e-Book Wittgenstein (Past Masters) download

e-Book Wittgenstein (Past Masters) download

by A. C. Grayling

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Publisher: Oxford University Press; First Edition edition (June 16, 1988)
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Past Masters is an Oxford University Press book series published from 1980. The series aims to provide a brief introduction to the ideas and beliefs of important thinkers from the past.

Past Masters is an Oxford University Press book series published from 1980. A number of the books were subsequently republished in the Oxford Very Short Introductions series which began to replace the Past Masters series from around 1995. Note: This list may not be complete. Aquinas, A. J. P. Kenny, 1980.

In this non-technical introduction the author explains the nature of Wittengenstein's thought, and its impact on contemporary philosophy.

Grayling's book on the allied strategic air offensive in World War II, Among . Past chairman of June Fourth, a human rights group concerned with China. Looking at the World from the Viewpoint of Wittgenstein's Philosophy" Springer - The Frontiers Collection, 2019.

Grayling's book on the allied strategic air offensive in World War II, Among the Dead Cities: Was the Allied Bombing of Civilians in WWII a Necessity or a Crime? (2006) was well-received as a contribution to the debate on the ethics of war. In September 2010, Grayling was one of 55 public figures who sent a letter to The Guardian expressing their opposition to Pope Benedict XVI's state visit to the UK. In August 2014, Grayling was one of 200 public figures who were signatories to .

Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951) was an extraordinarily original philosopher, whose influence on twentieth - century thinking goes well beyond philosophy itself. Grayling explains the nature and impact of Wittgenstein's views.

item 6 Wittgenstein (Past Masters), . Paperback Vintage Paperback Antiquarian & Collectable Books. Paperback Short Stories and Anthologies. Paperback Maps & Atlases in English. Grayling, Used; Good Book -Wittgenstein (Past Masters), . Grayling, Used; Good Book. item 7 Wittgenstein (Past Masters) by Grayling, A. C. Book condition good -Wittgenstein (Past Masters) by Grayling, A. Book condition good.

Oxford Past Masters Dante. jpg Past Masters is an Oxford University Press book series published from 1980. Wittgenstein, A. Grayling, 1988. Arnold, Stefan Collini, 1989. Burke, C. B. Macpherson, 1980. Bentham, J. R. Dinwiddy, 1989.

is to be congratulated on the success of his enterprise in a book which is a model of expository . The reader should know that Grayling is not a Wittgenstein idolater.

is to be congratulated on the success of his enterprise in a book which is a model of expository elgance. an admirably clear and concise introduction' Philosophical Books. His considered judgment is that LW’s philosophy does not take us very far and that while he is a great philosophic ‘personality’ he is probably not up there with the Aristotles, Humes, Kants, Lockes, et al. He considers Frege’s and Russell’s impact to be more important for analytic philosophy.

Wittgenstein - Past Masters Author: A. Grayling.

All Books PBS Market (New Books). Wittgenstein - Past Masters Author: A. Genres: Nonfiction Philosophy Modern.

Informationen zum Titel Wittgenstein von A. Grayling aus der Reihe Past Masters [mit . The book compares and contrasts the two periods of Wittgenstein's thought and the influence of his teachings on contemporaries. Grayling aus der Reihe Past Masters The book compares and contrasts the two periods of Wittgenstein's thought and the influence of his teachings on contemporaries. History & Surveys – Modern, Philosophy, Philosophy – History & Surveys – Modern, Western philosophy, from c 1900 -. related products.

Download books for free. In this engaging Introduction, . Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951) was an extraordinarily original thinker, whose influence on twentieth-century thinking far outside the bounds of philosophy alone. He describes both his early and later philosophy, the differences and connections between them, and gives a fresh assessment of Wittgenstein's continuing influence on contemporary thought. Download (pdf, . 3 Mb) Donate Read

Prof. Grayling was a big help to me in this book. I have been reading Wittgenstein's Tractatus, and I have found it to be very difficult. This is the product of Wittgenstein's efforts when young, following intense work with Bertrand Russell, and influenced by Frege's work in logic, and also following a very difficult experience as a soldier in WWI. I thought that Prof. Grayling's very clear ideas about the Tractatus were encouraging, and I intend to go back and read the Tractatus once again. This book on Wittgenstein first gives a short but illuminating biography of Wittgenstein before discussing the Tractatus. Following his presentation on the Tractatus, Prof. Grayling makes some critical remarks about this early work of Wittgenstein, and then launches into a discussion of Wittgenstein's later more evolved thinking as he progressed beyond the Tractatus (although at one point in Wittgenstein's life, he felt he had solved all the major problems in philosophy to his satisfaction with the writing of the Tractatus). Following a discussion of Wittgenstein's later work, Prof. Grayling criticizes this later work, and tries to put Wittgenstein's place in philosophy in some perspective. Wittgenstein was a stunningly original thinker, but he left his work in a position where a lot of it is difficult to interpret and ambiguous. In addition, I have found the Tractatus to be an obscure and esoteric work. Prof. Grayling argues that Wittgenstein's ultimate place in philosophy is quite uncertain, despite the depth of his insights. I feel that for a very short book, Prof. Grayling's account of Wittgenstein's work is very helpful as a whole, and he has an interesting perspective that I think will help me to understand Wittgenstein's writings better. I think this is a good book for someone like me starting a study of Wittgenstein's work.

Reading the first chapters - on Wittgenstein's life & early philosophy - made me think that this was going to be one of the best Very Short Introductions. I was, unfortunately disabused of that impression on reading the third chapter dealing with Wittgenstein's later philosophy. Here the reader is treated to explanations so convoluted & prolix, in sentences spanning six or seven lines of text & riddled with subordinate clauses, that it will, I venture to say, vanquish most readers, especially if they skip to the last chapter after reading the first two, as I did, and learn of the professor's low regard for Wittgenstein's influence of philosophy. Wittgenstein's philosophy of language is not so much explained as criticized in question begging illustrations. I will say this, though: the professor is admirably honest in his negative appraisal: still, I felt I was being guided to a conclusions rather than allowed to reach one of my own choosing. I finished the third chapter, considered re-reading it, but then gave up: I simply could not take any more of this convoluted writing.

A wonderful introduction to Wittgenstein: clear, comprehensive and orderly. It starts from scratch and leads the reader progressively through the intricacies of Wittgenstein's work. A gem of a book.

The criteria for what make these sorts of books successful is whether they can cover a significant amount of information in a brief enough form and still be comprehensible. By this yardstick, I'd say that *Wittgenstein: A Very Short Introduction* does, indeed succeed.

A little biographical info on Ludwig, a section each on his early and later work, some critical remarks, and, a final summation...then you're sent off on your own to pursue further study--or not, as you choose.

Grayling also successfully walks that dangerous tightrope between rendering the life's work of a notoriously difficult philosopher into readily digestible bite-sized chunks for the reasonably intelligent adult...and pureeing them into the intellectual equivalent of babyfood.

Grayling is no big fan of Wittgenstein, certainly no fawning apostle, as is made clear in his closing remarks (in which he doubts whether history will even regard W as a major philosopher), if it isn't already clear to the reader by the critical challenges Grayling makes to W's philosophy earlier in this book.

However, I don't think Grayling's lack of adulation gets in the way of the book's general purpose (to inform the reader of what Wittgenstein had to say); in fact, if anything, I found Grayling's objections stimulating, if, by the way, largely unpersuasive. In any event, they encourage the reader's active engagement with the ideas under discussion, which is something to be applauded; after all, philosophy should be engaging; ideas should stimulate, thought should matter enough to be reason for debate...or what's the point?

So there you have it. A nice, neat, very (very) short (120-pages in the used edition I have) introduction to Ludwig Wittgenstein. If you're interested in this brainy dude, I say go for it. This book is a good place to start.

The author lays out Wittgenstein using helpful and insightful examples and explanations. The author also interjects views of his own regarding how to interpret the material that the reader may or may not find helpful

I have really come to appreciate this "Very Short Introduction" series of books. They are head and shoulders above all the graphic books that are masquerading as inviting to reluctant readers. This book is no exception.

I have no specialized studies on philosophy and English is not my native language. Despite all of this and armed only with a keen interest on Wittgenstein's writings, I found myself truly engaged in reading this book and eager to try now Ludwig's own writings.


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