e-Book Free Fall (Wheeler Large Print Book Series: The Sisterhood) download

e-Book Free Fall (Wheeler Large Print Book Series: The Sisterhood) download

by Fern Michaels

ISBN: 1597226653
ISBN13: 978-1597226653
Language: English
Publisher: Wheeler Pub Inc (January 22, 2008)
Pages: 363
Category: Thrillers and Suspense
Subategory: Thriller

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Rating: 4.2
Votes: 164
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Yoko Akia's mother, a teenager whom a rich American tricked into joining a twisted prostitution ring, died young after giving birth to a baby girl, and Yoko now seeks the help of her friends in punishing her father and avenging her mother's mistreatment and death.
Free Fall is part of Fern Michael's Sisterhood Series. I began with Book 1 and have been reading my way through the the entire series. I'm about to move on to Book 10. The series are absolutely addictive. There is humor; there is excitement; there is creative pay-back for wrongs perpetuated against innocent persons (and I emphasize the word "creative"). I haven't been this hooked on a series since reading Kristen Ashley's Rock Chicks. Of course Free Fall is nothing like Kristen Ashley's books in terms of storyline, but but the book kept me up reading all night. I love the characters in Free Fall. While it is possible to read the books out of order, I strongly suggest starting at the beginning of the series since many of the same characters appear in subsequent books. I also suggest you spring for audio narration, which is very reasonably priced. Laurel Merlington has just the right voice for the series. Well, I'm about to begin reading the next book in the series. Hope you try the Sisterhood series. You can experience some vicarious pay-back while recognizing that it is only within the pages of a book.

I got this through some kind of kindle promotion. I didn't get very far. Just a few highlights.

For a book about a sisterhood (I'm all for female friendship stories), these women spend a lot of time doing whatever the male hero tells them to and depend on him for pretty much everything. Seriously, the parts of the book I read had them all crying and serving food, while the man handles intelligence gathering and behind the scenes power-brokering. WTF?

The level of --let's be kind to Ms. Michaels and call it ignorance--about Japan was infuriating and offensive.

Amazon asked about the 'mood' of the book. I believe it's supposed to be both suspenseful and heartwrenching/heartwarming. For me though it was more along the lines of a Lifetime movie.

Everyone finally gets their justice. Yoko's case was, I don't know, just horrible. To have a father that was so perverted. It is so sad that this time of "business" exists. Slave rings, prostitution, buying and selling of women; and to think that as soon as one is brought down another takes its place. Off to find out what other great adventures the Sisterhood is involved with.

Part of the Sisterhood Vigilantes series and although these are always light reading, they're entertaining--payback lessons, big ones, on the bad guys (which sometimes are gals). Good quick fun interesting light reading. I rate them 4 for entertainment--I love this whole series and I read every one (or listen to them on audio if they're available). The writing is not as good as some of Fern's books, and maybe not as believable in what happens in the books--which are why it is rated a 4 vs a 5.

This is another one of this Series (whom I found late in the game)....purchased them all and love them all. I was very concerned that this was the last in the series, but have now discovered Hide and Seek coming in January.

I really hated to see this series come to an end. It is well-written, believable and Oh SO RIGHT in allowing some one to come out on top and get revenge for the horrible wrongs committed against them.

I felt this last one " Free Fall " was just that....a Free Fall!! It was written to be much more haphazard than I would have liked...but at the same time it came thru as very believable, because there is no way you could seek revenge against someone and NOT have things go wrong!!

Please Ms. Michaels....Write Many More of this Series....it is my favorite of yours.

Excellent! What an awesome ending to a great series!
Ms. Michaels has such an amazing & briiliant imagination! This story had me holding onto my seat for an amazing ride. Way to go!

Oh, yah the Sisterhood again! Should be family hood with the male additions to the group. Enjoyed the story. I do wish we heard more about the public humiliation of the actor. That would be more fulfilling punishment than elmers. And If the two reporters would get their eyes off of the gold makers and pay attention to the actual gold they both would already have their rewards they crave.

I love that they help right the wrongs and Fern Michaels sets the stage for each. I’m having trouble putting these books down to work or even sleep.

ISBN: 1597229237
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ISBN: 1410444236
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