e-Book Losers in Space download

e-Book Losers in Space download

by John Barnes

ISBN: 0670061565
ISBN13: 978-0670061563
Language: English
Publisher: Viking Books for Young Readers; 1st edition (April 12, 2012)
Pages: 448
Category: Literature and Fiction
Subategory: Young Adult

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Titling such an intelligent sf novel Losers in Space is itself an act of bravery, and it displays Barnes’ refreshing insistence on not taking himself too seriously.

Titling such an intelligent sf novel Losers in Space is itself an act of bravery, and it displays Barnes’ refreshing insistence on not taking himself too seriously. In 2129, lazy children of celebrities simply try to get video of themselves (preferably naked) splyctered into endless chunks of media, thereby attaining the desired rank of a professional celebrity.

LOSER in SPACE BOOKS BY John Barnes The Man Who Pulled Down the Sky Sin of Origin ♦ Orbital . Penguin Books Ltd, 80 Strand, London WC2R 0RL, England. Penguin Ireland, 25 St Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2, Ireland (a division of Penguin Books Ltd).

LOSER in SPACE BOOKS BY John Barnes The Man Who Pulled Down the Sky Sin of Origin ♦ Orbital Resonance Wartide ♦ Battlecry Union Fires ♦ A Million Open Doors Mother o. Penguin Group (Australia), 250 Camberwell Road, Camberwell, Victoria 3124, Australia (a division of Pearson Australia Group Pty Ltd). Penguin Books India Pvt Ltd, 11 Community Centre, Panchsheel Park, New Delhi – 110 017, India.

Losers in Space book. You can almost feel the premise of this book and the story John Barnes wanted to tell crashing against current market forces. and fame is all that mattersSusan and. He's written a hard SF "teens in space" YA novel with echoes of Heinlein, and today, it's estimated that somewhere around 80% of YA readers are girls. I am not saying girls can't read hard SF! Indeed, it would be great if more of them did, and clearly Barnes is trying to encourage more young readers to embrace the geeky science stuff.

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About Losers in Space. and fame is all that matters. Susan and her friends are celebutantes.

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In this version, though, they’re headed toward Mars with no means of communication with Earth - and it will be at least several months before any possibility of rescue.

Title: Losers in Space. Why did I read this book: This book has been on my radar for a while, but I was hesitant to read it because of the admittedly PG-comedy type of title. Genre: Hard Science Fiction, Young Adult, Crossover. Publisher: Viking Juvenile Publication Date: April 2012 Hardcover: 433 Pages.

Losers in Space is hard science fiction: John Barnes reminds us of that every chapter with detailed diagrams of the Virgo (the space .

Losers in Space is hard science fiction: John Barnes reminds us of that every chapter with detailed diagrams of the Virgo (the space ship on which the characters are trapped) in its orbit around the sun as they desperately try to maneuver themselves first into synchronization with Mars orbit, and then toward a climactic rescue during an Earth approach. Oh, and there's also sex, drugs, and a talking pink elephant. John Barnes tried pretty hard to write believable teenagers in this book, and the transformation from "losers" to self-determined Heinleinesque protagonists is executed very well indeed.

John Barnes (born 1957 in Angola, Indiana) is an American science fiction author

John Barnes (born 1957 in Angola, Indiana) is an American science fiction author. He has done work in systems analysis, business statistics, software reliability theory, sentiment analysis, statistical semiotics, and formal specification.

It is the year 2129 . . . and fame is all that matters Susan and her friends are celebutantes. Their lives are powered by media awareness, fed by engineered meals, and underscored by cynicism. Everyone has a rating; the more viewers who ID you, the better. So Susan and her almost-boyfriend Derlock cook up a surefire plan: the nine of them will visit a Mars-bound spaceship and stow away. Their survival will be a media sensation, boosting their ratings across the globe. There's only one problem: Derlock is a sociopath. Breakneck narrative, pointed cultural commentary, warm heart, accurate science, a kickass heroine, and a ticking clock . . . who could ask for more?
It's the second half of the twentysecond century, and Earth is a unified, stable state under PermaPaxPerity. It's neither a utopia, although everyone has a guaranteed minimum standard of living, nor a dystopia, though you can get away with murder (quite literally) if your crime is entertaining enough. A group of young slacker children of celebrities are trying to figure out what to do to avoid becoming minimum wage slackers for life when one of them comes up with a daring plan: stow away on a spaceship to Mars. That will give them the fame they need to become celebrities and guarantee the status they crave. Naturally, the person who sugggests this is not exactly on the level. Naturally, things go very wrong.

This is a superbly done bildungsroman that does not shy away from serious political questions that are deep in the territory of adventure, nor does it avoid some of the serious questions about what growing up quickly is like or what being forced to be competent or self-reliant are like. All of this is reminiscent of a Heinleinian YA novel, but these are not Heinlein's "competent men" but slackers forced to rise to their level of competence by forces they cannot control. Barnes's argument is the very unheinleinian one that we are social beings who are capable of responding as social beings to disaster, and becoming better for it and from it.

As the young protagonists (and their unexpected companion, Fwuffy, a nicely done plot twist) develop into mature beings before our eyes we learn a great deal about them and their society. We're also given a plausible set of suggestions about human-based space exploration in the next couple of centuries. Altogether, a well-told tale, with Barnes's usual attempts to hint at future slang. I like the fact that the viewpoint character is female, non-white, and capable of self-reflection. I also like the fact that her slacker attitude turns out to be a pose. The multicultural future is something for which to hope. And Fwuffy's development (or should that be "devewopment"?) is a pleasant surprise.

Mostly I only review things that suck, so it's nice to finally say a few kind words. I really enjoyed this book. It reminded me how much I like enjoying a good book -- something I just don't do enough of anymore. Thank you, John Barnes, for reminding me.

Losers in Space has a pretty tight plot. You won't be constantly shaking your head at plot holes (yes, I'm looking at you Ms. Rowling). The characters are engaging. The set up works. The pace is steady and flows. The SciFi is interesting and at the same time doesn't get in the way of the story. Probably the best aspect of this book, however, are the insights into human nature and society. Well done.

I like to read John Barnes' web page and he really is proud of this book (I can see why). I was a little hesitant because it is in the young adult category and I am NOT. But I was very curious about his notes for the interested process. The story was great, the hard science stuff was really the way it was placed in the story and I found I liked the characters more than I thought I would.

He writes really cool stuff. And I can see why he likes this book so much.


I a bit ashamed to admit I got choked up at the end when they were unexpectedly rescued. I felt sappy like watch the end of a chick flick and tearing up even when you can see the ending coming from 10 minutes into the movie. While the resucre did not surprise, the timing and manner did and Barnes played the heart strings on it really well.

Could not get past the first few chapters. Too graphic, and lost interest quickly.

This has been the first "hard SF" book I've read, and I loved it! I appreciated the way the author breaks out the real technical explanations from the story and puts them in context of modern day (2010), rather than in the dull explanations we normally get from characters. This method was empowering for me as a reader to decide whether or not I want all the technical stuff (which of course I did). The early character development was great, and once established, the story kept up the excitement, even if it was fairly predictable thanks to the hints offered by the author. Not a dull moment, and I enjoyed watching the characters mature from uninspired kids to a responsible space crew.

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