e-Book Brigada Bolo download

e-Book Brigada Bolo download

by Laumer K./ Kejjt U.,russian

ISBN: 5352001547
ISBN13: 978-5352001547
Language: Russian
Publisher: Azbuka - klassika, SPb (2002)
Pages: 384
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Enter the SF Gatewa. n the last years of the twentieth century (as Wells might have put it), Gollancz, Britain’s oldest and most distinguished science fiction imprint, created the SF and Fantasy Masterworks series. Our plan is, at its simplest, to use this technology to build on the success of the SF and Fantasy Masterworks series and to go even further. Welcome to the new home of Science Fiction & Fantasy.

A collection of stories But when the implacable alien Deng invade Earth, the Bolos leap to the offensive with a war plan that doesn't.

A collection of stories. The classic military dilemma-preventing those who defend you from turning on you-is seemingly solved with the implementation of the Bolos, mechanical servants with artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art high-tech weaponry. A book in the Bolo series, 1990. The Night Of The Trolls.

Keith Laumer The Compleat Bolo A book in the Bolo series, 1990The Night Of The Trolls 1 It was different this time. There was a dry pain in my lungs, and a deep ache in my bones, and a fire in my stomach that made me want to curl into a ball and mew like a kitten. My mouth tasted as though mice had nested in it, and when I took a deep breath wooden knives twisted in my chest. I made a mental note to tell Mackenzie a few thin. It makes a pleasing sound. I picked up a book from the desk; it fell apart in my hands. I went back into the hall, tried the bedroom door, looked in at heaped leaves, the remains of broken furniture, an empty window frame.

Bolo: fighting in proud combat as monster saviors of their human creators. Prior to his career as a writer, Laumer was an officer in the United States Air Force. After war service, he spent a year at the University of Stockholm, and then took two bachelor's degrees in science and architecture at the University of Illinois. His first story, Greylorn, was published in 1959, but he returned to the Air Force the following year, only becoming a full-time writer in 1965. Laumer was extremely prolific and produced three major series and two minor ones, along with a number of independent novels. After 1973, however, illness meant that he published more sparingly

Bolo Strike William H. Keith Created by Keith Laumer TO THE VICTOR GO THE .

Bolo Strike William H. Keith Created by Keith Laumer TO THE VICTOR GO THE SPOILS And this Victor is fully capable of raking them in, a Bolo Mark XXXIII of the 4th Regiment, Second Brigade, First Confederation Mobile Army Corps, in the vanguard of an all-out Bolo strike against the planet Caern. All the characters and events portrayed in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental.

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I should have some interesting conclusions to communicate to my human superiors, when the time comes. At peace, I await the arrival of the relief column. For the new home of Science Fiction & Fantas. or the most comprehensive collection of classic SF on the internet.

In the Bolo, humanity has created a fully self-aware battle companion, and I suspect humans do not truly realize even now how fully they have succeeded in doing so. Bolos, too, have emotions, Maneka. Some were deliberately introduced into our core programming.

And God knew that everyone knew no human being could possibly match the speed with which a Bolo thought and responded.

Romany, kotorye vkhodyat v tsikl ''Bolo'', nachatyj Kejtom Laumerom i prodolzhennyj Uil'yamom Kejtom, priznany bestsellerami sredi lyubitelej voenno-priklyuchencheskoj fantastiki vo vsem mire. Sozdateli ''Bolo'' zastavili milliony lyudej soperezhivat' priklyucheniyam svoikh geroev. I zto tem bolee udivitel'no, esli uchest', chto zti geroi -sovershennye orudiya vojny - sdelany iz stali i plastika. Bolo - gigantskie tanki, kreposti na gusenitsakh, sukhoputnye linkory, venets tekhnicheskoj mysli buduschikh tysyacheletij. Oni umny, khitry ismertel'no opasny, no takovy zhe i ikh vragi, poztomu opisaniya srazhenij Bolo - zto luchshie stranitsy mirovoj voennoj fantastiki, kotorye nevozmozhno zakryt', ne dochitav, a prochitav - nevozmozhno zabyt'.Vpervye vykhodyaschij na russkom yazyke roman ''BrigadaBolo'' - zto istoriya o dvukh stal'nykh veteranakh, kotorye dozhivali svoj vek v odnom iz spokojnykh rajonov galaktiki. Nikto ne predpolagal, chto imenno im pridetsya prinyat' na sebya udar armii kosmicheskikh kochevnikov. Galaktika velika, no otstupat', kak obychno, nekuda, i smert' schitaetsya za dezertirstvo, i podkrepleniya ne budet...
ISBN: 5699108297
ISBN13: 978-5699108299
language: Russian
e-Book Bolo download

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by Keith Laumer
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