e-Book Dead Line download

e-Book Dead Line download

by Brian McGrory

ISBN: 1416570381
ISBN13: 978-1416570387
Language: English
Publisher: Atria Books (July 9, 2007)
Pages: 384
Category: Thrillers and Suspense
Subategory: Thriller

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Born and raised in and around Boston, he went to college at Bates College in Maine.

Born and raised in and around Boston, he went to college at Bates College in Maine.

Soon after receiving a tip that the mayor's son, a longtime fugitive and career criminal, is a prime suspect in the theft of priceless treasures from the Gardner Museum, reporter Jack Flynn discovers that the woman who gave him the tip has been murdered.

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From Publishers Weekly. Newspaper reporter Jack Flynn, last seen in McGrory's Dead Line (2004), investigates a series of contemporary murders that parallel the terrifying Boston Strangler slayings of the 1960s in the author's less than convincing fourth thriller. Somewhat improbably, Flynn must begin by probing the older case and the debate over whether the confessed strangler, Albert DeSalvo, was actually guilty. In the novel's reality, the senior Bay State senator isn't Ted Kennedy but a prosecutor who made his reputation on the DeSalvo case and who's.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Deadly and deep-seated political conspiracies are nothing new to Jack Flynn, the popular lead reporter of the Boston Record.

New York : Atria Books. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; china.

Brian McGrory is an American journalist, author and publishing executive. McGrory was born in Boston, Massachusetts

Brian McGrory is an American journalist, author and publishing executive. McGrory was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He graduated from Bates College in Lewiston, Maine with a Bachelor of Arts in 1984. He has served as a White House reporter. His magazine won the Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Reporting in 2014. Scripps-Howard Award (2011).

Mcgrory Brian - скачать бесплатно все книги автора. Книги 1-4 из 4. Dead Line.

Lauded by critics and Washington insiders alike for his debut novel The Incumbent, and its national bestselling sequel, The Nominee, Brian McGrory returns with the third sensational thriller featuring intrepid newspaperman Jack Flynn.For his entire career, Jack Flynn has been like a heat-seeking missile in pursuit of news, with the exclusive goal of splashing his revelations on the pages of his beloved Boston Record. But now he comes across a story that might be the hardest -- and maybe the last -- of his life.Jack is the recipient of an explosive tip involving Toby Harkins, the fugitive leader of an Irish mafia and estranged son of none other than Boston Mayor Daniel Harkins. Toby also happens to be the prime suspect in the heist of a dozen priceless treasures from the Gardner Museum -- the largest unsolved art theft in American history. But no sooner does the morning paper hit the newsstands with Jack's shocking story than a beautiful young woman, the mysterious whistleblower, is shot in the head. As Jack digs into a conspiracy that winds from the back rooms of City Hall to the genteel parlors of proper Boston, he must come to terms with the fact that he has caused an innocent's death, and that the FBI may be using him in a deadly game of cat and mouse in which the players involved aren't nearly who or what they seem. As a result, Jack begins to question the integrity of the job to which he has devoted his adult life.Engaging, suspenseful, and crackling with newsroom energy, Dead Line once again offers the kind of explosive action that's all in a day's work for Jack Flynn, a hero whose dogged search for truth may not last him until press time.
A good read but a weak predictable ending

Good consistent writing.

He's only written 4 books, but all are very good. Anyone familiar with the Boston area would find his novels particularly interesting.

Dead Line is the third entry in Brian McGrory's Jack Flynn series. It's every bit as good as the two earlier novels, The Incumbent and The Nominee, and that's saying a lot.

This time out the extremely likeable Mr. Flynn finds himself embroiled in a very interesting case that pushes his skills as a newspaper reporter to their limit. Early in the narrative, a young attorney named Hilary Kane is murdered, presumably because she has uncovered new information about a brazen, 13 year old multimillion dollar art heist that has remained unsolved. The case assumes political undertones once Toby Harkins, the son of Boston's mayor, Dan Harkins is implicated in the theft.

There's plenty of action as Jack's frantic search to find Hilary Kane's murderer takes him to Rome and Paris and subsequently back to Boston. His devotion to the case makes him a target and on more than one occasion, he finds himself in mortal danger. No matter how harrowing the situation, Jack never abandons his very appealing, largely self-deprecating sense of humor.

Dead Line also contains a number of interesting subplots which serve to add substance to Jack's persona by exploring his relationships with other characters. Three such characters are his girlfriend Elizabeth, his pet dog Baker and his coworker Vinny. Their presence helps the reader appreciate Jack Flynn in all his three dimensional complexity.

Another solid 4 star effort featuring the thoroughly entertaining Jack Flynn. Dead Line is an engaging thriller written with plenty of good natured wit. Read it.

In this character driven political murder mystery, hero Newpaper reporter Jack Flyn comes of as an introspective and often funny guy. This is a well written story with a few problems. One is that I sorta knew in the right beginning who the bad guy was. If I tell you why, it will be a total spoiler for anyone who cares to read this book.

Jack connects the Mayor's son is involved in the heist of several priceless paintings from the Gardner Museum with the murder of a young woman winds up dead in a parking garage. His fear is that beautiful Hillary Kane's untimely death was caused by the story he wrote about the heist.

With the help of obsessive compulsive editor Martin and slobish, overeating reporter and collegue Mongillo (who turns out to be an art lover - surprise, surprise) Jack begins investigating while in the throes of being dumped by his reporter girlfriend as he tries to outrun the ghosts of his dead wife and new born daughter.

I'd say the novel was heavy handed with the guilt and introspection. Jack has a pension for examining his emotional navel. It slowed the story down. Also some of the law enforcement officials and routines were not very believable. But it was well written and a good read.

My favorite investigative reporter is back, this time solving the murder of a young Boston lawyer whose reckless one-night stand with the Mayor of Boston gets her killed. The senseless murder is linked to an old, unsolved art heist, which in turn is linked to the Mayor's fugitive crime-lord son. As Jack is drawn into the unfolding mystery, he helplessly watches as his personal life comes crashing down around him.

Jack Flynn is as likable a character as any I have read. The intrepid reporter is dedicted to furthering the public good by exposing ugly truths to daylight. He seems to live in a world populated by a higher-than-normal percentage of beautiful, successful, intelligent women who are attracted to him. Yet the history of tragedy in his own life, coupled with a terrifically self-deprecating sense of humor make him a very sympathetic character.

Through Flynn, McGrory takes us on a fast-paced quest for truth and justice with deft plot twists and a smooth, conversational narrative that makes all of his books a real pleasure to read. The only problem is that, just as with the other two Jack Flynn novels, you'll read it too fast and the fun will be over too soon.

This is, without a doubt, McGrory's best book yet. I can't tell you how much I laughed and could not put it down. I love Jack Flynn, who has quickly become one of my favorite literary heroes. I don't generally read book after book with one character, but Flynn is indeed the exception. He is charming, honest (to a fault?), and funny. McGrory even makes me feel deeply for Baker the dog and I've never owned a dog. Yet, the parts of the book that deal with Baker made me understand the love that dog owners have in a way that all the people I know in real life who have dogs never got me to see. Even more, the plot is more restrained. The first book, a good read, was too outlandish. This book was more believable. We spend a lot of time in Jack's pysche as he finally wrestles with his pain. The pain was honest and sad. My only complaint is that Jack spends too much time beating himself up over Hilary Kane (too much). However, the secondary characters are great. Mongillo, Martin, etc. I like the way he handled the relationship with Riggs as well. McGrory is growing and I can't wait for the next book...will be before the Sox win a World Series? Probably...

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