e-Book Shella (Canongate Crime Classics) download

e-Book Shella (Canongate Crime Classics) download

by Andrew H. Vachss

ISBN: 1841950149
ISBN13: 978-1841950143
Language: English
Publisher: Canongate Books Ltd (July 1, 2000)
Pages: 240
Category: Mystery
Subategory: Thriller

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Rating: 4.7
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Canongate Crime Classics Series. 3 primary works, 3 total works. by Charles Willeford.

Andrew Vachss, an attorney in private practice specializing in juvenile justice and child abuse, is the country’s best recognized and most widely sought after spokesperson on crimes against children. He is also a bestselling novelist and short story writer, whose works include Flood (1985), the novel which first introduced Vachss’ series character Burke, Strega (1987), Choice of Evil (1999), and Dead and Gone (2000).

Andrew Vachss was born in 1942.

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Andrew Henry Vachss (born October 19, 1942) is an American crime fiction author, child protection consultant, and attorney exclusively representing children and youths. Vachss' last name rhymes with "tax". He grew up in Manhattan on the Lower West Side. Before becoming a lawyer, Vachss held many front-line positions in child protection. He was a federal investigator in sexually transmitted diseases, and a New York City social-services caseworker.

From the acclaimed author of the Burke private-eye series (published in Canongate Crime) comes an ambitious and chilling novel that shows what evil is, and where it comes from. Shella is nothing less than a tour of evil's spawning ground, conducted by one of its natural predators. Called 'Ghost' because he is so non-descript as to be invisible, he once travelled with a woman named Shella. Now Shella has vanished into a wilderness of strip clubs and peep shows, and Ghost is looking for her; for there exists between them a recognition that can only exist between two people who have been damaged past the point of no return. The result is Andrew Vachss' most compelling work to date, the thriller re-imagined as a bleak romance of the damned.
As the title denotes, I am focusing this review on the actual narrative performance by Shella's reader, Phil Gigante, as opposed to reviewing the novel itself. The book is my all-time favorite, hands-down. I have read it, front-to-back, between thirty and forty times in the last sixteen years since discovering it in the ninth grade. I consider myself something of an authority on this book. Written from the first-person perspective of a horrifically and developmentally damaged sociopath, Shella's narration is a bit tricky. 95% of the story is reported by a detached ghost lacking the capacity to experience or express most of the spectrum of human emotion. He does two things only: kills and waits. The novel is his search for Shella, his missing woman, the one person in the world he has ever experienced any level of emotion with and hence his key to a sense of existence.

Due to the placid and volatile nature of the main character's psychology, a professional reader may have a hard time developing an accurate tone and manner. Reading as John, the narrator, I both theorize and contend from experience, is akin to portraying the voice of a stalking crocodile, a calm predator floating invisibly in the water. Again, the only two things that John did before Shella came along was kill and wait.

Gigante holds it down. After finding his rhythm a quarter of the way into the book -- after he seems to realize that less inflection is more with John's voice -- the story finally becomes believable from out his mouth. His characterizations are great; Misty was a little more spastic and flailing than I ever imagined her in the book myself, but she IS an abused sex worker and Gigante's voice certainly reflects an imagined facet of that. The personality he gives Monroe is superb, and the sophisticated drawl he brings to the Leader of the Nazi enclave is rich with self-righteous charm. Smaller characters like Mack, Murray, and the crazy man with the machines all get their individual dues, but his best performance is in the perfect likeness of the Indian, Wolf of Long Eyes. His personification of Wolf is amazing, the spirit of the old, wise Native American Assassin channeled with grace, authority, and a touch of humor. John's interactions with Wolf -- his development of, perhaps, his first real friendship -- were always my favorite parts of the book, and Gigante brings them to life.

I was one of the hardest judges this audio performance could face, and I give it four-out-of-five stars. I gave it five stars above because I did not want to affect the ratings of the book itself, which should get six. Because I know this story so well, it is hard not to feel as though Mr. Gigante might have missed something subtle between the lines of Vachss' writing, but having experienced the book in an entirely new light and catching little pieces of information for the first time in Gigante's fluid delivery, it's also hard not to feel like I might have been missing something too. I was looking for a suitable interpretation of my favorite book -- something I can listen to several dozen times over the next sixteen years. Since it just received its second full broadcast in less than a month, I guess I found it.

Andrew Vachss is not for everyone. He might depress some or scare others. He tells a dark story from the point of view of a person who is highly flawed. If you like the Burke novels, this one is worth reading. This could have been a friend of co-inmate of Burke's. The Ghost has a lot in common with Wesley, in that it is what is missing from him that is more frightening that what is in him that makes him a remorseless killer.

Just what I was looking for! Fair price and shipped quickly.

Vachss is as you have read him. Tough, tight, gritty. I enjoy his books and am working my way through all his novels. But Vachss is not for the squeamish or those who can't deal with the ungodly things people do to children. There is no sugar-coating here. Once you've seen that side of life you know how accurate he is.

Not up to the standards of his other books

Vachss is a fantastic and descriptive writer. His Burke novels are wonderful, engaging and thrilling. I hope they keep on coming forever!!

In a sharp departure from his Burke series novels, Vachss tackles a different arena laced with the same themes, arsenic and lace wrapped into a prose style so minimalist as to almost not exist--the message? Child abuse, child sexual abuse in specific, produces monsters that, ultimately, will either outcome as saviors or, worst-case scenario, future predators lurking in corners and crevices, wreaking havoc on a world unsuspecting and ignorant in perspective and/or willingness to go the extra distance to fight the monster. Andrew Vachss once again displays a major talent for telling the truth as it is, in reality, not some whitewashed prosaic nonsense blathered about on the 6:00 p.m. news by psychobabble masters and tv talk show brain-deficit fools. This is the real article. Coming at the reader with laser-like poignancy and pen, Mr. Vachss tells the tale of a child grown up in the state system who, like the system spawning him, is devoid of emotion and so, as the equation works its wonders, sets upon the world with the same vicious tenacity and mayhem as the system wrought on him. His only center of emotion is faceted with a remembrance of a woman who made him into a slice of humanity, and this book is a rendering of the circuitous path "Ghost" (the protagonist) must take in order to find that woman, "Shella." Told with an all-embracing pinpointed phraseology, and admixture of poetic grace and sadness, this book is one of Vachss' best. The fact that Burke is not included in this book doesn't in any way minimize its impact; in fact, it actually maximizes the punch to the heartstrings. In a way, Vachss has managed through his amazing ability to characterize the human condition in its grittiest and naked to the bone truth, to allow the reader into a world that we only "imagine" exists and parlay it into the "factual" that it in truth really is. If the reader is interested in what creates monsters on Planet Earth, they would do well to check out Mr. Vachss' other novels featuring the now-famous protagonist, savior of lost souls, and avenger of predatory beasts, Burke, including Blue Belle, Strega, Safe House, and the numerous others in this amazing serial telling of what promulgates and perpetrates the true perpetrators of the worst evil, child abuse.

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