e-Book LEMON Leadership - Radically Fresh Leadership download

e-Book LEMON Leadership - Radically Fresh Leadership download

by Brett Johnson

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Language: English
Publisher: Indaba Publishing; Second edition (August 18, 2010)
Pages: 206
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LEMON Leadership will help you to identify which type of leader you are and show you how to apply your specific characteristics within your organization. Understanding these leadership types uncover keys to dealing with yourself and others in situations calling for different types of leaders. Much has been written on leadership, but most writings focus on only two or three types of leaders. In LEMON Leadership, Brett Johnson expands our view of leadership to over five distinct types of leaders.
A few weeks ago I finished reading Lemon Leadership for one of my college course assignments. I have read many books on leadership throughout the years but this one stands apart as unique, creative and innovative in the way that it addresses and analyzes an individual's leadership giftings.

The premise of Lemon Leadership is that it uses the "LEMON" acronym to address 5 different forms of leadership:
- Luminary
- Entrepreneur
- Manager
- Organizer
- Networker

To further unpack that, Johnson suggests that:
- The Luminary lives in the world of Ideas and asks the question ... Why?

- The Entrepreneur lives in the world of Opportunities and asks the question ... Why not?

- The Manager lives in the world of Systems and asks the question ... How?

- The Organiser lives in the world of Tasks and asks the question ... What?

- The Networker lives in the world of Connections and asks the question ... Who?

This is one of the most creative and helpful approaches to leadership that I have seen. Johnson often refers to the "identity" aspect of leadership which I found helpful as it tends to be more of a holistic approach to who we are as leaders, rather than certain traits that we exhibit in our leadership abilities.

Over the years, I have read many books on leadership that has taken on various forms of attempting to make sense of this category. However, many tend to write on leadership through the lens of how it is supposed to personally benefit the particular leader. In Lemon Leadership, Johnson demonstrates how our "identity" as leaders greatly affect the way that we interact with those who surround us. Rather that being a self-examination, Johnson suggests that we are the best leaders when we understand how our wiring affects those we deal with on a familiar basis.

Each category splits into 2 aspects of leadership. Both the characteristics of that particular form of leadership and how it plays out in "work". This is beneficial as it gives a well-rounded approach to how I tend to think, and then how I tend to act.

Equally as helpful to the points that I have already spoken on is the approach that Johnson takes in regards to how our strengths can turn into weaknesses. He does this through a method called Good Day/Bad Day and he sums it up this way. "Put simply - on a Good Day, when there is not pressure and all is right with the world, I live in the strengths of my Primary Slice. However, on a Bad Day, when the pressure is on, I live in the weaknesses of my Secondary Slice." This information was extremely illuminating as it reveals the way that when pressure is placed on us, it can take our giftings and manipulate them to something that would be unhelpful and harmful to our co-workers. Each strength has a potential to be harmful under unhealthy circumstances.

Additionally, the "Leadership Assessment Report" tool is incredibly helpful in being able to analyze where your specific strengths and weaknesses currently sit as well as provide helpful feedback on how to:

- Understand who your colleagues or fellow leaders are and how their 'identity' affects the way they lead, communicate, handle conflict, etc.

- Understand certain "Lemon Truisms" about your leadership

- Gain an appreciation for your and others leadership DNA and the dynamics this creates at
an individual, team and organizational level.

I have spent a significant amount of time trying to find something about this book that I desire to see improved... Or something that would be easy to critique. To be honest, nothing has come to mind. I am usually able (and willing) to offer constructive criticism, but it is just not necessary with this book. It is apparent that Johnson has thoroughly thought through these concepts and systematically organized them in a way that was both convicting and helpful.

A must read for anyone desiring to grow in their leadership awareness.

I have to admit that I have read lots of leadership material, attended numerous workshops, and do my fair share of team building, training, and coaching. So, when assigned another leadership book I braced myself for more of the same. What I encountered, however, is a refreshing and creative look at varying types of leaders. A tool that can strengthen teams and provide a language around which teams can discuss and honor their diversity.

Using the acronym of LEMON to describe five distinct types of leaders, Lemon Leadership is creative and fun to use.

Brett Johnson not only identifies, he also validates five types of leaders and goes deep into what makes each one affective, what might cause issues, and ways to communicate well when each one sees the world a bit differently. This material lays a foundation for basic self-awareness, building balanced teams, and goes so far as to indicate that with this knowledge we can be equipped to lead in each way as needed for varying circumstances. He calls it “twisting the lemon.”

As a Christian leader, myself, I appreciated Johnson’s look into Jesus’ leadership revealing that Jesus leveraged and portrayed all five types of leadership. As one who believes we are all created in the image of God I am inclined to believe that while none of us is Jesus, we all carry a bit of each type Johnson reveals. So, with this insight we can be empowered to become very versatile leaders.

As a leader, you have many options of books and assessment tools. This book and the assessment tool that is also available is uniquely designed for understanding, developing, and honoring individual leaders and leadership teams. If your desire is to grow in leadership or grow and balance your leadership team, this book is a wonderful addition to your arsenal.

This is an amazing book to help you better understand your strengths and weaknesses as a leader. It also just helped me put to words the way I pro cress and receive information and what pieces of information are most important to me. It also gave me greater insight into what I bring to a team and also how to draw out the gifting in other leaders and team members. It also helped me learn different ways of presenting information that would be received better by the different LEMON styles so that communication is better within the team and meetings are more productive.
I highly recommend this book to both people within church leadership and the marketplace.

was a book that changed my life. this approach to leadership and interwork relationship helped me as the manager of a small Business to be able to related to my team members, create a strong team, understand personality dynamics of my customers & staff. Really great book.

I'm still digesting what Brett has shared. I could hardly put it down. After all the various personality/leadership/gifting tests, this one seems to explain me in a way that really resonates. And, now I see why I've had so much trouble relating to others (with different LEMON slices). I think it's also going to help in my marriage, a surprising side benefit. I've started using the material in my coaching business. I highly recommend this book, and not just for leaders.

One of the most powerful, insightful, helpful, and freeing concepts of the many Brett has developed. Powerful for the individual and even more for the organization. Of course, if he were a Manager instead of a Luminary, this would be the MELON book...

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