e-Book Chemistry for IGCSE download

e-Book Chemistry for IGCSE download

by Roger Norris,Roger Standbridge

ISBN: 1408500183
ISBN13: 978-1408500187
Language: English
Publisher: Nelson Thornes Ltd; New edition edition (February 13, 2009)
Pages: 276
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Chemistry for Cambridge IGCSE book.

Chemistry for Cambridge IGCSE book.

This is my first year of teaching Chemistry IGCSE - Cambridge, and after using several other books with the students this is by far the best

This is my first year of teaching Chemistry IGCSE - Cambridge, and after using several other books with the students this is by far the best. The pages are well laid out with good diagrams and a good amount of descriptive text. Teachers: Use this book with your students. I bought this book for my daughter who is studying GCSE Chemistry.

Authors : Standbridge, Roger,Norris, Roger. Chemistry for Cambridge IGCSE. Title : Chemistry for Cambridge IGCSE.

Roger Norris, Roger Standbridge, Lawrie Ryan. Features of the text include an exam focus with exam-style questions, activities, case studies, key points & 'Did you know?' sections. Study tips throughout the book address common misconceptions and errors.

Roger Norris, Lawrie Ryan, Roger Standbridge.

by Roger Norris, Roger Standbridge. ISBN 9781408500187 (978-1-4085-0018-7) Softcover, Nelson Thornes Ltd, 2009. Find signed collectible books: 'Chemistry for IGCSE'. Coauthors & Alternates. Learn More at LibraryThing. Roger Standbridge at LibraryThing.

Essential Chemistry for Cambridge IGCSE: Online Student Book Roger Norris.

Roger Norris, Lawrie Ryan.

by Roger Norris and Roger Standbridge. Select Format: Paperback. ISBN13:9781408500187.

The Coursebook is easy to navigate with colour-coded sections to differentiate between AS and A Level content. Self-assessment questions allow learners to track their progression and exam-style questions help learners to prepare thoroughly for their examinations. Contemporary contexts and applications are discussed throughout enhancing the relevance and interest for learners. Tình trạng: CÒN HÀNG.

Chemistry for IGCSE is endorsed by CIE and completely matches specification 0620. It is written in a clear and direct manner by a team of experienced authors and CIE examiners, making it ideal for international school students. It takes an exam focus and features include exam-style questions, activities, case studies, key points & did you know?

I remember when I first saw this book at my school's library. I thought it wasn't worth it, when in reality it was 100x better than my original chemistry text book. After picking it up from the library, I began studying from it the entire year. It helped improve my understanding of chemistry, boost my confidence and most of all it got me the grade I wanted in my GCSE's which was a solid A*
The book is organized in a neat fashion; it has topics and sub-topics, and everything is presented with perfect structure and no striving off topic. It has aims, "Did you know" boxes and much more. Even diagrams that help you picture the situation at hand. All in all an excellent book that I recommend to anyone taking IGCSE chemistry. Wish you the best of luck

I took an IGCSE Chemistry course a year ago, and I must honestly say that this is possibly the worst chemistry text I have ever seen.

The most obvious flaw is that despite the fact that this is intended for a 4-semester course, it is very thin. Naturally, that means coverage of the material is very poor, and explanations suffer as a result. The book uses a "double-page spread" method for presenting topics, and the pages are mostly filled with irrelevant pictures and various lines and boxes. Even more irksome are those Examiner Tips that prevent someone from learning; and the constant references to the IGCSE exam make it sound something like a Princeton Review or Kaplan test-prep guide. Sections of the text are rimmed with an "Extension" box, leading to some stress on the eyes.

Now, about the content itself. The IGCSE syllabus is not too bad; it's somewhat substantial but certainly not very rigorous. However, the authors (who are in fact the people who decide your Chemistry grade) skip over the essentials of any chemistry text. When Le Chatelier's principle or the Bronsted-Lowry acid-base concept are given their two-page treatment, they are not named. I think that naming the rules both serves as an aid to students for understanding, and also makes them aware of scientific convention. I learned about precipitation from Chemistry by Zumdahl, admittedly a more advanced text but certainly one that does a good job explaining the basic concepts. Now while the section in Zumdahl was laden with examples, the one in this text had none, probably due to the lack of available space. That is in fact rather typical of this book; even in the chapter on the mole concept I saw only one or two examples.

The exercises are terrible. After every spread there is a small section that has a few fill in the blank type exercises and about 2 questions that test your understanding. There are exam type exercises at the end of each chapter, which do not help with understanding or retaining material either.

If you're unfortunate enough to have to use this textbook, I strongly suggest Zumdahl's Chemistry or something similar. They might be a little more advanced, but you'll actually learn chemistry. This opening line of this book is "This will prepare you for your examination." Being the principal resource on the IGCSE website, the use of this book proves that an IGCSE education is a poor one.

As an IGCSE student, I found this book incredibly helpful while I studied chemistry and while I did many past papers. This book gives the answers to each question on the IGCSE past papers and explains in detail why a certain topic is so. Honestly, this book gives so much insight into the subject itself and is extremely helpful when searching for a specific answer for a certain question.

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