e-Book Kaplan GRE  GMAT Exams Math Workbook: Fourth Edition (Kaplan GMAT Math Workbook) download

e-Book Kaplan GRE GMAT Exams Math Workbook: Fourth Edition (Kaplan GMAT Math Workbook) download

by Kaplan

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ISBN13: 978-0743241298
Language: English
Publisher: Kaplan Publishing; 4th edition (2004)
Pages: 352
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How Math is Scored on the GMAT. The GRE and the GMAT are pretty similar in terms of the math they test. However, there are significant differences in the way the tests are administered

How Math is Scored on the GMAT. The GMAT will give you a scaled quantitative score from 0 to 60. (The average score is 3. This score reflects your performance on the math portion of the test compared to all other GMAT test takers. You will also receive an overall score that reflects your performance on both the math and the verbal portions of the test. However, there are significant differences in the way the tests are administered.

You will be prepared. You will score your best.

Kaplan GRE and GMAT Exams. You will be prepared.

So I've been working through the Kaplan GMAT Math Workbook. Train to be ready for Round 1 Deadlines with EMPOWERgmat's Score Booster Code: EP22019 Ends: September 2nd. Sep 03.

Kaplan GMAT Math Workbook Paperback – 5 May 2015. by Kaplan Test Prep (Author). Also, here is the list of the Most Interesting GMAT questions from this book (some are hard and others require an unusual approach) - make sure you can answer every one of them and know how to solve them by heart: Number properties test: 8, 13, 14, 17, 19 Averages test: 4, 6 Ratios: 22 Percents: 4, 7, 8, 22 Powers and Roots: 5

Kaplan's GMAT Math Workbook is designed to help you build a strong foundation in the essential math skills you'll need for the GMAT.

Kaplan's GMAT Math Workbook is designed to help you build a strong foundation in the essential math skills you'll need for the GMAT.

Kaplan GMAT Math Foundations. 2. GMAT Official Guide 2018: Book + Online. Get exclusive articles, recommendations, shopping tips, and sales alerts.

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Автор: Kaplan Название: Kaplan GRE & GMAT Exams Math Workbook Издательство: Kaplan .

из: США. Старое издание.

Are you ready for the math on the GRE or GMAT exam? You will be.

Kaplan's GRE& GMAT Exams Math Workbook, Fourth Edition immerses you in all the math concepts you need to know. With comprehensive review and powerful strategies for every type of question, this intensive workbook provides you with the targeted math training you need to score well on the GRE and GMAT exams. You will be prepared. You will score your best. We guarantee it. (See details inside.)

Intensive Practice Build the skills you need to master every math concept and every math question type.

Targeted Review Prepare with comprehensive, step-by-step training in the four major content areas: arithmetic, algebra, word problems, and geometry.

Powerful Tactics for GRE Test Takers Learn how to tackle the toughest Data Interpretation and Quantitative Comparison questions.

Powerful Tactics for GMAT Test Takers Master Kaplan's high-scoring approach to Data Sufficiency questions.

Must-Know Strategies Learn how to apply Kaplan's exclusive graduate math strategies to maximize your time, effort -- and score!

Good book. Provides comprehensive review about math part. But pretty easy for GMAT takers.

I got 99th percentile on my GMAT 750(49, 42) and i used 3 books: this one, Kaplan's book with CD and Verbal Workbook. I had access to PR book and PP, but I did only tests from those. I found Kaplan's materials of quality and difficulty. Some whine that Kaplan is too hard, but that's good - if you can handle Kaplan, you can handle old good GMAT.

My favorite things about this book:

- Very short and condensed math reviews - straight to the point

- No smart-aleck advice about some stupid tricks - only math review - exactly what I needed

- Fabulous problems that illustrate a lot of traps and multiple ways of solving them

- Starts with the basics - arithmetic, integers, primes, etc - the stuff that anybody can uses a review of. A lot of applicants underestimate how much they forgot the basics and skim/skip them. I would not do that, and that book does not either.

- Finally, the number of questions and quizzes in this book is impressive. I am giving a short summary of some of the sections of the book and number of quizzes and test questions. Quiz questions are math only; Test questions are GMAT-type questions.


-Number operations (15 quiz questoins and 15 test questions)

-Number properties (15, 19)

-Averages (10, 19)

-Ratios (10, 24)

-Percents (25, 25)

-Powers and Roots (12, 17)


-Level One (20, 26)

-Level Two (15, 15)

Word Problems

-Level One (10, 26)

-Level Two (37)

-Test (40)


-Lines (6, 14)

-Triangles (16, 21)

-Quadrilaterals (15, 19)

-Circles (19, 13)

-Multiple Figures (4, 15)

-Solids (6, 8)

Data Sufficiency

-Test 1 (25)

-Test 2 (25)


- I went through this book at least 3 times (helping others) and I found that solutions don't include some of the most genius ways to handle the problems. I think the authors of the questions went beyond themselves.

- No probability or combinations review, which would be very helpful. Get something. I bombed my probability question on the GMAT.

Kaplan's Math Workbook clearly explains most of the math skills tested by the GRE and includes a large number of practice exercises in all areas and at all difficulty levels. What's more, it guides you incrementally from the easy to the hard, so even the math-phobic will find it approachable. It's main flaw --inexplicable, inexcusable and potentially dire--is it's lack of probability and coordinate geometry review. Both of these concepts will be on your GRE exam and if you don't review them from another source source, you will be underprepared. Overall, though, it's an excellent book.

Although I found this book to be fairly easy to follow, I felt that it was too simplistic. I am not sure how the GMAT exam is in terms of how the questions are asked but I did not find this to be aligned with the GRE. Topically, perhaps. But I found many of the questions to be far easier than those on the GRE and not even presented the same way as the GRE questions.

I will give this book credit for providing explanations for basic things. If you find that you are in need of a beginner's explanation of things, down to different terms you may see for multiplication, this may be a good starter book. Otherwise, look to other resources to practice the quantitative section of the GRE.

I went through this book for the GREs and did better than I ever have on a standardized math test. So it is useful if you just need to review basic formulas. One thing that bothered me, though, as an indication of shoddy publishing/editing, was that I'm pretty sure they gave the wrong number for an answer in one of the early chapters. I also found several typos in the book. I hate Kaplan and the ETS for making so much money off students with their false promises of "invest thousands of dollars on this stupid, irrelevant test, and you will score better, even though the test is not a true measure of intelligence". So you'd think that as an educational guide they'd at least make sure all their answers were right and all their words spelled correctly, so they could at least pretend their product was worth buying. I'm glad I only spent 7 bucks on it.

Before buying the book I got in the 10 percentile on my first crack at the actual exam, after buying this book and using the Kaplan CD tests I got in the 65 percentile on my second attempt. Consequentially I would say this book is good for people that are not strong in math. It will give you the basics you need for an average score. If you're looking to get into the top 80 - 90th percentiles in the quantitative sections this book will be of little use to you.

I hadn't taken a math course since my freshman year of college and never being strong in math, even when I was doing these concepts in high school, I think this workbook helped me out a lot. When I first started doing GRE practice tests, I was making around 480 on the quantitative (math) section, but after studying with the Kaplan workbook, my Princeton Review general GRE book, and the GRE 10th Edition, I ended up scoring almost a 600 on my math portion.

This book provides a solid preparation for all the concepts tested on the GRE quantitative section either if you don't know them or just want to recall them.

I used the book for 3 weeks and my score improved from a 710 (on my previous GRE official test) to a 790 (in the latest test). The only thing that will need worknig out is timing. The book can't actually help you in that part, and that is your ultimate enemy once the concepts are mastered. The book lacks a cd with some CAT timed test in order to give the full preparation for the real GRE test.

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