e-Book Personal Injuries download

e-Book Personal Injuries download

by Scott Turow

ISBN: 0965040518
ISBN13: 978-0374700188
Language: English
Publisher: Farrar Straus Giroux (1999)
Pages: 405
Category: Thrillers and Suspense
Subategory: Thriller

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Rating: 4.7
Votes: 405
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Farrar · straus · giroux · new york.

Farrar · straus · giroux · new york. Welcome, thou kind deceiver! Thou best of thieves; who with an easy key. Dost open life, and unperceived by us, Even steal us from ourselves. JOHN DRYDEN, All for Love.

Personal Injuries book. In PERSONAL INJURIES, love transcends sex. Scott Turow is a brilliant writer. He unfailingly delivers a great story, a roller coaster ride, and a page-turning cliffhanger. Sometimes the writing bogs down just a little bit.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. To Robbie Feaver the law is all about making a play-to a client, a jury, or a judge. But when the flashy, womanizing.

Scott Turow Personal injuries THE BEGINNING CHAPTER 1 He knew it was wrong, and that he was going to get caught. He said he knew this day was coming. He knew they had been stupid, he told me-worse, greedy. He said he knew he should have stopped.

Personal Injuries is Turow's most reverberant, most moving novel-a powerful drama of individuals trying to escape . As the law tightens its net, Robbie's and Evon's stories converge thrillingly.

Personal Injuries is Turow's most reverberant, most moving novel-a powerful drama of individuals trying to escape their characters. Scott Turow takes us into, the world of greed and human failing he has made immortal in Presumed Innocent, The Burden of Proof, Pleading Guilty, and The Laws of Our Fathers, all published by FSG. He also shows us enduring love and quiet, unexpected heroism. Personal Injuries is Turow's most reverberant, most moving novel-a powerful drama of individuals trying to escape their characters.

His tongue was laid inside his cheek. He gave her a look, a dignified request: Don't talk that way. But he said nothing

His tongue was laid inside his cheek. But he said nothing ill without a word, turned to take Evon back to the city. In the car, after some time, he said, "They say things. PALS? People with ALS. It's part of the disease. Because of the neurons that get affected in the brain stem. They lose impulse control. It's actually funny in a way. You know, ironic

Personal Injuries is Turow's most reverberant, most moving novel-a powerful drama of individuals struggling against . In his beautifully realized new novel, Personal Injuries, Scott Turow not only knows what his readers want, he delivers just about perfectly.

Personal Injuries is Turow's most reverberant, most moving novel-a powerful drama of individuals struggling against all odds to escape their characters. Excerpt Personal Injuries. He knew that it was wrong, and that he was going to get caught. Turow is the closest we have to a Balzac of the fin de siecle professional class. He knows the weight of institutions and is interested in what happens when the good set out to reckon with the bad and the ugly.

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Scott Turow has always pushed himself beyond the expectations of readers and critics

Scott Turow has always pushed himself beyond the expectations of readers and critics. But when the flashy, womanizing, multimillion-dollar personal injury lawyer is caught offering bribes, he's forced to wear a wire.

This book was not only enjoyable to read but I learned a lot as well. I had no idea the suffering ALS patients endure.
There w

This book was not only enjoyable to read, I learned a lot about what ALS patients endure during the progression of
the disease and the toll it takes on the family members and other caregivers. I learned a lot about the law also.
I was surprised to find the extent of corruption that can be found between lawyers, judges, clerks, etc.
I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read and learn as the story unfolds.
E Perrine
Manteo, NC

I really cared about the characters in this book. The plot is finely crafted - Scott Turow is so good at that - and the story is complicated but unflinching as it proceeds to its outcome.

This book is up to the Turow high standard. However it is a little bit slow in peace and a little bit wordy and descriptive passages for me.

It started interesting enough, but I got bored with it by the time I got half way though it and didn't finish it. Below par for Turow. His first two books, Presumed Innocent and The Burden of Proof, are classics but he hasn't been as good since. I don't think I'll bother reading any more of his works. I didn't like Pleading Guilty or Identical either even though Identical had a fascinating premise which I think the author wasted.

This is not the best book that Mr. Turow has written, but this is nonetheless a good book that will hold your interest until the end. As always, Mr. Turow provides an interesting and varied cast of characters with enough detail about needs and wants, strengths and weaknesses, physical appearances and mannerisms that the reader can relate to these characters within the reader's family, friends, associates, or acquaintances.

The hero (?) of this book is doing the best that he can do while attempting to resolve what is the best that can be done for the situation that he finds himself in. The situation is devilishly complex. Like eating an artichoke, and just as delicious, the plot thickens and turns as more information about the hero (?) and his situation is revealed and the reader eagerly anticipates what the next layer will be and how it will be resolved.

Mr. Turow does an excellent job of portraying the conflicts that the hero (?) must face, but seems to have run out of pages before resolving these conflicts. This book is better than the vast majority of legal thrillers in print, but Mr. Turow is quite a talented author and the ending of this novel is less than satisfying. Mr. Turow could have done better.

I have only recently discovered Scott Turow, so I'm in the process of reading all his past books. Personal Injuries was an amazing book. The story was complex and always interesting. The characters are fascinating and realistically complex. There are many twists that genuinely surprised me. As I am finding in reading Turow's books, he is a master at including wonderfully introspective views into the individual characters and human nature in general. This book made me laugh and cry and I can't recommend it highly enough.

I almost didn't buy this book because of the many negative reviews by Amazon customers. I don't understand them now that I have read it. The characters are exquistely drawn especially the main one but also the prosecutor who exhibts all of the tunnel vision passion and ardor for his job that one who deals with prosecutors will recognize as dead on.The FBI characters with their discipline and zeal are also well built. For readers who require absolute acccuracy and believability with regard to legal matters and court room scenes, they will not be disappointed. I loved it.

Another homerun for Scott Turow. Love his books and this one was especially riveting!!

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