique to me. The story surrounding the murder was interesting as well as the event the murder took place. This kept me reading. I liked the setting as I was worried that being in the department store was going to limit the author to unique commission of murder.

I liked the new characters and potential suspects in the crime. They added uniqueness and depth to the story. Also, Haley's roller coaster relationship with Ty is quite hilarious and I will definitely be reading book three to find out how this continues.

This is a great cozy series that I highly recommend to readers who like fluff and no much food for thought!

ISBN: 1410402983
ISBN13: 978-1410402981
language: English
Subcategory: Mystery
ISBN: 0837567327
ISBN13: 978-0837567327
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