e-Book Absorption download

e-Book Absorption download

by John Meaney

ISBN: 0575085339
ISBN13: 978-0575085336
Language: English
Publisher: Gollancz; 1st Ed edition (2010)
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. 600 years from now on the world of Fulgor Roger Blackstone, son of two Pilots (long-time alien spies.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

Liquid highlights rippled on his silver skin, where his short tunic left his shining limbs bare stem behind him. Below, the canyon. Below, the canyon was in shadow, almost hiding a mating-flight of dartbirds, the tri-winged creatures swooping as they swiftly joined in triplets before breaking apart, and soaring onwards. The black-and-silver moon of Magnus was high to the east. What’s that? Surely he was the only one mad enough to be out in daylight

John Meaney is proving a versatile author.

John Meaney is proving a versatile author. After the weirded-out dark fantasy of the two Tristopolis books, he returns to high concept space opera with the first in the Ragnorok series, where bold individuals from across the aeons fight against a darkness that threatens to undo the universe. Space-time, with bonus Norse gods! It’s all a bit too ambitious. The A story of Absorption is the coming of age tale of young Slightly unfocussed multi-timeline space opera shenanigans. John Meaney is proving a versatile author.

First published in Great Britain in 2010 by. Gollancz.

ABSORPTION is the first novel of RAGNAROK, a new space opera trilogy of high-tech space warfare, unitary intelligences made up of millions of minds, the bizarre physics of dark energy, quantum mechanics and a mindblowing rationale for Norse mythology.

Nulapeiron: a world isolated for twelve centuries. Its billions of inhabitants occupy subterranean strata, ruled by a logosophically trained aristocracy of Lords and Ladies whose power base is upheld by Oracles. Sequel to the acclaimed Paradox and the second book in the Nulapeiron Sequence, Context is a thrilling, daring and complex novel that confirms John Meaney as one of British science fiction's most original and exciting practitioners.

John Meaney has already made a name for himself in science fiction as a brilliant, inventive writer, and Absorption is his most compelling and accomplished work yet. If he can sustain the pace over two more books, he may produce his masterpiece in The Ragnarok Trilogy. takes us from a thousand years in the past to half a billion years in the future with several stops in between.

Very strong story-telling. Engaging characters embedded in hard sci-fi. Disciplined use of multi-strand narrative. At times felt language could have involved a little more poetry given the deep themes and stunning vistas.

I'm always cautious about anything labelled `epic'; it is often an excuse for an overly long, rambling shambles that should have been condensed and published as a single volume. In this instance, the first part of the Ragnarok trilogy, I'm happy to be wrong. Meaney is an accomplished wordsmith weaving a complex multi-threaded narrative through five time periods with hints of a single, all-encompassing primary plot. A few minor things let the story down very slightly; the hugely ambitious narrative is at the cost of character development and this, compounded by occasionally clunky dialogue, invokes little empathy for the various main characters; the Luculentus code snippets are a bit naff and I found that the eighth century Norse narrative dragged a little. On the plus side, the main Roger Blackstone / Labyrinth thread is brilliant and there are no huge info-dumps or showing-off of the author's grasp of esoteric mathematics or physics to ruin the narrative flow.

The minor criticisms aside, though, I thoroughly enjoyed `Absorption', I'm looking forward to `Transmission' and, thanks to another reviewer, I'm going to track down a copy of `To Hold Infinity', effectively the prequel to this novel. It's great to see another up-and-coming British SF author with the potential to stand alongside Alastair Reynolds and Iain M. Banks.

This book is effectively a sequel to To Hold Infinity set 100 years past the end of that book for part of it's story. I found this a rather fractured book with different stories that are interlinked that range from 777AD on earth to 2603AD on Fulgor and even further into the future. You get hints of what these people will be fighting against in the second and third book in the series, but because there are so many viewpoints it's hard to feel you know any one character well. I will be reading the next book in the series, but I can't say I I felt a great deal of connection to the characters in this first book with the exception of the one on Fulgor, which is a pity as I've very much enjoyed the author's other books.

I think this is the best novel John Meaney has written to date. It resonates with echoes of some of his earlier novels and short fiction, but while the reader's experience of this book might benefit from having read To Hold Infinity, Paradox, Context, and Resolution, I'm certain that won't be necessary to enjoy it. And if you like science fiction with fascinating characters, exotic yet believable settings, excellent writing, and lots of layers of meaning and action, you will enjoy it a great deal.

Absorption is a richly interwoven narrative that navigates time and space with as much ease and style as one of Meaney's legendary Pilots. It immerses you in elegant complexities of character and story and scene, uniting the lives and destinies of beings from far-flung localities in a cause that leaves the familiar limitations of space and time behind, because the enemies of life are not bound by them. Meaney's villains are powerful, mysterious, well-conceived and downright scary in their ability to infiltrate and twist any reality, including our own.

The overall story is necessarily incomplete until the final volume, but Meaney manages to pause each thread in a satisfying place, while also spinning up new ones to whet the reader's appetite for what's to come. And if what's to come is as good as the first book, it's going to be worth waiting for.

Im a fan of John, his Nulaperion trilogy was good, if not great. He seems to be going backwards here. The book is set sometime after the events with Tom Corcorigan and reference is made to his other works based on Nulapeiron and Corcorigans adventures. Unfortunately " Absorption" does exactly the opposite of what the title says - its not absorbing at all, you dont get to care about the characters, character development is practically non- existent for the main protagonists, the book references many diverse advances in technology etc that are completely unfathomable because there is no real explanation of what " Skein" is or a " Luculentis" is etc. A book that after reading you dont or wont care about and theres not enough to bring you back for the sequels to find out what happens next. There is also way, way too much good sci fi out there for discerning readers for John to compete with the likes of Hamilton, Banks etc whom he is often compared to. Hamilton build characters you love (Joshua Calvert anyone?), Banks is a master writer whatever the genre he chooses to play in. Weak to say the least. Choose another if you want a riveting read. One interesting thing only in this book is his rare and inconclusive references to Norse legend in the form of "Heimdahl" and "Nilfheim" etc, but so few and so sketchy that it doesnt really hold with the story. Not enough here by far.

Derivative and unoriginal. This was too familiar with many weary themes and the normal hooks to get you buy the next one. I would advise against it as it had nothing new.

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e-Book Absorption download

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