e-Book Séance in Sepia (Thorndike Press Large Print Mystery) download

e-Book Séance in Sepia (Thorndike Press Large Print Mystery) download

by Michelle Black

ISBN: 1410444961
ISBN13: 978-1410444967
Language: English
Publisher: Thorndike Press; Large Print edition (February 1, 2012)
Pages: 445
Category: Mystery
Subategory: Thriller

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Rating: 4.4
Votes: 893
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Flynn Kiernan buys an unusual old picture an antiques dealer calls a "spirit photograph," claimed to be taken of the departed during a saeance. Determined to discover the story behind it, she learns the images are of a young architect plus his wife and best friend whom he was accused of killing in the sensational 1875 Chicago "Free Love Murders." Flynn also finds notes from a jailhouse interview with the husband conducted by feminist firebrand and spiritualist Victoria Wood Woodhull.
Flynn Kiernan and her teenage son Brody go "dumpster diving" every Thursday as they search for books to buy for her father Daniel's Weston Books from estate sales. On sabbatical leave from her college teaching position, she is currently looking at what the late Mrs. Pilcher left behind for her landlady to sell to cover back rent. Inside a pre WWI Webster dictionary which is in fine shape she finds a portrait photo that she assumes is from the nineteenth century though there are some anomalies like the unorthodox hairstyle of the twenty-something woman surrounded by two men of the same age

Flynn visits antiques storeowner Mr. Heilbocker who says the picture is pre 1880 cabinet card albumen print that looks like a Spirit photo. She finds nothing on the net about Medora Lamb, the name on the back. Flynn puts it on EBay where she receives bids surpassing $2000. Matt Holtser emails asking if he can see it as he is researching a late relative involved in the Free Love Murders AKA The Prairie Avenue Massacre

In 1875 Chicago, Medora Langley was married to Alec Ingersoll. They and family friend Cameron Langley shared a house together. That ended with Medora and Cam dead with Alec on trial for their murders. Sweating he was innocent, he hires spiritualist Victoria Woodhull to conduct a séance to learn from his wife and best friend who killed them.

This is a superb thriller that compares contemporary and Reconstruction Eras investigative techniques, women and relationships from both periods. The story line is fast-paced even with the deft rotation between past and present as women have come a long way baby since 1875.

Harriet Klausner

Lahorns Gods
3 1/2 stars...good, fast-paced read with a lot to recommend it...appealed to me because of an interest in 19th-century Spiritualist movement and it did not disappoint on that count...the description of Chicago, the love triangle, the references to the Civil War, spirit photography, Victoria Woodhull, the Beecher trial, and other people and places was really well done, indeed...the court scenes - as told in transcripts - were to the point, illuminating, dramatic, and even funny at times...really the best parts of the book...I loved having to go to the web to look up some people, places, and events each night and learned a lot of new things...apart from stilted dialogue at the end, the 19th-century parts of this story were close to 5-star...the modern story line, though, was disappointing, although it held some promise from the start...who among us bookworms doesn't wish we owned a used/rare bookshop in a historic town? :-) But the modern characters were just so superficial; even silly...and the incorporation of technology - EBay, cell phones, etc. - was clumsy and already-outdated. I was impressed how Victoria Woodhull, the main historic character, maligned in the mid- to late-1800s for her progressive ideas on women's suffrage, "Free Love," spiritualism, and other matters, ended up being the most well-rounded and admirable character in the book. This was good historical fiction and would have been better if it stuck to the past.

This was my first historical fiction novel and now I am hooked not only on that type of writing but also this author. I couldn't put it down.

Author did a very nice job with character development, creating a plausible history for the fictional 19th century characters and interweaving those histories with a real post civil war figure. I liked the way the book went back and forth from the "present" day story to the past and back again. Loved the court transcripts. The modern day romance really didn't seem necessary. Main character could have found out everything she did without ending up in bed with somebody, but if the author was aiming at the romance fiction crowd she probably hit her mark.

I enjoyed this book. It is a 'time travelling' book in that the story bounces back and forth between the present and Victorian times as Flynn tries to unravel the mystery behind an old photo she finds in an old book. I loved the story in the past. It was well told, interesting and suspenseful. The story in the present I found less intriguing. The author really could have left the story in the past and disregarded the present story all together. Still, a quick, fun read for a rainy day.

The story is interesting how it integrates the past and the present. Not great literature but a fun read to learning about seances, photography and an historical chararacter.

Victoria Woodhull was one hundred years ahead of her time - the first woman to run for President, the first woman (with her sister) to own a brokerage firm, and a staunch supporter of women's suffrage. Why hadn't I read more about her? Although Séance in Sepia is fiction, it recreates the era just after the Civil War, when photography was relatively new, spiritualism was the rage, and some forward-thinking women were stretching the boundaries of a woman's place in society.
A lurid murder trial ties together converging plot lines from the past and current day. Séance in Sepia is a page-turning collage of history, mystery, and romance!

This is fascinating history delivered with grace, suspense, humor and a good feel for the customs, space, and a fascinating woman long before her time.

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