e-Book The Fingerprint download

e-Book The Fingerprint download

by Patricia Wentworth

ISBN: 0340187751
ISBN13: 978-0340187753
Language: English
Publisher: Coronet; paperback / softback edition (1981)
Pages: 252
Category: Mystery
Subategory: Thriller

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Rating: 4.2
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Patricia Wentworth The Fingerprint Miss Silver – I FRANK ABBOTT was pleasantly occupied in forgetting that he was a Detective Inspector. Certainly no one meeting him for the first time would have suspected him of having any connection with Scotland Yard or the inexorable processes of the law, though he might just possibly have been a barrister. He had, in fact, been intended for the Bar, but his father’s sudde. Читать онлайн The Fingerprint. Miss Silver – Chapter I.

Patricia Wentworth The Fingerprint Miss Silver – Chapter I FRANK ABBOTT was pleasantly occupied in forgetting that . He has the fingerprints of everyone who has ever stayed there-his version of a visitors’ book.

Patricia Wentworth The Fingerprint Miss Silver – Chapter I FRANK ABBOTT was pleasantly occupied in forgetting that he was a Detective Inspector. I asked him whether some of them didn’t object, and he wagged a finger at me and said he would nourish the deepest suspicions of anyone who did. Frank said

The Fingerprint book. Will be reading more very soon.

The Fingerprint book. Think I am hooked on Patricia Wentworth and Miss Silver. Shelves: fiction-1950s, espionage, fiction, series, 2019read, british. A personal hobby of collecting fingerprints. Don't think that would fly today.

MAUDSLEY arrived at half-past-ten, having taken the night train from Edinburgh and breakfasted at his own house. He was a man of about sixty with a pleasant voice and an agreeable manner. s were good, and if he had put on a couple of stone in the last year or two he carried it well. They came into the study. With Mrs. Fabian and Georgina Mr Maudsley.

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The Fingerprint – Ebook written by Patricia Wentworth. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read The Fingerprint. Georgina stood to inherit a large fortune when her uncle died. But her uncle had a second secret will and the beneficiary is the wide-eyed ingenue Mirrie Fields. But there was also the puzzle of the missing fingerprint. It was the showpiece of Uncle Jonathan's collection. He had acquired it from a self-confessed murderer, who was still at large. When the old man was shot, the print had been torn from its album.

When a suicide seems suspicious, uth Miss Silver steps in to assist Scotland Yard  .

Assisting their investigation is the dead man’s strange habit of fingerprinting all who come to visit. But there are fingerprints all over the house, and solving this murder will require Miss Silver’s particularly delicate touch. Thriller & Crime Cosy Mysteries Women Sleuths. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

It is all very trying for you, but I am sure you will wish to help us as much as you can. She said, Yes, and she sat down. Since he was at the writing-table, there was just the one chair in which she could sit. She put her hands in her lap and waited. She had made a short statement and Frank Abbott took her through it.

Author: Patricia Wentworth. When she found the body of her beloved Uncle Jonathan, Georgina stooped to pick up the revolver, thus becoming the prime suspect. But there was also the missing fingerprint – the showpiece of Uncle Jonathan’s collection, apparently acquired from a self-confessed murderer, who was still at large.

Wentworth Patricia - скачать бесплатно все книги автора . This is one of some 30 Miss Silver mysteries which Patricia Wentworth wrote during her lifetime. It concerns money motivated marriages and has a complex plot, full of suspense. The author has a large and devoted readership in both Britain and America. Читать книгу Скачать книгу Отзывы о книге (0). El Estanque En Silencio. But there was also the missing fingerprint – the showpiece of Uncle Jonathan's collection, apparently acquired from a self-confessed murderer, who was still at large. The Fire Within.

Patricia Wentworth (November 10, 1878 - January 28, 1961) was a British crime fiction writer. She wrote a series of 32 crime novels (classic-style whodunits) many featuring Miss Silver, the first of which was published in 1928, and the last of which was published in the year of her death. Miss Silver is sometimes compared to Jane Marple, the elderly detective created by Agatha Christie. Miss Silver is a retired governess who becomes a private detective. She works closely with Scotland Yard, especially Inspector Frank Abbott. She is fond of quoting the poet Tennyson. Wentworth also wrote 34 books outside of that series.
Although first published in 1959, The Fingerprint feels as if it was written in the forties. Tea rationing is mentioned more than once, so the plot must be set before 1952, when the rationing of tea was lifted in Britain. But aside from that, the story has a satisfying Golden Age ambiance, thanks to the country house setting; the ingenuity of the plot; the focus on wealth and inheritance; the moderate level of violence; and the outmoded wardrobe of the elderly investigator Miss Maud Silver.

The reader need not wait long for the murder. Jonathan Field is shot dead in his study while pouring over a volume of fingerprints. Collecting fingerprints has been his hobby for years, and some owner of the one of the prints may be sorry Field has them. The police suspect that Field's intrusive hobby my have been the death of him. Another possible motive arises from Field's sudden decision to change his will. Detective Inspector Frank Abbott must consider every possibility, especially since Miss Silver's services have been retained by one of the suspects. Miss Silver never stands for hasty conclusions -- and always has a quote from Tennyson to back her up.

Any fan of the Miss Silver mysteries should relish The Fingerprint. Patricia Wentworth keeps us guessing long enough to make the puzzle engaging (although the solution gets pretty clear in the last quarter of the book). And Wentworth more than satisfies our expectation of romantic entanglements with two sets of lovers and a broken heart or two besides. Furthermore, a delightful character from a previous book reappears: the young bedridden Maggie Bell, who alleviates her pain and boredom by listening in on the party line. You can imagine how useful Miss Silver finds this...

The Fingerprint is a bit harder to get than most of the Miss Silver mysteries. All the more reason to get it!

The 30th book in a 32-book series of cozy mid-century mysteries is better than its two predecessors, though far from perfect. The basic format of each book is this: take one large country house, plenty of inhabitants, an overdose of gossip, a couple of pairs of lovers who aren't yet at the home stretch. Fold in spite, anger, jealousy, perhaps an anonymous letter, and revised wills. Add a dash of red herrings. Bake until murder is achieved, then bring in Miss Maud Silver, retired governess and current private enquiry agent to cut into the pie and reveal the truth. A lot of the plot devices, apart from the basics, have been used before. The open study door, the anonymous letter, the murder made to look like a suicide, a controversial will, have all been done before. Some of the characters are not well-rounded; the bad guy is so very bad and so very obvious that the author only brings him on the scene in the middle of the book, as if she was aware that anyone seeing him would know the outcome immediately. The good girl is entirely too good, her beau too high-minded. But it's a more entertaining read than one might expect from this description. I think the best part is the way Mirrie, a stupid young woman, manages to lie and scheme and yet attract a man, and the way that man, who is not the best character himself, is oddly suited to her. While other characters are more stock figures, Mirrie and Johnny are refreshingly interesting, precisely because they are neither good nor smart. Miss Silver is unchanged, of course. The series began in 1928 and there are only two more stories to go before it ends in 1961, but her shabby attire, Victorian morals, and endless knitting are all exactly the same. Not only is the setting a standard one for this series, not only are many plot devices reworked, but the author brings us back to the village where a previous book was set and hauls in several of the characters from that book. It's amazing that I could enjoy reading a book with so much redundancy, but I did.

I simply enjoy all of the Miss Silver books. I will have read them all before long!!

I got started on her books and just milled through all 26 of them. I was very sorry when they were done.

Great story, as always. Love having used books, makes me feel connected to the previous readers.

Great author

This was a fun one.


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