e-Book Principles of Corporate Finance download

e-Book Principles of Corporate Finance download

by Richard A. Brealey

ISBN: 0071266755
ISBN13: 978-0071266758
Language: English
Publisher: McGraw-Hill; 9th edition (January 1, 2008)
Category: Finance
Subategory: Work and Money

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Rating: 4.9
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Principles of corporate finance, Richard A. Brealey, Stewart C. Myers, Franklin.

Principles of corporate finance, Richard A. Principles of Corporate Finance. 46 MB·291 Downloads·New! for Brealey's Principles of Corporate Finance have been specifically designed to help improve stud. 36 MB·1,448 Downloads. Real Estate Mathematics: Applied Analytics and Quantitative Methods for Private Real Estate Investing.

by Richard A. Brealey (Author). Fundamentals of Corporate Finance Hardcover. Stephen A. Ross Franco Modigliani Professor of Financial Economics Professor.

The book is one of the leading texts that describes the theory and practice of corporate finance

The book is one of the leading texts that describes the theory and practice of corporate finance. Principles of Corporate Finance has earned loyalty both as a classroom tool and as a professional reference book.

The integrated solutions for Brealey's Principles of Corporate Finance have been specifically designed to help improve student performance, meaning that students are prepared for class and can successfully solve problems and analyse the results. Resources within Connect Finance provide unlimited opportunities for students to practice solving financial problems and apply what they've learned. Brealey's world-leading content showing managers how to use financial theory to solve practical problems combined with a complete digital solution will help students achieve higher outcomes.

Principles Of Corporate Finance book.

This book describes the theory and practice of corpo-rate finance. Richard A. Brealey Stewart C. Myers. 1. Finance and the Financial Manager. We hardly need to explain why financial managers should master the practical aspects of their job, but we should spell out why down-to-earth, red-blooded managers need to bother with theory. Managers learn from experience how to cope with routine problems. But the best managers are also able to respond to change.

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Chapter 01 Introduction to Corporate Finance Multiple Choice Questions 1. This book is mainly about: A. financial decisions made by corporations. B. financial decisions made by households. C. financial decisions made by governments. D. financial decisions made by employees.

Contains the same content as the U.S. version with ISBN #9780073368696
While this is a classic book for learning corporate finance in business schools, it has many problems. The main issue is that the book is very poorly written. While professionals and academics in many other fields have advanced the art of plain English writing in the last decades, business school professors and students are lagging thousands of miles behind. It was tiresome to read the text and to find clear explanations and answers while trying to learn the material.

Be careful with this book, as it is the Indian Edition, but the product description doesn't indicate that. This means that it is an adapted version of the book for the Indian market.

The concepts are the same, but examples might differ in terms of units used (rupees vs. dollars). Another important difference is that this edition talks about Indian Treasury bonds market instead of the US, which might be relevant.

However, overall I think it's a good deal, since it costs like 10% of the American edition and the content is mostly the same.

Yes, you will learn finance principles and concepts. No you will not learn them in a clear and concise manner [ok, at least it was not the case for me]. The end of chapter questions seemed to touch on the concepts contained within the context of the chapter, however for me, this was a very challenging and difficult book to use and often had to seek outside resources to answer questions within the end of chapter reviews.

Granted, this was my first official finance course, and perhaps for the well initiated this would make sense, but I found the material difficult to follow and a challenge to complete. Not that challenge is bad, but suffice it to say, learning came from supplemental materials 40% of the time.

I bought this textbook for my corporate finance class. If given a choice, I would not have purchased this textbook. My main problem with this text is that the chapters do not set the foundation for the student to be able to adequately approach the homework problems. Usually, students rely on the teaching examples to tackle the homework problems, and in most instances, I seldom am able to correlate my reading and the examples and apply it to the homework problems. Since I am taking this finance course through an online university, it's difficult to get the kind of one-on-one teacher support that I would need to have someone walk me through a homework problem. If you're looking for a general overview of corporate finance, this text might be helpful. If you're looking to get an in-depth understanding and you're currently enrolled in a course, this text will frustrate you.

Terrible book that only the authors probably understand what they are writing about. There are no clear examples that show you how to understand the material, they build on some perceived knowledge you are supposed to have on the subject...i had ti supplement the reading with google serches.

This is the super old version. Not what a professor will require for a current class.

Pretty disorganized for a textbook

This is one of the better finance texts I've come across. It still is a finance text though, so I can't really say that it's in any way enjoyable.

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