e-Book Stay Close download

e-Book Stay Close download

by Harlan Coben

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Home Harlan Coben Stay Close. Not ye. His hand felt cool against her skin. She closed her eyes and enjoyed his touch. A tear ran down her cheek.

Home Harlan Coben Stay Close.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Harlan Coben follows four consecutive New York Times bestsellers with a stand-alone thriller in the vein of his beloved breakout novels Caught and Hold Tight. Megan is a suburban soccer mom who once upon a time walked on the wild side. Now she's got two kids.

If readers truly appreciated the man, he’d have four or five times that many books in print. Until now I was one of those who did not appreciate him.

Stay Close Coben’s title describes perfectly how the suspense in this tour-de-force stand-alone works. It stays close in an unbelievably sustained way, giving the reader a steady steam of jolts and sinking feelings, as Coben’s three main characters face danger from without and from their own tricky psyches. These three characters are mired in the past. They all got stuck there when a family man with a secret life went missing 17 years ago. Ray is a former AP photojournalist who has become a drunk and a professional bottom-feeder as a photographer for a service that hires fake paparazzi.

Carlosfranco says: Harlan Coben books as as plentiful as leaves of grass where I live-garage sales, second hand bookstores, Goodwill, etc.

tly let me down-I thought that might solve the "mystery" of the number of his books I keep coming across. However I must now admit I may have to revise my thinking a little. Though far from perfect Stay Close did have a lot of really good twists and turns. I totally did not see the killer's identity even though it was staring me in the face.

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Coben Harlan Harlan Coben. 1. Sometimes, in that split second when Ray Levine snapped a picture and lost the world in the strobe from his flashbulb, he saw the blood.

Harlan Coben Stay close 1 Sometimes, in that split second when Ray Levine snapped a picture and lost the world in the strobe from his flashbulb, he saw the blood.

Before she let Broome start going into details, she’d called a few of the stay-at-home mothers

Before she let Broome start going into details, she’d called a few of the stay-at-home mothers.

Harlan Cohen's characters are heroic, weak, driven, and unsure of themselves. He makes them human. I can relate to them. The ending of this book totally shocked me. I read many thrillers but rarely don't have the outcome figured out. Amazing from star to finish.

STAY CLOSE by Harlan Coben is a stand-along novel. In contrast with Coben's genre of thrillers this is a relatively simple story. Two young lives are affected by a single incident. Neither of the two people involved understood the impact the incident would have on their lives. For the last 17 years professional photographer, Ray Levine, let his body, his soul and his profession slide into the dumpster. On the other hand, the very bright and gorgeous nightclub stripper, Megan Pierce, AKA Cassie, cleaned up her act and during the next 17 years she settled into a suburban lifestyle as wife of a corporate lawyer, Dave Pierce, and became a dedicated soccer mom. Her past was never revealed or discussed. However, something seemed amiss in Ray's and Megan's lives until they were again thrown together through an untimely and tragic discovery. The plot, if there is one, generates little excitement but is given somewhat of a boost by Coben's formidable writing abilities that bait the reader into turning pages. I believe that none of the characters come close to being fully developed. Megan spends way more time dealing with her ailing mother-in-law than with her demanding teenagers. Her husband, Dave, seldom fits into the narrative. The Ken and Barbie couple who threaten the lives of the prime characters seemed more a figment of real assassins and are almost laughable. Known for lengthy and detailed endings, here, Coben does not disappoint. The ending might just be the highlight of the story. I am sorry to say that I can give, Stay Close, no more than a 3-star rating.

Harlan Coben's stand alone books are always on my "must read" list. I haven't really gotten into the Myron Bolitar books, but maybe someday I will. That being said, I was a little worried as I started this one because it just didn't grab me as Coben's books usually do. Generally when I read one of his books, it's as though I'm sucked into a raging whirlpool and I can't put the book down until I emerge, breathless, at the end. Stay Close, however, was a slow starter.

As is typical of Coben's books, this one involves a seemingly ordinary family: soccer mom Megan, lawyer husband Dave, snotty teen-aged daughter and sweet preteen boy. However, again like so many of Coben's characters, Megan has a secret hidden deep in her past, safely put aside until one day she pokes her head into her past life and ends up getting sucked into a never resolved mystery from years ago.

There are a lot of sad people in this book; people who are living in the shadow of lost opportunities, people who have never really considered how lucky they are to have what they have, and people who have lost everything and will forever be lost in the world of what might have been.

Coben puts his usual twists and turns into this book- just as I thought I figured out what was going on, he would throw a plot twist in there that totally surprised me, By the end of the book, I had a hard time putting it down.

Bottom line: It's not the best Coben, but I found it to be a worthy addition to his bookshelf.

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I have been a long time fan of Harlan Coban. I loved the Myron Bolitar series. When he switched to Mickie Bolitar, well it's too young for me. I always liked his stand alone novels more than the series, but the last one I read, "Live Wire" didn't do it for me. I thought I'd lost one of my authors. But,. with "Stay Close," he's definitely back. From page one I was interested and remained so all the way through to the end. It takes place in Atlantic City, N. J, which is my hometown, so I already liked it. But, even if I didn't grow up there, I would have loved this book. The characters were interesting and things moved along at a great pace. I particularly liked the lead detective, Broome. I confess that I've never been in the strip bars he described, but I've passed plenty of them. As a woman, it's hard to imagine anyone thinking that life is fun, but several of the strippers in the book seemed to think so. A stretch for me, but it takes all kinds. My only slight disappointment was with the last paragraph which I found a little cynical and sad. I think he was throwing in a bit of realism while I like Hollywood sappy. But, I loved the book and would recommend it without reservation.

I like Harlan Coben's novels - a lot. This one shares some of the qualities I enjoy in his writing: complex and interesting story line, tension that keeps the pages turning, and a reasonably satisfying ending despite the many different plot threads that need to be tied together. But this one was not up to his previous work IMO. Some of his narrative is almost amateurish, with more than a few metaphors that don't work, leading me to wonder if the book was perhaps a recent edition of an early work - or perhaps something rejected before he became a best selling author. While his characters are generally well drawn, I found the gap between Meagan/Cassie's rather fond memories of her former life completely inconsistent with the author's depiction of that life, or the current experiences of some of the other women still doing the same work. The relationship between Meagan/Cassie and her husband really needed greater depth to be believable. In short, Stay Close could have used a serious rewrite, or at least an editor that required more from an author we know is capable of much better.

Like all of his books, I loved it. Pure escapism, with enough humor and research to be mostly believable, without any grit chasing away the fantasy of the hero!
P.S. I would love to see the team track Ken and Barbie in other stories!!

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