e-Book Winning Without Thinking: A Guide to Horse Race Betting Systems download

e-Book Winning Without Thinking: A Guide to Horse Race Betting Systems download

by Nick Mordin,David Ikerrin

ISBN: 1904328008
ISBN13: 978-1904328001
Language: English
Publisher: Aesculus Press Ltd (March 27, 2002)
Pages: 430
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His aim has been to uncover the principles that govern the betting market and racing results themselves

His aim has been to uncover the principles that govern the betting market and racing results themselves.

Having read Mordin’s first book, Betting For A Living, and found that quite the most revealing book I had ever read to the point, I find Winning Without Thinking a superlative advance on his thinking. The author will, I’m sure, be the first to admit that the title is a misnomer, because thinking is very much what he advises. As Sherlock Holmes said (no doubt I paraphrase), when you have removed the impossible whatever remains, however improbable, has the answer. That is exactly how Mordin urges us to think, pointing out that if you behave like the crowd you will suffer the same fate as the crowd – namely, you are absolutely bound to lose money over the long-term.

Aesculus Press Ltd, 2002 - Gambling systems - 430 pages. How to take advantage of recurring patterns in the results of horse-race Basic principles that govern racing results and the betting market Mistakes commonly made by the general betting public - and how to exploit them Full details of betting systems used by professional gamblers that have made them millions How to predict and profit from new trends How to use computers to. increase your returns from betting.

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Destination, rates & speeds. 2. Winning Without Thinking: A Guide to Horse Race Betting Systems. Mordin, Nick; Ikerrin, David. Published by Aesculus Press Ltd. ISBN 10: 1904328008 ISBN 13: 9781904328001.

Winning Without Thinking is one of Nick Mordin’s books and is designed as a guide to betting systems. It was a book I read very early on when I first started to take my betting seriously. With 21 chapters and just over 300 pages there is certainly a lot of information to take in. Nick Mordin has a very nice writing style that makes it easy to read and, generally, everything is explained a simple enough manner that even beginners will be able to understand what is meant

Winning Without Thinking book.

Winning Without Thinking book.

Taking Your Horse Race Betting to the Next Level. The next column on the form guide will list the horse’s rank in their past few races. Use a budget to know how much you can potentially lose without risking your financial security.

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What a Lucky Strike having found this book.
Back in the mid eighties I set to beat the track. Studying and being mentor by the Greats like Mark Cramer, Dick Mitchell, Howard Sartin, Tom Brohamer and William Quirin. I did not, however, became a consistent winning player until I read and applied the seminal work by the Great Professor William T. Ziemba. So much so was my admiration for Dr. Ziemba work, That I started trading derivatives in the Options, Futures, currencies and Interest Rates markets.
This is a great read for any true speculator. Here is what William T. Ziemba wrote about Nick's work:

Winning Without Thinking
Dr. Z's Mathematics of Gambling
by William Ziemba

I recommend Nick Mordin's, Winning Without Thinking: A Guide to Horse Race Betting Systems (Aesculus Press, UK). I have known Nick since he wrote an article about the Dr Z "place and show system" for the British race fancier. Nick has an extraordinary eye for thoroughbred condition and is a great student of European and North American racing. His background includes long stays in England, South Africa, and the Saratoga and Belmont areas. He presents a computerized approach to betting that exploits odds mistakes, as in the Dr Z systems, Roman's work on dosage for the Kentucky Derby and other races, Kelly and fractional Kelly betting systems, and his own systems based on behavioral finance biases.

In plain English Nick discusses systems with positive expectation after transaction costs. Technical material is reprinted at the back of the book including technical papers underlining the theory. These include Roman's 1981 Daily Racing Form article on the dosage system with an updated list of Chefs de Race, the Kelly 1956, a 1999 article by MacLean and myself on growth versus security tradeoffs through factional Kelly strategies, and the 1986 Bolton-Chapman paper that was published in Management Science, pioneering the Hong Kong factor model approach to estimating probabilities of horses chances of winning. Additionally there is an updated application to Hong Kong and Benter's paper on his Hong Kong syndicate, the world's most successful betting operation. The latter two are reprinted from Hausch, Lo, and Ziemba's Efficiency of Racetrack Betting Markets, Academic Press, 1994, now back in print.

Nick observes the following:
* Horses do not improve with first time blinkers.
* 3-year-olds do not do better against older horses late in the season.
* Horses carrying more weight win more frequently.
* Fillies need more pedigree stamina than colts to win at any distance in the top class.
* Horses that weigh more do better and colts, weighing about 100 pounds more, usually dominate fillies, especially in longer races.
* Horses defeated as favorites in top races and then stepped up in class in their next race do well.
* Wide margin (five or more lengths) maiden winners win frequently the next time out.
* Female jockeys win more than males and are usually under bet.
* Well-bred horses win less often than poorly bred ones in low class races.
* French and German horses win more than expected in England and the US.
* The breeding emphasis on speed has led to lower racing times in longer races over time; longer distance runners are slowing down by 0.13 of a second per year while sprinters are going 0.03 seconds per year faster.
* Higher-class races have closer finishes.
* Fillies are pushed harder earlier in their careers and as very few colts become stallions they race longer than most mares.

So, good reading, good betting, and good luck!

This story was first published in the Winter 2002-2003 issue of Gambling Times Magazine.

This book is written by a Brit and spends the majority of the book talking about British race tracks and wagering in pounds. I found the statistical parts of the book too detailed and I soon lost interest. I'll be glad to sell my copy to anyone for ten bucks American.

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