e-Book Body Language download

e-Book Body Language download

by Laural Merlington,James W. Hall

ISBN: 1567406025
ISBN13: 978-1567406023
Language: English
Publisher: Brilliance Audio; Unabridged edition (September 7, 1998)
Category: Thrillers and Suspense
Subategory: Thriller

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Written by James W. Hall. Narrated by Laural Merlington

Written by James W. Narrated by Laural Merlington. Her marriage is tested by her obsession with her work and her ill father, but even more by her husband's secret agenda: Stan has been having an affair, and has staged what he believes will be the perfect crime.

Narrator Laural Merlington, By (author) James W. AbeBooks may have this title (opens in new window).

The first books he published were four books of poetry followed by a collection of short stories and a boo James Hall is a most interesting person. he was born in Kentucky, and graduated from Florida Presbyterian College with a . in literature, and a deep love of Florida. He went on to earn an . from Johns Hopkins University and a P. from the University of Utah.

James W. Hall has given Thorn, iconoclastic fisherman and hero of five of his previous novels, a breather and created a. . Hall has given Thorn, iconoclastic fisherman and hero of five of his previous novels, a breather and created a new character, Alexandra Raffe. Laural Merlington is an excellent reader, but she shouldn't have been assigned this book. The protagonist is female, but most of the other characters aren't, and neither is the author's distinct and hard-boiled voice. Hall was born in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. After graduating from Eckerd College in Florida and earning additional degrees from John Hopkins University and the University of Utah, He began to write poetry. Among his published books of poetry are The Lady from the Dark Green Hills, The Mating Reflex, and False Statements. Hall (born 1947) is an American author and professor from Florida. He has written eighteen novels, four books of poetry, a collection of short stories, and a collection of essays. A longtime professor of literature and creative writing at Florida International University, Hall is perhaps best known for a series of crime/mystery novels starring the character Thorn. A loner who ties flies to catch bonefish, Thorn partners with his private-eye friend Sugarman to thwart a range of villains.

Narrated by Laural Merlington. When Alexandra Rafferty was thirteen, she was raped by the boy next door. But it didn't stop there. He continued to threaten her

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When Alexandra Rafferty was thirteen, she was raped by the boy next door. But it didn’t stop there. He continued to threaten her; she pulled out her daddy’s handgun and, never meaning to, shot him dead. When her father, a cop, found her, he promised no one would ever find out. The secret is a lot to live with, and it has influenced Alexandra’s life. Now on the Miami PD, she lives with her father, who has Alzheimer’s, and struggles with an empty marriage to her husband. The current case she is involved with – a serial rapist who murders his victims – holds a gruesome fascination for her, since it seems to mirror her past – and she increasingly starts to see herself in the bodies left behind. Her marriage is tested by her obsession with her work and her ill father, but even more by her husband’s secret agenda: Stan has been having an affair, and has staged what he believes will be the perfect crime. Alexandra finds herself on the run – from her husband, from the people who are after her husband, and from a killer whose vow for vengeance places Alexandra in mortal danger.
As all of Ms Brockmans books it was well crafted, great character development, the action scenes and knowledge of the Seal,
Ranger, etc teams nomenclature and activities. Admirable.

Sandy and Clint have been the best of friends since their teens. They grew up in the same run down apartment complex and learned to depend on each other early on. Clint travels for his job, but stops in every now and then to spend a few days here and there with his pal. This time he's visiting with a purpose, it seems he finally has come to realize that he is in love with her, he wants to tell her. But when Clint shows up in the middle of the night his hopes for her returned affections are dashed when all she can talk about is a new man she is interested in.

This was a lighthearted and fun read. Up until about the midway point I was enjoying every minute of it as I happen to love stories about best friends coming together romantically. Clint decides to teach Sandy the art of seduction and body language to help her snare her love interest and also in the hopes that it will make Sandy look his way. It's a kooky idea, but it works for this book and it gave me a couple of chuckles here and there.

After about the midway point in this book I started to get a bit frustrated. For best friends these two lack some serious communication skills with one another. I couldn't help but want one of them to be honest with the other and face facts; it got silly after awhile watching the two of them pining for one another all the while thinking the other wanted nothing to do with a more intimate relationship.

Then for some reason at about the same midway point, Ms. Brockmann started peppering, excessively, Clint's dialogue and thoughts with "Lord, "Mercy," "Have Mercy" and any variation of the sort. It didn't fit his rugged and sexy motorcycle man character and it gave him this sort of hokey golly gee wiz vocabulary, a different feel from the beginning of the book.

Although this book was originally published in 1998, I am happy to say it didn't show its age at all. If you can get past my few nitpicks I think you will find a quick and enjoyable easy read, great for the up and coming beach weather!

Cherise Everhard, May 2008

ᵀᴴᴱ ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ
Suzanne Brockmann is one of my most favorite authors, but this was like a Harlequin novel - very light in the story line, not one of her best. Her novels about the Seals are incredible, but this one didn't have much of a story at all.

Nice book!


A book about friends who are already in love and just have to discover that they are loved in return. Unapologetically sentimental, this is just a "lovely" book.

I enjoyed this book as I do with all of Mr. Hall's books even having to wallow through all the misspellings etc. Whoever "wrote" the kindle version must have been on 14 year old on a crackberry.

A more subtle story than Hall's usual in your face fair, Body Languauge is a wonderful tale of family secrets and ultimately redemption with a little American Crime History thrown in!

ISBN: 0099289393
ISBN13: 978-0099289395
language: English
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