e-Book Wicked, Loving Murder download

e-Book Wicked, Loving Murder download

by Orania Papazoglou

ISBN: 0140085483
ISBN13: 978-0140085488
Language: English
Publisher: Penguin Books (July 1, 1986)
Pages: 182
Category: Mystery
Subategory: Thriller

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Wicked, Loving Murder book.

Wicked, Loving Murder book. Alida Brookfield, the magazine's owner-publisher, considered.

Wicked, Loving Murder A Patience McKenna Mystery Orania Papazoglou writing as Jane Haddam A MysteriousPress. com Open Road Integrated Media Ebook For Bill Contents ONE. Wicked, Loving Murder. A Patience McKenna Mystery. Orania Papazoglou writing as Jane Haddam. Open Road Integrated Media.

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Wicked Loving Murder. ISBN 10: 0385199538, ISBN 13: 9780385199537. Jane Haddam, whose pen name is Orania Papazoglou, has written over 20 mysteries and is a regular contributor to magazines such as Ladies Home Journal, Family Circle, and Parents. She lives in Watertown, Connecticut.

This mystery introduced Patience McKenna, a sleuthing scribe who would go on to appear in four more books, including Wicked, Loving Murder (1985) and Rich, Radiant Slaughter (1988). Not a Creature Was Stirring (1990) introduced Haddam’s best-known character, former FBI agent Gregor Demarkian.

At the same time, the young gay men on the city’s fringes are being murdered execution-style

Away from the convent, a former nun stumbles onto the path of a killer. Susan Murphy is still getting accustomed to blue jeans. At the same time, the young gay men on the city’s fringes are being murdered execution-style. Susan hears these stories first-hand from her police detective brother, and she soon befriends a cop who believes there’s a connection between the two series of crimes. Reclaiming her special niche in the crime fiction genre, Papazoglou ( Sanctity ) takes well-born 35-year-old Susan Murphy out of the convent after 17 years and depicts her life in her native New Haven, Conn.

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Wicked, Loving Murder (A Patience McKenna Mystery). by Orania Papazoglou, Jane Haddam. ISBN 9781558820340 (978-1-55882-034-0) Softcover, Intl Polygonics Ltd, 2001.

Patience Campbell McKenna, a former romance novelist, agrees to edit a special issue of a writing magazine, only to discover a dead body in her temporary office
Full disclosure: Jane Haddam has never written a book I didn't like and admire. This is her lighter side -- some books in her other series, the Gregor Demarkian mysteries, are pretty dark and generally more complex.

For anyone who's ever published a book, tried to get one published, or had a spouse who has, her pillories of the publishing industry are rib-holding funny. For anyone who's ever wondered why books cost what they do and why on earth some of them ever see print, there's a lot of fun too. My writer friends and relatives consider Haddam's take on agents and editors entirely too accurate, for whatever that's worth.

As always, cleanly drawn, complex and entertaining characters, and writing that puts me effortlessly into the scene. You can get a glimpse of the Kindle edition with "Look Inside" and decide for yourself. The book continues with the vigor and quality of writing that starts it out, as one would expect with Haddam.

Lahorns Gods
Hard-boiled detectives often take a look at their circumstances and declare they'd rather be anywhere else. Pay McKenna, too thin, too often smoking, and too clever for her own good, never wants to be where she must be and always wants someone else in her company. With Eeyore's downtrodden psyche, Patience--Pay to those who know her well--stumbles along to discover the evil-doer in her wide circle of acquaintances. Wicked, Loving Murder, a mystery by genre, takes a jaded look at the romance novel industry, trade journals, and high-tempered characters, proving once again that corruptible folks live and walk among us.

I have read the first two Patience McKenna novels at least two times each. As a sometime aspiring author of romance novels, they always give me a chuckle. Plus I find the secondary characters all well-drawn and endearing. I have just acquired #3 in the series (not available in Kindle format yet) and hope to read all of them in the near future.

I am a fan of Jane Haddam's Gregor Demarkian novels Skeleton Key: A Gregor Demarkian Novel (Gregor Demarkian Novels) and so was glad to find this other series. They are a little dated in feel but still enjoyable. It does make you wonder about her relationship with her editor :-).

enjoyable read.

This is the second of Papazoglou's "Pay McKenna" mysteries. The others are, in order, SWEET, SAVAGE DEATH (First), DEATH'S SAVAGE PASSION, RICH, RADIANT SLAUGHTER and ONCE AND ALWAYS MURDER. They can be read in any order, but there's a slight edge to reading them in order if you can.

The central character is a Manhattan-based writer from Old Money New England, so the story takes place in New York, and most of the characters are romance writers or allied trades, with action centering on the editorial offices of WRITING magazine. It's a good workable mystery, and the "Pay McKenna" titles are always funny, but what makes it is the description of our heroine--foisted on the magazine as editor for a romance special issue--and her exploration of the magazine. Reread at regular intervals for about 20 years now. Just buy it.

Where to go from here: There are two other non-series Papazoglou titles, CHARISMA and SANCTITY, which I would rate a nearer suspense than mystery. More recently, under the pen name "Jane Haddam" the same author has done the "Gregor Demarkian" mysteries.

The five titles are, in order: Sweet, Savage Death; Wicked, Loving Murder; Death's Savage Passion; Rich, Radiant Slaughter; and Once And Always Murder. I have a few of the author's books written as Jane Haddam. These are lighter and funnier in tone. Except for the fifth book, they all skewer the publishing business, particularly Romance. (Now you know where the strange titles come from.)
The exerpt stops before the acid really starts. You should enjoy what Pay McKenna tells us she did with a past issue of "Writing". The descriptions (and dialog) are what make this book so much fun to read. You have unpleasant characters, losers, eccentrics, and insights into Romance Writers, not to mention the Hazards of Becoming/Being a Writer.
So who killed Michael Brookfield? Was it his Abusive Aunt Alida? One of his brothers? His aunt's right-hand woman, the terribly perfect Felicity Aldershot? Marty the Comptroller? Mrs. Haskell the Irate Client? Ivy the even more seriously screwed client? There is something definitely rotten at Writing Enterprises, and its not just their advice (or even Michael's corpse). If it weren't for her best friend, Phoebe, McKenna would love to walk out on it all.
Don't let the boring cover fool you. Even the original Crime Club dustjacket with the partial view of a person whose neck is wrapped around three times by a black ribbon with red hearts on it was more interesting -- and more fitting for such a funny book.

Good mystery with a cast of characters that are quirky and fun. A very good read.

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