e-Book Taken (Blockbusters) download

e-Book Taken (Blockbusters) download

by Chris Jordan

ISBN: 0778322939
ISBN13: 978-0778322931
Language: English
Publisher: MIRA; Original edition (June 27, 2006)
Pages: 320
Category: Thrillers and Suspense
Subategory: Thriller

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Rating: 4.7
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. No parent believes it can happen to them-their child taken from a suburban schoolyard in the gentle hours of dusk.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. But as widowed mother Kate Bickford discovers.

HarperCollins UK, 1 сент. Taken a great book to see that the world is not the safe place to live in. why? Cause when u lose your kid it like losing your soul. How far would you go to save the life of your child? No parent believes it can happen to them – their child taken from a crowded playing field. Then in a terrible instant, he’s gone. why? Cause when u lose your kid it like losing your soul

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Christopher James Jordan (born 4 October 1988) is a Barbadian-born English cricketer. He plays for Sussex County Cricket Club in domestic cricket and has played for the England Cricket Team, mostly in the shorter formats of the game. Jordan and both of his parents were born in Barbados; his maternal grandparents are British citizens.

Taken (Randall Shane, Published June 27th 2006 by Mira Books. Hardcover, 317 pages. Taken (Blockbusters - Book 1). Published September 1st 2011 by MIRA. Author(s): Chris Jordan. ISBN: 0778322939 (ISBN13: 9780778322931). ISBN13: 9781408956595.

Читать бесплатно Taken Chris Jordan. Текст этой книги доступен онлайн: ough he thinks it’s really stupid how the guys keep doing stupid things to impress the girls. Making cars leap over cliffs and stuff, this one guy actually paragliding from his flaming car just before. To all appearances a modest boat-repair facility, complete with a crappy, keel-rotten old Chris Craft that came with the lease. Their excuse for renting the shed, to restore the ratty boat to its classic condition. Six-month restoration, supposedly.

In a small New York town, a deranged young man holds over one hundred school children hostage.

For the parents whose children have been taken, for the broken lives we piece back together one relentless investigation at a time, our town house is a sanctuary. My name is Alice Crane. I'm just one of a talented team working for Naomi Nantz, the brilliant and very private detective. Today that sanctuary was violated. In a small New York town, a deranged young man holds over one hundred school children hostage. and he blames the school for what he's about to do. After a tense, thirty-six-hour police standoff, the gymnasium suddenly explodes into flames.

Taken (Blockbusters). ISBN 9780778324683 (978-0-7783-2468-3) Softcover, MIRA, 2007. Find signed collectible books: 'Taken (Blockbusters)'. ISBN 9780778301271 (978-0-7783-0127-1) Softcover, MIRA Books, 2006. Find signed collectible books: 'Taken (MIRA)'.

Whatever, I’m in no rush to deal with that particular problem. Time will take care of it or it won’t. Truth is, I’m not sure where all this is going. Or if it has a happy ending

No parent believes it can happen to them— their child taken from a suburban schoolyard in the gentle hours of dusk. But as widowed mother Kate Bickford discovers, everything can change in the blink of an eye. One minute her lanky, amazing, maddening Tommy is begging for ice cream. Then in a terrible instant, he's gone.Opening the door to her Connecticut home, hoping to find her son, Kate comes face-to-face with her son's abductor. He wants money. All she has. And if she doesn't follow something he calls The Method, the consequences will be gruesome. Her comfortable life collapses as precious seconds tick by, and Kate is horrified to uncover the terrible, world-shattering secret she and her son share with a killer who will stop at nothing.…
First of all, this book arrived in such great condition. I have checked out this book from the library 3 times but always left off at the same chapter by the time I had to return it. (I usually check out 3-4 books and reread them from the beginning) But this book is so great! A must read! Note * it has nothing to do with the movie Taken

Great story - well written. one of the discs had scratches but I guess for the price I can't complain too greatly. I don't think I miss anything vitally important.

Once u start u cant stop. The book will keep u at the edge of your seat and you actually can feel yourself being a character.

In Fairfax, Connecticut, widow Kate Bickford watches her eleven years old son Tomas stroke the winning hit in a Little League game. Afterward he goes to purchase a sundae while his mom goes to their minivan to wait for him. Her child never shows up. When a few minutes pass and no one knows where he went, a stunned Kate heads home assuming a communication mix-up, but Tommy is not who greets her.

Inside her home waiting for her is Tommy's kidnapper, former Special Ops officer Steve Cutter, who coldly explains how to get her son back before he departs. Complicating matters for the frantic mother is Cutter has left her a mess in her basement freezer; the murdered corpse of Sheriff Fred Corso, the coach of Tommy's baseball team. The police believe Kate killed Fred in a probable lovers' quarrel and do little to search for Tommy as they do not believe her that her son is in trouble. Kate knows she needs professional help on her two-front war. She retains attorney Maria Savalo to deal with the cops and child abduction recovery expert Randall Shane to deal with Cutter; she needs both to rescue Tommy.

Chris Jordon pens a tense character driven chilling tale that grips the audience from the moment that Kate meets Cutter who has already TAKEN her son, invaded her home, and murdered the sheriff. Readers initially believe that the kidnapper is only after some easy money and willing to kill to obtain it, but soon realize that his motive is much stronger and deeper than cash. Though the behavior of law enforcement seems odd with the alerts on child abductions, fans will consider this one of the short list novels for thriller of the year.

Harriet Klausner

If you like your thrillers fast-paced and leanly written, this novel is a good choice.

The action pretty much starts right within the first few pages: Kate Bickford's 11-year old son has been kidnapped, and she is desperate to find him. Her quest to find her son involves a lot of twists and turns, and the author does a good job of keeping the action moving. I read this book in one sitting.

The major downside of this book is the rather flat characterization. Kate Bickford, the central character, doesn't have much of a personality. I felt sympathy for her plight, but she ultimately seemed rather bland to me. I also found much of the dialogue in this book to be rather pedestrian.

I recommend this novel to people who enjoy a good suspense story that is fast-paced and easy to read. But if you're looking for sparking dialogue or fully-developed characters, I would recommend checking out the work of Robert Parker or Harlan Coben instead.

I'll be looking forward to reading the next book in the series, and you can tell that Mr. Jordan has worked hard trying to give his characters the personalities of people who might live next door to you, in Connecticut. His research into child abduction runs deep, deep enough to make you wonder, why is he so into this topic? No wonder he is writing under a pseudonym (or so it says on the jacket). His sleuth has some of the personality traits of TV favorites MONK and HOUSE, which is to say, canny network executives might well consider making a TV version of TAKEN, it could serve as a pilot for a series in which young people are ruthlessly taken away from their parents, and then the bizarre sleuth could be consulted and hired and then use his expertise to reunite parents and children. (In fact there's a character called "Dr. Munk," in a sly tip of the hat to two beloved eccentric TV heroes.)

In these days of war, when young men and women are taken from their families and flown overseas to fight in the desert war, we are all seeking comfort in one way or another. Even though Kate Bickford doesn't have a son old enough to fight in the US Armed Services, he is old enough to be a child soldier in Rwanda or one of those places. When he disappears, at first she thinks that the coach, Sheriff Fred, may just be giving him "extra tuition." What she never suspects is that little Tomas has been snatched from her and likely as not, she will never see him again, or perhaps in the cemetery.

What happens next is all about the spoilers, so I won't give it away. On the upside, Chris Jordan thinks as quickly on his feet as his namesake, Michael Jordan, and he is all over the court with this one. He can write individual scenes, such as this one, "Lyla's eyes shine with an unbearable, incandescent joy, or madness, or both." It leaves you guessing. "Clutching my hand, as if we are little girls about to visit the best dollhouse in the world, she leads me up the stairs and down the hall to her son's room." His narrator, Kate, is in touch with her own childhood in numerous ways, including reaching for metaphors. The downside is, although the story moves in surprising ways, you never really feel sorry for Kate, who does so many idiotic things that when they make the movie version, they should get Jessica Simpson to play her. Randall Shane however, survives his encounters with the Bickford family just fine. Maybe William Macy, or someone handsomer, like Dane Cook, might do just fine for a longrunning crime show. Too bad "TAKEN" was "taken" already (for a series title).

I first read TORN and quite enjoyed this which introduces us to the Randall Shane character. However, the story is basically Kate Bickford's and she is the driving force in the nightmarish hunt for her abducted son while she herself is the prime suspect in a couple of murders. We're given adequate looks at the perceptions of each of the characters, but this is more for those who enjoy pulp style fiction along the lines of J. T. Ellison than it is for those looking for thoughtful well worked mysteries. Bottom line, this is fun reading although one will be occasionally struck by the tragic impacts on the key characters.

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