e-Book Catch Me (Thorndike Press Large Print Core Series) download

e-Book Catch Me (Thorndike Press Large Print Core Series) download

by Lisa Gardner

ISBN: 1410445135
ISBN13: 978-1410445131
Language: English
Publisher: Thorndike Press; Large Print, Reprint edition (February 7, 2012)
Pages: 649
Category: Thrillers and Suspense
Subategory: Thriller

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Rating: 4.6
Votes: 328
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Lisa Jewell's characters are so real that I finish every book half-expecting to bump into one of them. Series: Thorndike Press Large Print Basic.

Lisa Jewell's characters are so real that I finish every book half-expecting to bump into one of them. Modern, complex, intuitive, she just goes from strength to strength. -Jojo Moyes, author of After You. One of New York Post's "Buzziest Books to Bring to the Beach". I've been a Lisa Jewell fan for a long time and in this book, as in all her others, she deftly weaves a compelling plot with an emotional depth that leaves you gasping. In Then She Was Gone she has created a book that is dark and claustrophobic but also heartfelt and moving. Then She Was Gone packs a huge emotional punch that will leave you winded.

Series: Thorndike Press Large Print Core

Series: Thorndike Press Large Print Core. Joy Fielding and Marry Higgins Clarke are some of the others. The best of the best when it comes to suspense. Over time my list has changed up a bit but Karen Robards has remained in my top five. Funnily enough, when I saw she had come out with a new book a few years ago, I thought it definitely would not be my cup of tea. A serial Killer ghost? Nahh.

Thorndike Press publishes large print books - including the most bestsellers and bestselling authors - in fiction genres like romance, mystery, and western to nonfiction sub-genres such as biography, history, and lifestyle in an easy-to-read format.

Title: Touch and Go (Thorndike Press Large Print Core Series). Publisher: Thorndike Press. Author(s): Gardner, Lisa.

As D. D. tries to piece together Flora’s story, from the past and now the present, we catch a glimpse of how she works, and what her life looks like these days.

ISBN-10: 9781410485342. As D. Felled by an injury, she is on desk duty, supposedly, but more often than not we’ll see her in the midst of the action. I always love D. Warren’s unique perspective on events, and enjoy visualizing a birds-eye view of how she pieces together the puzzles of her daily life as a detective. And then there is her home life. Her husband Alex, her four-year-old son Jack.

The Fox (Thorndike Press Large Print Core Series).

NEW IN LARGE PRINT: Two true-crime tales relate the stories of a couple who were tortured and left for dead after a home invasion, and a double homicide in Omaha, Nebraska. The Fox (Thorndike Press Large Print Core Series). Murder Mystery Books Mystery Thriller Thriller Books Michael Bennett James Patterson Fiction Books Audiobooks Free Books Mitch Rapp.

Published by Thorndike Press, this large print version of the novel is ideal for those with less than perfect eyesight. This number one bestselling novel follows up on some of the events of "Mr. Mercedes," allowing readers to learn what befalls some of the main characters, including Tom Saubers, who was disabled in the events of the previous novel.

No part of this book may be reproduced, scanned, or distributed in any printed or electronic form without permission.

Approached by a young woman who claims her murder is imminent, detective D. D. Warren hears her chilling story about how all of her close childhood friends have been murdered on the anniversary of the same day and that she is the only one still alive, a case that is complicated by a vigilante shooter. By the best-selling author of Love You More. (suspense). Simultaneous.
Wow, Lisa Gardner hooks you right out of the gates with a premise that blows you away. Charlene Grant runs across Boston's top homicide detective, D.D. Warren, and enlists her to investigate her murder (which hasn't occurred yet). Charlene's childhood friends have been murdered every year on January 21st and she is the last one remaining.

With the date a mere 4 days away, her world is closing in on her.

This fast-paced thriller will have you mesmerized at every twist, turn and unexpected event all the way up to a climax that will leave you breathless. (I can't say any more without spoiling it)

Lisa Gardner has been a master of the thriller genre for some time but with Catch Me she takes her D.D. Warren character and her own personal skills to the rarified air of "I can't stop reading this book - I don't care about missing my train stop, lunch can wait, the kids can take care of themselves tonight."

An immediate classic. Not only a must read, but a must recommend.

There are pedophiles who prowl the internet looking for victims, particularly in internet game rooms - the typical victim is a boy between the ages of 5 and 9; and then there is a vigilante who prowls the internet hunting for pedophiles - executing them with a double shot in the forehead. Add in Charlene Rosalind Carter Grant, a 28 year old police dispatcher in a Boston suburb, who had a horrid childhood she has blocked from her memory, not remembering anything before she was eight years old, left a hospital, and went to live with her aunt in New Hampshire. Two of Charlene's school friends have been murdered by a person unknown, one on January 21 two years ago, the other on January 21 one year ago. In school they had been known as the three musketeers, and now Charlene is the last one standing and January 21 is approaching. Boston police sergeant detective D.D. Warren, an unwed mother at the age of 40, now contends with long hours dealing with the various murder cases while she deals with a 10 week old son. And then there is Abigail, "Trust Me, I will take care of you."

This is a well written story with some unusual twists, and some characters who operate outside the law with their own standards of justice. You will be compelled to take a good look at what your children are accessing on the Internet, and you might take a careful look at any children showing up with unusual injuries. You will remember the words, "Everyone has to die sometime. Be brave."

If you like the series perhaps you will like this book (it was the first I read of the DD Detective novels). I read it on the same vacation as The Widow and A Reliable Wife- both were much better. The story was okay but overall the book felt longer than it needed to be and some of the dialogue was juvenile.

Police detective DD Warren, who has always prided herself for being on top of every detail of a case, is exasperated that motherhood and sleepless nights have made her slip on such details just when she has two perplexing cases on her hands. Not only does it appear that a precise, practiced executioner of pedophiles is at work in her district, but also twenty-something Charlene Rosalind Carter Grant has tracked her down with a bizarre story that she will be the target of a murderer in exactly four days. Her two childhood friends were both killed on Jan 21 in consecutive years in different parts of the country - hardly a coincidence.

But just who is this Charlie Grant? Her younger years appear to have been quite troubled; in fact, she has blocked out many details that most people would remember. Two of her siblings died in infancy. Furthermore, she is a crack shot with a pistol and has extensive training in the martial arts. Is she a perpetrator or a potential victim?

The story is told from the perspectives of DD and Charlie; it is intricate and fast-paced. While Charlie's situation is guaranteed to garner sympathy, it turns out that she is not quite the innocent that she claims to be. Is she being forthcoming about her past? But the clock is ticking; DD has no choice about taking Charlie's claims seriously while remaining skeptical. This a book where the ending does not quite live up to its early promise; it is a bit too obvious and somewhat muddled. Nonetheless, a pretty good read.

Heart pounding suspense and a roller coaster ride of twists and turns made this one hell of a great read. An amazing cast of characters that just pull you in and leave you wanting more! I am never disappointed with a Gardner novel and this one is no exception! I’m a long time fan if this author and I don’t see that changing anytime soon! Love this series and this author! I will be adding this to my favorite list and sharing with my reading circle!????????????????????????

Charlene Rosalind Carter Grant makes sure she runs into Detective DD Warren - she wants Warren to know her, to care about her. On January 21 - in just three days she is going to be murdered. She wants DD to investigate her murder, and she promises to leave evidence behind.

Back up - Grant's two best friends were murdered a year apart to the day - on January 21st - no sign of struggle, simply strangled without any evidence left behind. And Charlie knows she is next. She has cut herself off from everyone, moved to Boston and is training - firearms, boxing, running .... so she can defend herself, at least get some DNA under her fingernails when her killer comes.

But Warren also has a string of homicides involving pedophiles to investigate. Two men killed point blank range with a 22 caliber pistol. And another thread is woven into the story - a young boy is stalked through the internet and comes into contact with the vigilante killer.

Gardner brings all the threads together in a taut, suspense filled page turner. She shows us a softer side of Warren since the birth of her son but not so soft that she doesn't put the case front and center - chasing the underlying element that brings everything together.

Not to be missed.

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