e-Book Death in the Andamans download

e-Book Death in the Andamans download

by M. M. Kaye

ISBN: 0312186223
ISBN13: 978-0312186227
Language: English
Publisher: St Martins Pr; 1st U.S. ed edition (May 1, 1986)
Pages: 301
Category: Mystery
Subategory: Thriller

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The author and publisher have provided this e-book to you for your personal use only.

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Death in the Andamans book. Death in the Andamans (1960) by M. M. Kaye finds Caroline "Copper" Randal on one of the enchanting Andaman Islands in the Indian Ocean in time for the Christmas holidays. She recently has come into a legacy which allows her to take advantage of the standing invitation from her friend Valerie Masson.

Death in the Andamans is a masterpiece of mystery and romance from one of our most beloved authors. Prospective readers should be made aware that Kaye actually penned this tale just at the outset of World War II and many years prior to its ultimate publication. When a violent storm lashes the tiny Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal. She had actually been spending time in the Andamans, a former British penal colony located in the Bay of Bengal, where she and a girlfriend reassessed, dramatized, and noted their mutual daily experiences, roughly giving rise to the actual story here.

At sundown the bats swooped through the tall, dim rooms, and once the lights were lit a host of little semi-transparent lizards would appear out of holes and crannies in the high ceilings, to pursue. with shrill chirruping cries the moths and night-flying insects that were attracted in by the lamps. The ground floor was entirely taken up by offices and a guard room, and a wide, shallow-stepped staircase led from the entrance hall to the living rooms above

Written by celebrated author M. Kaye, Death in Kashmir is a wonderfully evocative mystery. When young Sarah Parrish takes a skiing vacation to Gulmarg, a resort nestled in the mountains above the fabled Vale of Kashmir, she anticipates an entertainin.

Written by celebrated author M. The year is 1859 and Hero Hollis, beautiful and headstrong niece of the American consul, arrives in Zanzibar. It is an earthly paradise; it is also the last outpost of the Slave Trade.

In Death in the Andamans . When a violent storm lashes the tiny Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal, Copper Randal barely manages a safe return to Government House. Kaye has created the perfect blend of exotic setting and expertly crafted whodunit that mark her as one of our greatest literary talents. Cut off from the mainland and confined to the shadowy, haunted guest quarters, Copper and the other visitors conclude that one of their number is a murderer. by. Kaye, M. (Mary Margaret), 1908-2004.

Death in the Andamans - M. Kaye

Death in the Andamans - M. Kaye. 1. Something bumped lightly against the side of her bed and Copper Randal, awakening with a start, was astonished to find that her heart was racing. The idea was well received.

The enchanting islands in the Indian Ocean beckon irresistibly, though Copper Randal soon discovers that paradise has a darker side, and a sense of foreboding hangs in the hot stillness among the mango trees and coconut palms. But neither she nor her friend Valerie, stepdaughter of the Islands' Chief Commissioner, anticipate the sinister climax to their hurricane-struck picnic.

The story of Copper Randal and Valerie Masson, who, while visiting the Andaman Islands in the Indian Ocean, become entangled in a case of drowning and murder
M.M. Kaye (1908-2004) was born in India and, as a writer, fostered a terrific feel for the various unique cultures she encountered during her long and transient life -- this actuality provided a firm foundation for the many compelling and remarkable books that she eventually authored.

THE STORY: Escaping from a bleak English winter and a life of mundane routine, Copper Randal travels to holiday with a girlfriend whose father is a British government official on one of the Andaman Islands and where days are hot and balmy during the Christmas season. The girlfriend is engaged to a lighthearted and charming young man and it's not long before Copper draws the interest of an equally buoyant and handsome sailor-boyfriend.

Both girls reside in "Government House" a hulking, gloomy edifice which some islanders view as being haunted. Colorful British Colonials and visiting sailors abound on the island, many of whom are frequently brought together at Government House and elsewhere throughout the primitive but picturesque countryside for various social events. Two of these individuals, the Shilto cousins, vehemently despise one another resultant of a soured real estate deal - it's not long before one of the two men is subsequently killed following a picnic on a nearby mountain, and as they are caught rowing three small boats across a bay for home when a violent tropical storm breaks upon the unfortunate assemblage.

At first this death is viewed as a consequence of the storm but when a shrewd visiting physician begins to question the manner of death, a murderer bends under the pressure and additional killings ensue!

This tale provides every gratifying stereotypical nuance for which bug-eyed cozy murder addicts universally drool... a perfectly cozy island location, a dreary mansion, a typhoon which hangs on for days, lots of furtive and swarthy characters, a Siamese cat with a shrewd sense of timing, and on and on. This first-rate entry is of course but one of the author's six compelling "Death in..." mysteries. The publishing chronology of these renowned titles is as follows:

Death in Kashmir: A Mystery (1953, revised 1984, aka, "Death Walked in Kashmir")

Death in Berlin (1955, revised 1985, aka, "Death Walked in Berlin")

Death in Cyprus: A Novel (1956, revised 1984, aka, "Death Walked in Cypress")

Death in Kenya (1958, revised 1983, aka, "[It's] Later than You Think")

Death in Zanzibar (1959, revised 1983, aka, "The House of Shade")

Death in the Andamans (1960, revised 1985, aka, "Night on the Island")

Prospective readers should be made aware that Kaye actually penned this tale just at the outset of World War II and many years prior to its ultimate publication. She had actually been spending time in the Andamans, a former British penal colony located in the Bay of Bengal, where she and a girlfriend reassessed, dramatized, and noted their mutual daily experiences, roughly giving rise to the actual story here. When Kaye was subsequently living in Iran (she preferred to call it Persia, as I do myself) she completed the work by filling in the necessary details.

I think that much of the "golden-age" mystery charm found herein derives as a direct result of the author's worldwide travels and personal encounters. This fictional account harbors a bulwark of the early 20th Century Agatha Christie/Dorothy L. Sayers/Ngaio Marsh flavor of whodunit ambiance. Kaye was quite lyrical in scribing her prose as she was masterfully adept at the subtle art of "decoying" her readers. Even as a vastly experienced mystery enthusiast, I certainly did not deduce the solution to this one at any point in the book although the clues are adequately laid out along the way.

I've read most of the other "Death in..." Kaye mysteries and this one has been my most gratifying experience with that series to date. I joyfully place this book right at the top of all my extensive mystery genre reading, right alongside The Mysterious Affair At Styles,The Yellow Room and A Man Lay Dead (Jonathan Mystery, J3).

Most highly recommended!

I must confess to liking MM Kaye's 'Death in ... ' series. They are immensely enjoyable if you can stomach the rabidly colonial, stiff upper-lipped characters (and that's just the heroines) -but they are well written whodunits. But this was difficult to enjoy - the heroine and her side-kick/romantic interest were SO unbearably smug, and it ended (SPOILER) with an (unintentionally) buttock-clenchingly embarrassing marriage proposal - Darling.

Never have I encountered such a sultry, oppressive and terrifying atmosphere as in this book.

It's the nineteen-thirties, approaching the final days of the Raj. A clever young woman named Copper Randal is visiting Valerie Masson, a friend from schooldays. Val's stepfather is Chief Commissioner of the Andamans, a penal settlement peopled by murderers serving life sentences. Administrative headquarters is in Government House, on the tiny islet of Ross in the Bay of Bengal.

By day Government House is a cheerful edifice in a luscious tropical paradise. By night it's full of creaks and echoes. Lizards, bats and winged insects rustle, flap and chirrup incessantly. Shrouded in mosquito netting, Copper has prophetic nightmares.

It's Christmas week, and there are dinners and a picnic. On the way back from the picnic a horrendous tropical storm arises, capsizing sailboats and drowning one of the revelers.

The storm knocks out telephones, pulverizes jetties and leaves an aftermath of turbulent seas that imprison the inhabitants of the island and their guests. As it becomes clear that the dead man was murdered and not drowned, and the murderer is still on the island, and still murderous, nerves fray and sometimes snap. The cloying heat doesn't help. Val and her finance Charles, along with Copper and her admirer Nick, relieve their tension by playing detective. A dangerous game.

Against all odds, romance thrives amidst the tiny panic-stricken populace. And the dialog often reaches incredible levels of sparkle and wit. So the reader is vastly amused as well as trembling in suspense.

This delightful mystery grew out of the author's visit to the Andamans in the thirties, explaining the authenticity of the setting. It's the first book I've read by M.M. Kaye, and I feel I've discovered a treasure. I recommend Death in the Andamans with enthusiasm.

I read this book a few years ago. I visited and lived in the Andaman Islands briefly as a teenager during the late 80's when my father was worked there briefly. This book took me back to Ross Island which I visited and walked through the ruins. As a teenager of course I did not see what a fantastic opportunity I had, all I did was mope to be back in the City and away from those remote islands, (late 80's no cable TV, no internet, no cell phones, only way to communicate with friends was through letters, bad roads, nothing to do except enjoy the vast wilderness which I would give my right arm to do now) I have not been back there in over 25years and probably never will but it was such a personal experience for me to read this book. I could see the ocean, I could smell the coconuts, I could see those miles of empty beaches and remote islands. Of course you cannot help but wonder about the patronizing ways the British treated the locals but that was the 1930's. Snuggled up in the US, those areas across the world seem so remote and so mysterious. Gave me a snippet on time back when.

This is a real period piece that didn't hold up for me as well as I'd hoped. Story kind of dragged, lots of stereotypes, and one scene (meant to be romantic?) that I found borderline abusive. I recall reading other of M.M. Kaye's "Death in...." series years ago and really liking them. After reading this and Death in Berlin this summer, I think my tastes have changed.

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