e-Book Double Tap (Unabridged on 12 CDs) download

e-Book Double Tap (Unabridged on 12 CDs) download

by George Guidall,Steve Martini

ISBN: 1402578997
ISBN13: 978-1402578991
Publisher: RecordedBooks (2005)
Category: Thrillers and Suspense
Subategory: Thriller

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Rating: 4.5
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what is this book about ? I believe double tap means that you should shoot terrorists in the head a second time when theyre down. That ensures that the bad guy dies. Steve Martini?s books are very similar to John Grisham.

what is this book about ? I believe double tap means that you should shoot terrorists in the head a second time when theyre down. for safety reasons of course. Mignor at 2008-12-28 12:41 CET: Double tap is taught in the military. BTC: 77DwAzfAZz2fMn BTC (Bech32): ew LTC: r6tcoW3WaYynx9 XMR

Narrated by: George Guidall. Length: 14 hrs and 13 mins. Double Tap. I normaly will not have anything to do with a abridged book because they have been chopped up so bad that you lose the story line

Narrated by: George Guidall. I normaly will not have anything to do with a abridged book because they have been chopped up so bad that you lose the story line.

George Guidall takes the well-developed characters. Martini's novel is, on the surface, another well-crafted plot-driven courtroom-drama extravaganza. George Guidall takes the well-developed characters far beyond Martini's plot line, into the frightening depths of the Jekyll-Hyde potential in each of us, complete with chilling warnings about the implications of government intrusion into personal privacy even when couched in the rationale of national security.

George Guidall (Goodreads Author) (Narrator). Double Tap (Paul Madriani, Unabridged on 12 CDs, Audio CD. ISBN: 1402578962 (ISBN13: 9781402578960). Author(s): Steve Martini, George Guidall (Goodreads Author) (Narrator). ISBN: 1402578997 (ISBN13: 9781402578991).

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Автор: Martini Название: Double Tap Cd Издательство: Simon .

Автор: Martini Название: Double Tap Cd Издательство: Simon & Schuster Классификация: ISBN: 0743533682 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780743533683 ISBN: 0-7435-3368-2 ISBN-13(EAN): 978-0-7435-3368-3 Обложка/Формат: Compact Disc Вес: . 68 к. Описание: The fifth novel in Steve Martini& series of legal thrillers, featuring Paul Madriani; & has again written a winner. Highly recommended& Library Journal.

Steve Martini is the author of numerous New York Times bestsellers, including The Enemy Inside . Steve Martini Author George Guidall Narrator (2009). Steve Martini Author (1996). Paul Madriani (Series)

Steve Martini is the author of numerous New York Times bestsellers, including The Enemy Inside, Trader of Secrets, The Rule of Nine, Guardian of Lies, Shadow of Power, Double Tap, and others featuring defense attorney Paul Madriani  . Paul Madriani (Series).

Chose to read this book out of the many of Steve Martini's books as it was recommended as one of the better ones. The characters are interesting and you can't help but wonder how Paul Madriana is going to defend his client. The turn of events surprises the reader. You wonder will justice be done, and the truth does come out in the end. In reality, if all could end so well, life would be good.

While I am a huge Steve Martini fan, I was a little concerned when I read the dust jacket blurb about this book. I'm not a big fan of military thriller style books, and from the description, it appeared that he had moved closer to that genre than to the legal mystery category. However, judging books by their covers can be very deceptive, and this proved true with this book.

This is a wonderful legal mystery with numerous twists and turns. Steve Martini provides just enough peripheral characers as to make it difficult to really figure out who did it, and why. He also keeps you hanging until the end trying to figure out how the trial will end and whether his client will go free or fry.

The characters created by Mr. Martini are fantastic, with enough detail to make them interesting and little enough detail to know them too well. I particularly liked the prosecutor, whom Mr. Martini gave the nickname of the "Death Dwarf".

Finally, his characterizations of Harry Hinds and Paul Madriani are great. Unlike many writers of legal mysteries, his attorneys do not speak as if they came from a "silk stocking" law firm, but rather from the real world they would occupy. Harry is his usual smart mouthed self, while Mr. Madriani continues to be the calmer, and smarter of the two.

I highly recommend this book, along with the others written by Mr. Martini. I am now looking forward to my next chance to catch up with Harry, Paul and the others in his next book.

This series keeps getting better and better. This story really moves. It was a very quick read for me. Couldn't put it down. As with all the books in the series, there is a twist, one I never saw coming. These books are so well written it would be hard not to enjoy them. The author obviously does extensive research so that the plot is believable and more importantly credible. He creates fascinating characters and gives them life through his words. Can't wait to get on with the next one!

I feel bad for Paul Madriani, the main character in Steve Martini's series of legal thrillers. This is a man whose life is endangered every single time he defends someone accused of murder. I haven't finished the series yet, but I have to wonder whether Martini will ever allow Madriani to make it to the end of a novel without having a gun pulled on him or getting shot at or beaten or... whatever.

The Madriani series is solid. I have been reading the books in order for the last couple of months, and I have yet to regret a single one. Double Tap is one of the better entries in the series, thanks to the compelling case at its center. The ending doesn't cheat, which is essential in a legal thriller. This isn't Pulitzer Prize winning literature, to be sure. Just a good solid novel.

Paul Madriani’s client appears guilty. It was his gun that killed the victim, with whom he had an affair. He says he is innocent, but the prosecutor has a strong case. The ending prove to very unexpected.

Once again, Paul Madriani is back in court with his faithful sidekick, Harry Hinds. They are called upon to defend a highly decorated Army sergeant Emiliano Ruiz, who is charged with murdering the CEO of a firm that he has formerly been in charge of providing security for. There is evidence of an affair of some kind between the two and that Ruiz stalked the victim after his security detail was discharged by her. The gun used to kill her was issued to Ruiz while he was in the service and the type of shooting that killed her was known as a "double tap", a type of killing method that Ruiz was expert at.

Harry sums up their situation quite neatly as the trial nears: "Wonderful," says Harry. "We have a client who won't tell us where he was or what he was doing for seven years, who is caught on video in the buff doing push ups on the victim on her office couch. We have an exhibition of fine shooting that, in the absence of a critical piece of evidence or Annie Oakley, could only have been done by that same client. And if that wasn't enough," he says,"now we have to try the case against the 'Death Dwarf.'"

The "Death Dwarf" is Paul Templeton, a diminutive but highly effective prosecutor who presence in the case makes the trial aspect of the case indeed difficult for Madriani and Hinds and highly entertaining for the reader.

How Madriani goes about defending this case as well as the mystery of who did kill Madelyn Chapman is Steve Martini at his best. I have read all of his books and was somewhat dissapointed with the previous effort, The Arraignment. However, in Double Tap he is back in form and at the top of his game. The writing of this book took some time, but in this case, it was worth the wait.

I found this author quite by accident and started his series from the beginning. They have all been good but this one has been the best so far. I enjoy Mr Martini's descriptions of opposing counsel and the judiciary. The subtleties of the choreography in the courtroom are both instructive and entertaining. These are presented in all of his books that I have read and, in this one, they are exceptional.

Finished the book an hour ago and will start #9 this evening.

ISBN: 0307577562
ISBN13: 978-0307577566
language: English
Subcategory: Thrillers and Suspense
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