e-Book The Nominee download

e-Book The Nominee download

by Brian McGrory

ISBN: 0743403525
ISBN13: 978-0743403528
Language: English
Publisher: Atria (September 17, 2002)
Pages: 384
Category: Thrillers and Suspense
Subategory: Thriller

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Rating: 4.2
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Электронная книга "The Nominee", Brian McGrory

Washington press insider Brian McGrory makes a sizzling return to the treacherous no-man's-land between politics and journalism with his second Jack Flynn thriller

Author: Brian Mcgrory. Publication date: 2002.

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Brian McGrory is an American journalist, author and publishing executive.

Washington press insider Brian McGrory, whose debut novel, The Incumbent, soared onto the national bestseller lists amid rave reviews, is back with a second sizzling political thriller featuring Jack Flynn, the intrepid newspaperman with the wry turn of phrase. News is crackling all around him when Jack Flynn, ace reporter for The Boston Record, is summoned to a secret meeting with his esteemed publisher, Paul Ellis. Ellis sadly reveals that the newspaper they both love, owned by his family for more than a century, is the target of a hostile takeover bid by a shadowy corporate chain. Desperate, he asks for Jack's help. Already on the brink of a hot political scoop, Jack sets out in pursuit of a hidden truth. But that very day his life is threatened. The Record is beset by horrific tragedy. And a death from years ago no longer appears what it once seemed. Now Jack is forced to question not only the words published in his own paper but the relationships that have been the bedrock of his life -- in particular those with his gorgeous ex-girlfriend, who writes for a rival tabloid, and with the venerable Record reporter Robert Fitzgerald, Jack's longtime mentor. And all along, Jack is sitting on a goldmine of information that could torpedo the president's controversial nomination of the Massachusetts governor to be the next U.S. Attorney General. As he balances on a tightrope of personal and professional peril, shuttling from the swamps of central Florida to the corridors of Congress, then back to the alleyways of Boston, Jack is left with just two questions: Will his newspaper survive long enough for him to tell his story? Will he? Combining breakneck speed and tension-packed plotting with the insights of a consummate political insider, Brian McGrory explores the ethics and direction of modern journalism and analyzes how, in this era of media saturation, reputations are made and too often destroyed. The Nominee, peopled with irresistible characters that linger long after the last page is turned, confirms his position at the forefront of today's most talented young suspense writers.
Brian McGrory knows newspaper reporting, and writes pretty good thrillers about the world of journalism. The continuing main character in these novels is Jack Flynn, a reporter for the Boston Record, who is not only involved in the action, but is continuously fighting off murderers determined to end his life. I've only read two of these books, but it seems iffy if poor Jack can survive much more abuse. This tale involves a Massachusetts governor about to become the U.S. Attorney General. Woven into the story is an attempt by a Murdoch like mogul who is trying to take over the newspaper. Jack's role is to stop the takeover, find out more about the governor's past, and deal out abuse to his girl friend. When it comes to his personal life our hero seems spectacularly thick headed. He believes people he should question, and disbelieves those he should trust, such as his girl (or ex-girl)friend.

McGrory puts enough action in the story, but also spends a lot of time venting about the sad decline of journalism brought about by profit minded owners who turn their newspapers into McPapers. This may bore some folks, but I looked at it as an interesting insider essay on the topic.

Warning. The author has the world's worst sense of humor. His jokes are so bad that he actually apologizes for them from time to time. And even more appalling is his total inability to write a meaningful simile or metaphor. They are so bad that they are unintentionally hilarious. Here's a few examples:

1." (her) cheekbones (were) so high and firm they looked as if they required a zoning variance."

2. "with hair so thick he all but needed a John Deere tractor to brush it."

3. "(his forehead) ..accentuated by a line of brown hair receding faster than a Kennebunkport tide."

By the way if you want to read books with main characters that actually are witty try books by Brian Haig, and Sheldon Siegel.

The ending is a bit preposterous, but all in all not a bad read.


Jack Flynn is the ace reporter for THE BOSTON RECORD and good friend of the publisher (and current generation of the founding family) Paul Ellis. As Jack is about to break a major political story regarding Lance Randolph, the current governor of Massachusetts, Paul informs Jack that he needs his help in opposing a secret takeover offer by Terry Campbell, owner of a major media chain. Paul further informs Jack that he believes that the death five years ago of his predecessor as publisher, his cousin John Cutter, may have been related to a previous takeover attempt by Campbell. At the same time, Paul's mentor, legendary Record columnist Robert Fitzgerald, is furnished a scoop that Democrat Randolph is about to be nominated for U.S. Attorney General by a Republican president. Suddenly the stakes are raised considerably regarding Jack's planned expose. Soon Ellis is dead, an attempt has been made on Jack's life, Fitzgerald's veracity is in question, the takeover proposal is public, and Jack gets reinvolved with his ex-girlfriend and reporter for the competing newspaper, Elizabeth.
Since Jack soon comes to believe that the police may have interests which conflict with his own (fueled by his suspicions regarding the relationship of the lead detective with Elizabeth), he is basically dependent on the help of Hank Seeeney, a retired Boston P.D. detective who he tracks down in Florida. He also soon involves Vinny Mongillo, his best friend and fellow reporter at the Record, and his dog Baker (whose appearance is much too brief but key to some events early in the story).
Action is nonstop, the plot is complex, and the insights which author McGrory provides about the newspaper business and political reporting are first rate. He weaves all the pieces of the puzzle together in a way that made me want to keep reading the next chapter to discover the latest turn of the intricate plot. Also, his evocation of the Boston area is very good. Lastly, he is a excellent wordsmith, and his descriptive phrases and asides are often wonderful. (E.g. the evidence locker for closed cases existed as "the room where shouted questions were diminished by time to a barely audible whisper".)
I strongly recommend this book, and plan to read THE INCUMBENT, McGrory's first novel and introduction to Jack Flynn.That plot and events in Jack's life are integral to this book, but are explained as necessary as this story unfolds. However, I could not rate it five stars because of two irritating flaws. First, a relatively minor one, is that the book alternated between the third person, including action that occurred both when Jack was and was not present, and the first person, when we would suddenly be privy to Jack's unspoken thoughts. Second and much more annoying to me, in order to further the plot and increase the suspense, at times the characters would act totally inconsistently with their personnas. This was especially true of Jack, who is protrayed as a very smart reporter who knew how to piece together a story but did some pretty dumb things in this book. It only occurred infrequently but on a few other occasions, I said "get real, these people aren't supposed to be that dumb". I do not want to give any specifics away, but the author could have accomplished his goal in other ways. I suspect and hope that Hank Sweeney will make an appearance in the next Jack Flynn book, scheduled for 2003, and that Elizabeth and Baker will have larger roles.
My unrealistic dream as a Spenser fan (Robert Parker) is that perhaps a Boston case will come along that Flynn, Sweeney, Elizabeth and Baker could team up with Spenser, Quirk, Susan Silverman, and Pearl the Wonder Dog to solve. However, that is for another day. If you do like action mysteries that evoke the Boston locale, I suggest that you read Robert Parker's SHRINK RAP after you finish this book.

Few fictional characters score as high in the category of likeability as does Jack Flynn, The Nominee's main character and sometime narrator. Jack is an investigative reporter for The Boston Record, New England's most respected daily newspaper.

Two major storylines dominate the narrative of The Nominee. Lance Randolph, the governor of Massachusetts, has just been nominated to be the next U.S. Attorney General. Jack has reason to believe Randolph has a secret in his background that will scuttle his Senate confirmation and is waiting for the right moment to go to press with what he knows. Secondly, when Jack's close friend Paul Ellis, the Record's CEO, becomes a homicide victim, Jack takes it upon himself to identify the murderer, thereby placing his own life in jeopardy.

This highly readable novel has many interesting subplots which serve to flesh out Jack's persona. Like his on again, off again relationship with the lovely Elizabeth Riggs, a reporter for a rival Boston paper. Furthermore, author Brian McGrory's writing style is quite engaging, consistently displaying an unselfconscious brand of wit throughout.

A solid 4 stars for this second novel in the Jack Flynn series. It's a great follow-up to McGrory's equally engaging first effort, The Incumbent.

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