e-Book Surfacing download

e-Book Surfacing download


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Surfacing is a novel by Canadian author Margaret Atwood. Published by McClelland and Stewart in 1972, it was her second novel

Surfacing is a novel by Canadian author Margaret Atwood. Published by McClelland and Stewart in 1972, it was her second novel. The novel, grappling with notions of national and gendered identity, anticipated rising concerns about conservation and preservation and the emergence of Canadian nationalism.

In this disturbing book, Margaret Atwood has written a fascinating, sometimes frightening novel about ourĀ . Surfacing is likely the best piece of fiction produced by Atwood's generation in North America or anywhere.

In this disturbing book, Margaret Atwood has written a fascinating, sometimes frightening novel about our Canadian landscape, about our paranoia, about what we are and what we are becoming. a superb storyteller who brings intelligence and wit to bear in a compelling personal vision. Books by margaret atwood. The Edible Woman (1969).

But Margaret Atwood is not a horror writer. With a lyrical poetic voice, we see here precursors to the also extraordinary "Alias Grace" & "The Blind Assassin" Nothing good ever comes from two couples locking themselves in some cabin in the woods. well, actually just the first one ) Ehhh-verr.

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Margaret Atwood Surfacing First Published in 1972One Chapter One I can't believe I'm on this road again, twisting along past the lake where the white birches are dying, the disease is spreading up from the south, and I notice they now have sea-planes for hire. This is Claude, his father owns this joint. Claude shambles off morosely to get me a beer.

Atwood,margaret-hag-seed (UK import) book new.

Hag-Seed By Margaret Atwood.

Author: Margaret Atwood. Setting out with her lover and another young couple, she soon finds herself captivated by the isolated setting, where a marriage begins to fall apart, violence and death lurk just beneath the surface, and sex becomes a catalyst for conflict and dangerous choices.

Margaret Eleanor Atwood CC OOnt CH FRSC (born November 18, 1939) is a Canadian poet, novelist, literary critic, essayist, inventor, teacher, and environmental activist.

I bought this book early this morning. I was in the mood for Atwood. This has come to mean a very specific thing for me. I want to say dark but that's unfair to Atwood. Her works are not necessarily dark, though they do tend to tap into those types of feelings, characters. "Deep" that's a better word. Atwood for me is something deep. She has a way of burrowing into the furthest reaches of your mind, your heart, she finds the humanity that exists and brings it to the front.

Surfacing is about an unnamed woman who returns to her hometown in Canada. She is searching for her father in a cabin in the woods where she was raised. She is on this journey with her lover and another married couple. As the days progress, this woman finds herself returning to nature, in every sense of that word. She becomes primal, driven mad, as she returns to this original state. It's not happy book. It's heartbreaking and beautiful. There's a purity to her madness, to this return to nature as she slowly loses her friends, her family, her memories, her sense of self.

It's not a long novel at 208 pages. I finished it in a single day. Something about this novel pulled me in and I felt compelled to finish it in a day. It felt wrong to read this in anything larger than single sitting. As if I were betraying the novel, it's unnamed female protagonist. I needed to follow her on this journey, to see it to the end, to be done with it. I don't think I could ever read this work again. It's too intense, too heart-breaking.

This book is definitely worth reading, but it's not for everyone. I think you have to be in the mood for something like this, you have to want to read Atwood. And unless you've read a book by her, it's difficult to explain what this means. What it means to read an Atwood story or novel. Five stars.

This is not a favorite book of mine. Too bad, I really like the author. The book is about a strange woman -- she really seems dull. She's young. She hates Americans and does not trust them. She loses her mind and is seriously mentally ill. The end.

A brilliant work! There are so many levels, such depth, so much to inspire reflection! I don't understand this book getting less than 5-stars EVER, in any universe. Several days, after reading, I continued to have this book "mull" in my mind. I went back and re-read it; I circled the passages that I found "hit home" for me. And I got the feeling that whatever the deepest and most sensitive spots within any individual reader's spirit, this book will snake in and touch those spots. There is so much here-quite incredible.

I recently experienced this book as part of a library's book group discussion (although I first read it decades ago). In this recent discussion, there were a variety of responses as to the "main" themes of each reader. For myself I saw one prevailing theme (because it was a personal issue: MY prevailing theme). The director of the discussion saw a different theme that, to her, colored the narrative. It is certainly a very personal book to each reader.

I was also surprised (stunned) that many of the group did not appear that evening because (they said) they did not "get" the book, or they disliked it, or didn't finish it.

I have read mostly all of Atwood, but to me, this will always be her BEST and most COMPLEX offering.

This is a very well written novel. The main problem is that the central character is not believable. The minor characters are more realistic. Her descriptions of the country and how to live without electricity or running water are excellent.

Mysterious Wrench
I purchased this book for a class and it may have been a bit above my head. I was generally frustrated and weirded-out by it, but it led to useful discussion in class about processing trauma (and sneaky narrative techniques!)

Book didn't hold my interest. A little too much detail, however, I do like this author and recommend reading The Handmaids Tale before this book .

One of Margaret Atwood's earlier novels, "Surfacing" tells the story of a young artist who sets out to investigate the disappearance of her father. Accompanied by her lover and another young couple, she journeys to an outlying Canadian island in search of answers. As the group adjusts to life in the rustic cabin that was once the narrator's childhood home, plenty of sexual tension begins to erupt. The narrator contemplates the fate of her relationship with Joe, who wants more from her than she is willing and able to give. Anna and David's seemingly perfect marriage begins to unravel as the truth about their relationship becomes shockingly clear.

The strain among these four people coupled with the unanswered questions about the narrator's missing father creates a lingering sense of foreboding. "Surfacing" is symbolic and slightly obscure, and it will leave the reader contemplating elements of feminism, nationalism, and general paranoia. I found it a bit difficult to connect with the characters since they're so distant (we don't even find out the narrator's name), but the story is interesting and there is plenty of absorbing subtext to keep the reader engaged.

I didn't enjoy "Surfacing" as much as some of Atwood's other books, but it's a very compelling story...I definitely recommend it.

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