e-Book Phoenix, Vol. 2: A Tale of the Future download

e-Book Phoenix, Vol. 2: A Tale of the Future download

by Osamu Tezuka

ISBN: 159116608X
ISBN13: 978-1591166085
Language: English
Publisher: VIZ Media LLC; 2nd edition (December 14, 2004)
Pages: 200
Category: Literature and Fiction
Subategory: Young Adult

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Rating: 4.5
Votes: 914
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Phoenix: A Tale Of The Future. I plan on getting more Phoenix and hopefully Viz or Vertical reprints them because of the high prices for the other volumes.

Phoenix: A Tale Of The Future.

In this book, which documents the end of the world and humanity and then it's rebirth in the very distant future, the Phoenix takes her chosen human servant on a journey through the microverse and the macroverse, showing it to be a place of vibrant life and spiritual energy. It was both incredibly ambitious and very moving - I felt transformed by reading it - that this wasn't just a comic - that this was a worldview that was real and which could be conveyed successfully through this artform.

Phoenix (火の鳥 Hi no Tori, "bird of fire") is an unfinished manga series by Osamu Tezuka. Tezuka considered Phoenix his "life's work"; it consists of 12 books, each of which tells a separate, self-contained story and takes place in a different era. The plots go back and forth from the remote future to prehistoric times. The story was never completed, having been cut short by Tezuka's death in 1989. Several of the stories have been adapted into anime series and OVAs, and even a live-action movie

Phoenix, Vol. 2 book. Phoenix: A Tale of the Future may be one of the best comics I've read. When you read a lot of books by Osamu Tezuka, you get a bit spoiled I guess. This is not the best Tezuka I have read but the story is gripping.

Phoenix, Vol. First published in the 1960s, Phoenix remains relevant today.

Phoenix Vol. 2 : A Tale of the Future. Book in the Phoenix Series). In the year 3034, Yamanobe, a space patrolman, is granted eternal life in the midst of a nuclear winter, and over millions of years watches evolution unfold, never letting go of the love he had for a shape-changing alien.

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The story follows the lives of ordinary to the extraordinary, from the earliest days of mankind to the end of it and its rebirth

The story follows the lives of ordinary to the extraordinary, from the earliest days of mankind to the end of it and its rebirth. For different reasons, someone in each arc of series is either approached by the Phoenix or seeks it for its blood, so they can obtain immortality. Each story brings up controversial topics, taboos, and how things used to be and how things may be in the future. Phoenix is simply a story about life, its hardships, its joys and where life takes the characters.

I love this panel layout in Phoenix: A Tale of the Future by Osamu Tezuka. source) Jun 25. Love Imgur?

I love this panel layout in Phoenix: A Tale of the Future by Osamu Tezuka. Love Imgur?

A 296-page, square-boundgraphic novel, Phoenix: A Tale of the Future . A prolific author and artist, Tezuka isgenerally regarded as the single figure.

After several nuclear wars, civilization has gone underground due to thetoxic atmosphere. Regarded by many as the "God of Manga" Osamu Tezuka was born in 1928 inToyonoka, in Osaka, Japan. A prolific author and artist, Tezuka isgenerally regarded as the single figure responsible for developing Japan'smassive manga and anime industries.

Phoenix: Future - Ebook written by Osamu Tezuka. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Phoenix: Future. Considered by many to be one of the finest works of Japanese comics art ever produced, Phoenix: Future is a rollicking space-age adventure, an apocalyptic cautionary tale, a fable of human frailty and triumph, and a fantastic voyage through time, space, and the macroverse.

Offers twelve separate stories linked by the presence of the mythical bird which cross time barriers from distant future to distant past.
This is one of the most beautiful manga I have ever read, and it definitely goes in my collection of favorite books of all time. This beautiful story is a part of the Phoenix series, but can easily be read on its own. You'll find yourself quickly drawn it. You'll smile, you'll cry, you'll find yourself a part of the beauty of infinity, and suddenly, you'll find yourself back in your own life, wondering what happened, wondering if you can return to the world you just witnessed, and then, opening it up to read it again.

Phoenix Volume 2 is an amazing story that stands alone, you don't have to read the other volumes to read this one. The art was great and the Story was phenomenal. Tezuka is a manga genius. This was a slightly dark manga and the themes are are a little more mature but the concepts and ideals are amazing. I highly recommend picking up this volume, its definitley worth the price.

This book is about the reconstruction of the earth, the planet is slowly dying and people have to live under ground to survive. When all life is finaly destroyed on earth there is only one man left who is immortal and is his job to watch over life and to help guide it. A truly amazing story about evolution and the theories of life.

This is one of the first Osamu Tezuka mangas I've read and made me want to read more. I plan on getting more Phoenix and hopefully Viz or Vertical reprints them because of the high prices for the other volumes.

The book was in perfect condition. The details are awesome and really worth getting the complete collection . I really like the books and really think its a must have for the fans of the series and others .

Disney declares to provide human stories for family and children. Osamu Tezuka learned and copied from Disney. He also improved its art of storytelling and gave a mythical and factual view of humanity. Someone should make a animated series about this. Nah. One of the best manga/illustrated novels I've ever read.

greatest manga volume of all time

I really enjoyed seeing the old school artwork in this manga, however the storyline did not meet my expectations. It was a manga that had a philosophical message and while I appreciated that, I would've liked to see more action.

Phoenix is a set of 12 self-contained, yet interlinked stories which bounce back and forth between ancient Japanese history and the distant future. Tezuka, the "god of Manga" who liberated Manga from obscurity during post-WWII Japan wrote this series over several DECADES. All twelve stories are linked by the presence of the mythical Phoenix bird, which has slightly different connotations in Eastern and Western cultures. The common theme, however, is that of death and re-birth.

In this volume, Tezuka uses his signature cinematic style which is now so often copied that it seems commonplace to the modern reader. Compare anything he draws to the best American comics drawn during the same era, and the difference is staggering- it's like comparing a 3D HDTV set to an old black and white cathode ray tube.

This is the second volume of the lengthy series. It takes place in the distant future, as man destroys himself through world war. The eventual rebirth and the hero Masato underscore themes of pacifism, environmentalism, and buddhist thought for which Tezuka is famous. This is a must read for serious and casual graphic novel fans alike. Even if you've never been a fan of manga before, you are likely to enjoy this serious, thought-provoking, and entertaining work.

The second volume in Osamu Tezuka's revered life long project/work catapults us into the year 3404 A.D. as he flip-flops through past and present. Unfortunatly Tezuka never had the chance to finish the Pheonix saga, (as you may have heard from other review's, he past away before he could finish), while on his death bed all he requested was to finish his work. While we never get a solidified ending (which was so close to completion), in the end we do get 11 volumes of pure goldness and a bonus volume n*12.

From this review I hope to influence the mainsteam-north-american-comic-book-readers to delve into this masterpiece, as it is pretty much the one and the only manga I pick up, and since then I pick up everything that Tezuka comes out with because he's just that fantasitic. Don't second guess picking up this work, in fact snag anything that says Tezuka on the back cover. Again, I'm not into manga whatsoever, but Tezuka's work on this series is a must have for any serious TPB or Graphic Novel collector, as we label them today.

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