e-Book Beyond Chocolate: Understanding Swiss Culture download

e-Book Beyond Chocolate: Understanding Swiss Culture download

by Margaret Oertig-Davidson

ISBN: 3905252066
ISBN13: 978-3905252064
Language: English
Publisher: Bergli Books Ltd (May 1, 2002)
Pages: 240
Category: Europe
Subategory: Traveling

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Go beyond Swiss chocolate, beyond the initial fun and adventure of a new country and a new career to immerse . Margaret Oertig-Davidson conducts seminars at international Swiss companies and universities as an expert on relations between Swiss and English-speaking cultures.

Go beyond Swiss chocolate, beyond the initial fun and adventure of a new country and a new career to immerse yourself in the cultural attitudes of Switzerland's fascinating.

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Margaret Oertig-Davidson conducts seminars at international Swiss companies and universities as an expert on relations between Swiss and English-speaking cultures. Margaret Oertig-Davidson is Scottish and has lived and worked in Switzerland since 1987, training business and professional people to communicate internationally. She has developed and conducted a range of cross-cultural seminars for international companies and universities, with a main focus on business relations between Swiss and English-speaking cultures. She lives near Basel with her Swiss husband and two daughters.

Beyond Chocolate: Understanding Swiss Culture by Margaret Oertig-Davidso or Swiss Watching: Inside the Land of Milk and Money by Diccon Bewes. Highly appreciated! Нравится Показать список оценивших. Bev Elle 11 фев 2017 в 20:01.

To help you gain a better understanding of Swiss culture and the Swiss . Recommended reading in English Bergli Books, Basel 2014.

To help you gain a better understanding of Swiss culture and the Swiss mentality, we have compiled a list of useful references below. Recommended reading in English. Diccon Bewes: Swiss Watching: Inside the Land of Milk and Money. Brealey, London 2010. David Hampshire: Living and Working in Switzerland: A Survival Handbook. Bergli Books, Basel 2014. Margaret Oertig-Davidson: Beyond Chocolate: Understanding Swiss Culture. Bergli Books, Basel 2011. Recommended reading in German. In the last five to ten years, countless guides to "life in Switzerland" have been published specifically for a German audience.

Published on Nov 6, 2018 . Beyond chocolate understanding swiss culture. Published in: Art & Photos. 2. Pub Date: 2011-05-31 ISBN-10 : 9783905252217 ISBN-13 : 9783905252217 Author : Margaret Oertig-Davidson Publisher : Bergli Books Ltd Immerse yourself in the cultural attitudes of Switzerland's fascinating, mulitfaceted society. Let yourself be guided, enlightened and intrigued by these valuable observations to understand your Swiss neighbours, friends and international business colleagues.

Beyond Chocolate: Understanding Swiss Culture (Paperback). by Margaret Oertig-Davidson (Author). If you need help on Swiss culture, and swiss ways. It helps a lot to understand the Swiss

Beyond Chocolate: Understanding Swiss Culture (Paperback). It helps a lot to understand the Swiss.

The New Beyond Chocolate: Understanding Swiss Culture. Margaret Oertig-Davidson. Schokolade ist Nicht Alles: Ein Leitfaden zur Schweizer Kultur. Publisher: Bergli Books Ltd. Year: 04/07/2019. Year: 01/05/2004.

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Go beyond Swiss chocolate, beyond the initial fun and adventure of a new country and a new career to immerse yourself in the cultural attitudes of Switzerland's fascinating, multifaceted society.

This engaging study exposes different attitudes and potential misunderstandings about friendship, neighborliness, being professional, giving and getting compliments and criticism, parenting, schooling, being polite, entertaining, negotiating, decision making, business etiquette, team work, leadership, making plans, and much much more.

These thought-provoking insights are based on expensive interviews with Swiss and international people who know well the ups and downs of life in Switzerland. These observations enable newcomers to better understand the perspectives of their Swiss neighbors, friends and international business colleagues.

When learning about another culture, insight and reassurance are often best conveyed by telling stories. Beyond Chocolate is essentially a book of highly instructive stories about living and working in Switzerland. The focus of the book is upon the German Swiss culture with occasional deviations into the French and Italian areas of the country where differences there merit attention.

Oertig-Davidson quickly demonstrates that she is both professional as an interculturalist and experienced in the ways of Swiss society. She does not omit some familiar intercultural boilerplate such as the metaphor of “peach and coconut” types of cultures and Hofstede’s four models of company culture in her interpretations of cultural interactions. Yet, it is clear that the active ingredients in her recipe are the stories that echo the flavors of the culture as tasted by the many expats and Swiss who recounted their experiences with each other.

One of the advantages of the testimonial approach is that the reader sees how values are created and experienced. Early on one has the fleeting sense that the book is mostly for expats concerned about family life, child rearing and the neighborhood expats will live in. Though the author suggests that some people might want to simply “dip into the business section,” I think that this would be a mistake. While there might be momentary merit in getting some quick clues about Swiss behavior, the earlier sections on family, upbringing and education and actually create mental matrix necessary to interpret behavior and respond appropriately in business situations.

When discussing how people “learn the rules” of social interation, for example, Oertig-Davidson researched the distinction made between the Swiss concept of “Anstand…a basic code of behaviour, based on the unwritten rules of society…: and “Politeness… ‘nice to have’, but not necessary…Anstand is when an elderly person drops some thing and a younger person picks it up. Politeness is when a younger person drops something on the floor and an elderly person picks it up. Rarely does an expat benefit from such a distinction in a new culture and we may, to our peril, miss basic behavioral codes, thinking them optional. Again the Beyond Chocolate backs the theoretical distinction with copious stories to help us understand its application.

Given the author’s Herkunft as an English teacher and her experiences training for communication, the book is particularly rich in cultural insights and examples that language itself provides. She exposes the clues to the cultural realities contained it words, expressions and modes of interaction. Chapter two contains a deceptively simple and thus brilliant section on involvement and independence. I wish that I had known years ago that my cultural assumption that “chatting up others” and treating strangers intimately was something peculiar to my own culture and not necessarily appreciated everywhere, and, may even be seen as highly unprofessional. “Swiss…,” she observes, “may not see the point in finding something in common with people they meet in passing and will never see again. (They also do not feel the need to know the first names of staff).” Similarly she observes how the Swiss German preference for the present tense to express the “future as fact” is not just a linguistic peculiarity but part of a paradigm for thinking and working that provides a certain confidence in the procedures one uses to get things done.

A welcome feature of the book for business readers is the author’s preparedness to occasionally comment on the practices and effects of virtual working. Since in many organizations today 80% or more of communication takes place via virtual media, being able to discuss the effects of these media on cultural patterns of communication is becoming a hallmark of an interculturalist’s relevance and credibility. Likewise, Oertig-Davidson does not make the common error of seeing culture as a museum but is also careful to point out current cultural shifts that seem to be underway in numerous aspects of thinking and behavior. Just as California roll is a common menu item in Tokyo sushi restaurants, global business in Switzerland is bringing about “fusion cooking” in many aspects of work and social life.

Perhaps as a result of working too often in Bruxelles, chocolate was not the first thing on my mind when seeing the title of this book about the Swiss. I think about banks. For me, the book, gem that is is, didn’t speak to my curiousity about two important issues. First, I would like to know more about how the Swiss think, feel and speak about specific crises vis-à-vis the EU and their shifting role in the world. This would include reactions to the financial issues coming to light about historical collaboration with National Socialism and current issues of banking secrecy. Secondly, I would like to hear more about the state of the many immigrant workers in Switzerland and the socio-cultural issues that they face and that others face in interacting with them. Obviously, one book cannot do everything, so I hope that this is not a manifestation of national denial about these issues, and that there is more to come.

I've traveled to Switzerland numerous times and I know something about the country and its people, as my mother was born there and I still have family there. This book, which I purchased in Zurich in 2004 for roughly $30 American, is a quick and interesting read and gets you thinking, even if you don't agree with all the author's conclusions.

Certain observations, such as why the Swiss value their privacy, I found to be quite insightful and helped me achieve a more complete understanding of my Swiss friends and family, along with some of my own character traits.

However, the author reaches a bit too far at times. For example, she cites the story of a Swiss neighbor being unwilling to help a foreigner with a plumbing repair as an example of how all Swiss are rather standoffish. Or maybe this individual just didn't feel like being friendly, was busy, didn't know a good plumber, etc. The point is, it's simply impossible to define any group of people as being all one way or another.

However, despite the heavy use of anecdotal evidence, this is still a thought-provoking read and would be useful for anyone either moving to Switzerland or interested in exploring their Swiss heritage, as I was.

Having been to Switzerland a few times in 2006 (and planning to go a few times in the future), I bought this book to help me understand the people and culture. It was recommended by a couple of Swiss people. I found it an easy read, with many examples from a variety of people's experiences. It covers quite a variety of topics from friendship to the workplace. It opened my eyes to many of the subtle understandings Swiss people share that may not be immediately evident to Americans, such as I. As long as one remembers that sometimes individual Swiss are not 'typical' to the book's descriptions, the book is a wonderful asset if you are planning in staying in Switzerland for a good length of tme. [...]

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