e-Book What Winston Saw (Sweet Valley University(R)) download

e-Book What Winston Saw (Sweet Valley University(R)) download

by Francine Pascal

ISBN: 0553570501
ISBN13: 978-0553570502
Language: English
Publisher: Sweet Valley (December 1, 1996)
Category: Literature and Fiction
Subategory: Young Adult

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Rating: 4.5
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What Winston Saw book. What Winston Saw (Sweet Valley University(R)). Maybe Francine Pascal or Laurie John wanted Winston to have a book all to himself and couldn’t think of any other way to get him into trouble.

What Winston Saw book. 0553570501 (ISBN13: 9780553570502). While there have been murders in the other books, this book is more descriptive in the killer’s motivations and lust for blood.

What Winston Saw (Sweet Valley University(R)) . For example, in this book, Winston and Denise randomly have problems within their otherwise sweet and romantic relationship.

Sweet Valley University, also known as SVU, is part of the Sweet Valley High young adult book series created by Francine Pascal. The series followed on from the Sweet Valley Senior Year series and featured twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield starting college. Unlike any of the other spin-offs, SVU covered two years of the twins' lives, their freshman and sophomore years in college. The series was followed by the Elizabeth series.

College Girls (Sweet Valley University(R)). Francine Pascal After seeing each Sweet Valley friend settled into their new college habitat . After seeing each Sweet Valley friend settled into their new college habitat, the drama begins! That was a hint to read books one and two first. Meanwhile, Winston is putting his life on the line over and over again to join the fraternity, who has decided separately that Winston is a joke. but William White is always in the wings, pursuing Elizabeth steadily.

The greatest weapon against a serial killer?A girl with no fear. Gaia Moore isn't like anyone else in the world. What terrible secret is Tricia keeping from Steven?Steven Wakefield, Elizabeth and Jessica's handsome older brother, is heartbroken. She's trained in ten different martial arts. She has a sharp mind, and an even sharper tongue. As a teenager she cut class to bust gang members and drug dealers on the streets of New York City. And now Gaia's been recruited to join the world's leading crime-fighting organization. His girlfriend, Tricia Martin, no longer seems interested in him. She breaks their dates and doesn't return his calls.

Type: Books ISBN: 0553570501 Publisher: Sweet Valley Published: December 1996.

Sweet Valley University. WorldCat (this item). inlibrary; printdisabled; ; china.

Sweet Valley University is part of the Sweet Valley High young adult book series created by Francine Pascal. The series featured twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield starting college. Love, Lies, and Jessica Wakefield. What Your Parents Don't Know.

Find sweet valley university from a vast selection of Books. Killer Party (Sweet Valley University(R)) Pascal, Francine Mass Market Paperbac. Romance (5). Drama (1).

The night she has afling with Winston Egbert, Amanda Franklin sees something horrible from his bedroom window, and Winston fears that if he refuses to help her she will tell his girlfriend about their night of passion. Original.
Winston gets a part-timer working in the Dean's office, still dating Denise, who is described in this book as having blue eyes. She had "almost-black" eyes in SVU #1, another booboo Pascal! Anyway, the Dean's sexy-but-promiscuous wife, Amanda, flirts with Winston and then visits him one night in his dorm room...he partially declines her, but she witnesses a killer attacking someone outside his window! Winston tries to bring the attack to light himself, but is discredited in court...and so brings the truth about their "affair" into the open. But the killer has a pattern of blonde victims (due to adolescent rejection), and is it already too late to save someone close to them? Denise & Winston team up to go undercover again in order to solve this one...very suspenseful!

I thought this book was very good, judging by the title. My friend had told me about it before, so I was interested in reading it. I found it to be a book that I couldn't put down, afraid something very exciting would happen the second I did. Overall--very good book-2 thumbs up!:

I have read this novel a long time ago so I cannot remember it very well.I know Winston was a witness to either a murder or a clue to a murder.I'd recommend this to anyone as the Sweet Valley Uni thrillers are very engrossing.

ok since Winston isn't such a big charactor in SVU as he was in SVH ,but don't let this put u of .Even though the twins don't feature much it is still a great book i won't tell u all the plot,i would try to rent this out of your libary or borrow it of a mate if you can befor buying as some readers may not like the fact that it is diffrent from the others and does not featuer the usual charactors .Enjoy!

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